7 professions that already exist in the metaverse

Every new technology creates new career opportunities, and the metaverse is no different. Gathering resources to sell to others and make a profit will become one of the most common activities in gaming metaverses. This gaming activity represents an unprecedented opportunity for some players.

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During the process of making game items, there will be demand for the breeder or craftsman. These players obtain resources from other farmers and gatherers to produce items for other players. For example, in Axie Infinity, the $SLP token is required to breed new Axies.

Some people know more about a certain field than others. Therefore, gallery curators or even guides are professions that have started to appear in virtual worlds like Somnium Space and Cryptovoxels.

Samsung has opened a virtual store in Decentraland, though their presence there is more like a pop-up shop, since they have rented space from one of the investors. However, virtual shopping assistants are one of the key roles in the metaverse. Who better to give you advice on choosing the right running shoes or a new TV?

The demand for talented builders and architects will be on the rise as more and more virtual worlds open and world-renowned companies move into the metaverse space. There are a lot of great builders in the Minecraft community, and many of them are interested in the NFT world.

Players value their in-game avatars and want a character that reflects their personality. Users can request a designer to create a custom avatar for them, for example through the CryptoAvatars website. Or they can choose their avatar from an NFT collection with support for the metaverse. Characters can also change their clothes to better fit in the virtual world you are currently in. A similar environment is already being created by Fabricant, for example.

What about you, do you see your future in one of these professions?

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