Google's top ten searches for cryptocurrency information 

Google’s statistics revealed an increase in curiosity among general investors.

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What people search for on Google gives a rough idea of what they are really thinking. It also often reveals their interests, fears, and many other emotions related to the sought-after topic. To gauge investor sentiment in a bear market that hasn’t bottomed yet, Cointelegraph looked at what people are most searching for about cryptocurrencies on Google.

Find below an ordered list of the top 10 most-searched terms.

  1. What is cryptocurrency
  2. What is crypto
  3. How to invest in cryptocurrency
  4. What is crypto mining
  5. How to buy cryptocurrencies
  6. Why crypto is falling
  7. How does cryptocurrency work
  8. Why is crypto “out of service”
  9. How to create cryptocurrency
  10. How to trade cryptocurrencies

What is cryptocurrency

Even thirteen years after disrupting traditional finance, the most common question that investors search on Google is "What is cryptocurrency?" With a global volume (GV) of 256,000 searches, this question outperforms the second most searched question by almost a factor of five (4.7x).

This points to a gap in public education about cryptocurrencies and a huge space for improvement. Even though there seems to be a conflict of interest, cryptocurrency entrepreneurs from all over the world have put their disagreements aside and agreed that education about cryptocurrency can help it become more popular. 

What is crypto

The second most frequently searched question is, surprisingly, similar to the first one. This question saw a GV of 54,000, which combined with its predecessor only confirms the need to educate the public about cryptocurrencies.

The question of "what" points to the lack of knowledge on this topic among the public and the need to enable novice investors to understand the topic more quickly.

How to invest in cryptocurrency

The investment question pops up third: "How to invest in cryptocurrencies?" With a GV value of 44,000, it indicates a growing interest in cryptocurrency investment, despite the prolonged bear market.

The keywords also highlight the need to simplify the cryptocurrency investing process. This means redesigning trading platforms to make them more intuitive for new investors transitioning from traditional financial systems.

What is crypto mining

In fourth place, with GV 37,000, was the question "What is cryptocurrency mining?"  which is the most natural way to learn more about the cryptographic ecosystem.

Investors who know the basics of the crypto ecosystem tend to try mining as a way to make passive income. The idea of using an old computer to earn cryptocurrencies by supporting the network has been popular since the early days of cryptocurrencies. But the platforms for mining have made it possible for people who want to mine cryptocurrency to think about it as a possible career. 

How to buy cryptocurrencies

Thanks to the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, the question "How to buy cryptocurrencies?" took fifth place. A GV of 36,000 shows an evident interest in buying cryptocurrencies.

Bear markets are often considered ideal periods for high-yield investments. With prices falling, both existing and new investors are scrambling to find such investments. The market is preparing to return to a bullish period.

Why crypto is falling

This question was among the most searched (GV 33,000) due to prolonged bear markets. This slump was disastrous for several crypto ecosystems in 2022. They lost millions of dollars overnight.

The continued free fall in prices, combined with no apparent support to moderate it, has fueled negative investor sentiment globally. Despite the losses, however, inflation in mainstream finance has forced investors to reconsider bitcoin (BTC) and other popular cryptocurrencies as a protection against purchasing power depletion.

How does cryptocurrency work

The fundamental question of today’s investors, "How does cryptocurrency work?" is the seventh most frequently searched query in the cryptocurrency field on Google, with a GV of 27,000.

After the massive losses, the public became interested in the principles of the cryptographic project. Understanding how cryptocurrencies (or specific crypto projects) work helps uncover hidden investment risks.

Why is crypto “out of order”

With popular projects like Solana constantly making headlines for downtime, another frequently asked question is "Why is crypto out of order?" (GV 21,000).

As projects are forced to halt withdrawals and block funds for various reasons, investors tend to look to the Internet for answers. This indicates an unprecedented increase in service shutdowns. Early services and blockchain outages are the main causes of negative investor sentiment.

How to create cryptocurrency

For many, the idea of creating and selling their own cryptocurrency seems better than investing in something created by others. With a GV of 14,000, "How to create cryptocurrency?" is the ninth most searched term on Google in the cryptocurrency field.

Off-the-shelf services now allow anyone to launch their own tokens. However, launching a cryptocurrency without focusing on a specific purpose is doomed to fail in the long run.

How to trade cryptocurrencies

Last in the ranking is the question "How to trade cryptocurrencies," with a GV of 13,000. Investors continue to explore new ways to trade cryptocurrencies despite the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies in the mainstream.

Based on jurisdictions, crypto platforms have begun to offer services tailored to the regulatory requirements of individual regions. So, investors need to do research on the best platforms for trading cryptocurrencies and make sure they follow local laws. 

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