What are POAP badges and why should you collect them?

POAPs are collectible NFT badges proving you as a community member. These notably also provide proof of participation in physical or virtual events. At the end of the article, you will learn about the outcome of an attempted fraud involving the minting of multiple POAP NFT badges.

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POAPs are digital memento badges obtained via QR codes. POAP is an abbreviation for Proof of Attendance Protocol. You will thus receive a collectible NFT on your account, which will be linked to your experiences from participating in the given (real-life or virtual) event. These badges open a whole new world of possibilities. POAPs provide access to a range of integrated services such as private chat rooms, sweepstakes, and more.

Collectible memento NFTs are an integral part of the crypto world, and POAP NFTs are among the most frequent methods used to issue and collect these NFTs. POAP badges are minted either through a Web3 application, or through Google Play or App Store applications.

As a collector, you scan the QR code and mint the given NFT to your wallet or to an account you set up on your email. In this way, you will create your own POAP collection. It will remind you of your experiences, and you will also be able to show it off.

As an organizer, you create your own event on the POAP platform and then just provide your event attendees with a QR code that allows them to mint their NFT badge.

Crypto communities already using POAP

Some of the very well-known communities that already use POAP include, for example, Gala Games, SushiSwap and the metaverse project Decentraland, which regularly distributes POAP NFTs.

POAPs have also been used by the animated web series and NFT project Stoner Cats. This project failed to successfully complete many transactions during its launch, costing its community a total of USD 790,000 in gas fees. Therefore, the founders issued a limited number of POAPs called “Rekt Stoner Cats Minters” and refunded these people the failed transaction fees. While it would have also been possible to do so without the NFTs, this way participants at least received NFT proof and a memorandum of being there.

Decentralized crypto community CV

Projects can also use collected POAP badges as a highly reliable form of decentralized ID. These badges can also be included in one’s CV.

When hiring in the cryptocurrency space, employers can use an applicant's POAP collection as a reliable record of their community involvement. This is of great value when recruiting people to, e.g., DAO communities which need to ensure that every employee is aligned with the organization's goals.

The number of POAPs can also be used to measure how long you have been active in the community. In early 2022, the Bankless POAP organization used NFT to distribute its airdrop to POAP collectors. Those who had more POAP NFTs received a larger airdrop.

Protection against cheating

POAP issuers ensure that event participants do not receive more than one POAP and prevent non-event user wallets from receiving them. For example, in my attempt to get two POAP NFTs for VOX's birthday, we had 10 minutes for one mint. I first minted my address badge via MacBook and planned to place the second badge on another wallet. But I wasn’t successful. Neither through another browser, nor through an iPhone, and not even through an Android mobile phone. I also tried switching from Wi-Fi to data.

Analyst opinion

Below I would like to share my modest POAP collection.

1) Galaverse Europe 2022.

2) VOX – 1st birthday.

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