Innovation in Travel Booking

The same experience as on Airbnb or awaits you on the platform. It is a place where travellers connect with one of the largest selections of hotels, alternative accommodation, flights, and activities.

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With more than three million travel products in 230 countries, together with blockchain and tokenization technologies. Thanks to innovations in the field, they intend to offer passengers up to tens of percent cheaper prices than regular platforms. Travala claims to introduce a revolutionary next generation planning and booking experience.


  • pay 10-20% less on average,
  • can find fair prices,
  • can customize their booking activity,
  • can spend, earn, and transfer rewards.

Service providers

  • can introduce meaningful prices,
  • will find new ways of approaching customers,
  • offer tokenized rewards for loyalty.

Centralized solution:

  • Hotels and consumers have a complete overview of real costs and Travala commissions.
  • Consumers will not be deceived by false discounts.
  • Travala will create incentives to write reviews and monitor their accuracy.
  • Suppliers are not exposed to cryptocurrency exchange rate volatility.
  • Loyalty program to motivate future bookings.

Decentralized solution:

  • Peer-To-Peer booking without a third party. Property owners can create advertisements and rates at their will.
  • It will be easier to compare optimal room prices thanks to the decentralized data storage.
  • Decentralized platform for writing reviews.
  • Property owners have complete flexibility and customization options, including accepting cryptocurrencies.
  • Property owners can implement customized loyalty rewards, such as discounts or unique marketing events, using tokens with real value.

Apart from these matters, Travala also plans for a Mini app that will behave like a Lego brick that can be easily built into crypto exchanges, decentralized wallets and metaverse. Another service is classic VIP for wealthy individuals that travel companies will be able to deal with separately. A similar principle will be used for bulk service in the case of business accounts, e.g., for business trips.

Decentralized Salesforce seems like a very nice idea to me. This is the same concept used by Uber. Smooth acquisition of decentralized workers will ensure faster and easier project expansion.

Upcoming business models

Car rental, transit, travel packages and other additional travel services. Furthermore, the introduction of its own crypto payment gateway, which will allow travel suppliers to accept cryptocurrencies if they wish.

You can use almost 90 tokens on their platform, incl. normal banking services and Apple Pay. Game tokens include MANA, GALA, APE, ILV and NTVRK. The idea is that ​​who make money playing NFT games like Illuvium or Gala Games could use their earned tokens to travel and pay for accommodation.

Another interesting model is the NFT infrastructure, which will eventually be involved in the metaverse concept. will provide partner hotels with simple tools they can use to issue NFTs for enhanced guest engagement and enable NFTs to be issued for completed stays on

Travala itself has already created a collection of 1,000 randomly generated utility NFTs called “Travel Tigers” on the Ethereum blockchain. This is the Founders Edition; these NFTs offers lots of small benefits within the Travala service. Among the more interesting ones are royalties, discounts and paid vacations or airdrops. is also currently experimenting with booking optimization tools that will improve profit margins and customer experience. In addition to all this, they are promoting their “lowest price guarantee” strategy. If you find a cheaper experience or accommodation on a competing platform, you have the option to request a refund 24 hours before check-in. This will be credited to your Travala wallet.


Travala is the product of a team of 70 passionate individuals bringing improvements to travel bookings. The team includes experienced professionals in the field of blockchain development, travel and FinTech, from some of the world’s largest companies. The CEO and co-founder of the company has been involved in the Innovation and Research Program of the European Commission for over eight years. He has also been part of digital innovation at the European Institute of Innovation and Technology for over seven years. He is a strategic partner of Genesys too, which is supposed to offer, among other things, real estate rental on its decentralized market. Imagine a decentralized Airbnb.

The list of partners with whom Travala works is interesting. Among the most well-known are, Expedia, well-known airlines, and then from the Web3 world it includes Binance, and for instance the Brave browser.

Road Map

According to the Road Map, it will be possible to use the Bitcoin Lightning Network in Travala, but it will also be possible to pay directly from your Binance or account. It will be possible to choose from the Travala offering listed on the Binance marketplace too. 


Travala has a utility token AVA in its ecosystem. This serves as a loyalty token and can be used for payments and receiving or paying out loyalty rewards and discounts. The AVA token is issued and managed by a dedicated entity, separate from


Personally, I look forward to the time when my finances are connected and decentralized. Travala will be the platform I will turn to when I’m looking for a vacation. And just FYI, this article is not sponsored.

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