Computer Games: History and Present

Computer games are now an accepted part of everyday life. Many of us spend significant amounts of our free time playing them. For others, computer games have become a source not only of entertainment but, above all, a livelihood and source of income. But how did it all start?

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The first computer game is associated with the name of William Higenbotham, who in 1958 created a game called Tennis for Two. However, it was not a game like those of today. An oscilloscope and an analog computer were needed to play. Several other games were created in the following years, but due to the lack of computers in homes, they were not widespread among the general population.

Over time, however, the situation changed, especially with the advent of arcade games on gaming machines. The 1970s also marked a boom with consoles, such as Nintendo's most famous and still widely used console. Gradually, games such as Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Tetris, or Pac-Man, which are still known today, appeared.

Another boom in gaming consoles occurred during the 1990s. When compared to the past, players could expect better graphics and gameplay. In 1991, Sony introduced its PlayStation game console, which has remained on the market until today. It is currently competing with the rival console Xbox for first place. 

With the rise of computers at home, playing games has gradually become a common pastime, especially among young people. The first 3D games appeared, such as the world-famous Doom 3D. New genres are emerging, such as FPS (first-person shooters), strategy builders, RPGs (role-playing games), and turn-based strategies. The popularity of games was also greatly aided by the development of the Internet, which made it possible to connect individual players.

Thanks to the Internet, millions of people around the world can spend their time in the online world without leaving the comfort of their gaming chair. However, thanks to the development of technology, the world of computer games is not limited only to the Internet and computers in homes. Over time, computer games have spread to mobile phones, which play a big role in the current gaming industry. Virtual-reality computer games are also popular. But it must be said that they are not as widespread as games on computers, consoles, or mobile phones. Still, with the expansion of metaverse technology, an increase in players can be expected in this area as well.

The computer industry and computer games have come a long way since the first "game" on a giant room-sized computer. However, it is far from over. A completely new concept is starting to enjoy great popularity, namely NFT games. These games have brought a big change to the gaming world due to the development of cryptocurrencies. NFT games allow ordinary people to earn money doing what they enjoy – playing computer games. Since the dynamic development of this game market is still underway, the question is where the development and innovation of computer games will stop. Who knows? You might be one of those who make their first million just by playing NFT games.

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