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“Friendly fire will not be tolerated.”

Having three older brothers, I got into games and gaming very early. It started with video games like Contra, duck shooting, ninja turtles, and other classic games on yellow cassette tapes. I got my hands on a computer with a giant CRT monitor when I was about six years old, and it is thanks to that I remember awesome games like DOOM, Max Payne, Hitman, Need for speed II and its sequels, Half-life 1 then HL2, Serious Sam, Call of Duty 1, COD2, the GTA series I started with GTA3, NHL 98 and my favorite, 2002, but also not forgetting the school classics: Bulans, Quake III Arena and CS 1.6. If you’re reading this, you understand that I just enjoy gaming. This is why I’m happy to be back at the beginning of a new era of gaming.

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