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Ethereum Worlds

Be part of the first Ethereum Worlds community. Enter luxury skyscrapers where you can buy your own apartment and use it as see fit.

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Official Trailer

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Basic Information

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Road Map

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  • Prototype.
  • Token launch.
  • Staking.
  • Closed beta.
  • Marketplace.
  • Launch.
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About the Game

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Ethereum Towers is a residence in Ethereum Worlds, a vertical metaverse. The environment will reflect the real world with a touch of modern futurism. The main interaction with Ethereum Worlds and the residence will be primarily through a VR headset. Ethereum Worlds users have the apartment purchase option here that they can customize and meet friends in or socialize in the Ethereum Towers public areas. Users who will not own an apartment in Ethereum Towers can still visit the residence.

Interaction with the environment

In Ethereum Worlds, players will move their avatar around using a VR headset. Thanks to the headset, they can look around using head and body movements. If the player wants to move their avatar, they can do so using the controller joystick.

Apartment customization

Each apartment owner will have the opportunity to customize it and build it up to their liking. New rooms can be invented all the time if you have enough free space. Everything is possible – adjust the walls, ceiling and floor or add texture. Players can also add furniture with different valuables to the apartment. They will be able to search for furniture in the Ethereum Towers catalogue. All these items will be stored on the blockchain, making them NFTs, guaranteeing ownership. To top it all off, players can display their NFT images to show off. For example, if you took a Bored Ape NFT and put it in your apartment, the Unity engine would convert that 2D model into 3D and you could display it.

Using apartments

Each apartment owner will be able to set who can and cannot visit them or open their apartment to the public or members of the same club. Owners can also organize events with free or paid admission. If the owners do not plan to use the apartment themselves, they can rent it out.


Designed by award-winning architects, the Ethereum Towers environment will be the Ethereum Worlds flagship residence. The developers and architects wanted to focus mainly on the community with this design. Therefore, the Ethereum Towers construction is intended to represent a DNA helix that connects the entire community through a series of vertical terraces that wind around the tower. Each floor slab is turned to create the helix impression on the exterior facade. The tower base where the lobby is located is on a floating island and is meant to represent the Ethereum logo. At the top of the tower, we find beautiful gardens with a breath-taking view of the surroundings.


There will be 4,388 apartments in Ethereum Towers, which are divided into 3 groups:

Standard apartment

3,960 apartments in both towers. This is the most common apartment type, located between the 1st and 99th floors. There will be 20 of them on each floor.

Luxury apartment

396 luxury apartments, also in both towers. There are only two apartments of this type on one floor, between the 1st and 99th floors.


Perceived as the pinnacle of luxury. There will only be 32 penthouses in both towers. It will be a two-story apartment, which can only be found on floors number 100 and 101.

Social spaces

Social spaces are a very important part for the Ethereum Towers community development. Here, players will find plenty of space to socialize with other residents. These spaces are divided into three categories:

  • Amenity Areas – indoor and outdoor areas where players can walk around and occasionally chat.
  • Branded Areas – retail spaces that are leased to organizations and communities.
  • Atrium Base – high traffic areas that will surround the elevators in the middle of the towers.
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Player Requirements

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If a player wants to become a resident, he or she has to purchase an access card for a certain apartment. These are currently available for purchase on OpenSea. A VR headset and a sufficiently powerful PC are required to fully immerse yourself in the game. It is not entirely clear yet whether a web browser will be sufficient to run the metaverse or whether an application will be used instead.


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Network: Ethereum

Type: ERC20

Total supply: 1,000,000,000


  • Buying items for the apartment, avatar, etc.
  • Governance.
  • Access to premium events

NFT apartment ownership entitles to governance voting.

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In Ethereum Towers you can earn by:

  • Participating in events.
  • Designing apartments.
  • Hosting events in your apartment.
  • Completing time-limited events.

The above-mentioned options will be multiplied for players according to their apartment floor.

  • Staking $TWR.
  • Helping the community grow, such as YouTube videos.
  • Renting an apartment.
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analyst opinion

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“This is a unique project, and I can’t wait to see the final version of Ethereum Towers. However, I find that most of the available activities in Ethereum Towers can already be done in VRChat. The main difference is that VRChat does not support NFTs. However, we have to keep in mind that players don’t really care about that, and they mainly just want to socialize. The advantage of Ethereum Towers is that it offers a freely editable private space where I can invite only selected people.

Even though it’s a beautiful building with talented architects working on it, I don’t think the metaverse has a chance to catch on unless more worlds are created in collaboration with the community. But I could be wrong and the apartments in Ethereum Towers could be fully functional. Next, we will see how things turn out with avatars in Ethereum Towers, as the team itself is not sure yet which direction to go. The beauty of VRChat is mainly that people can take any avatar or design their own. It probably won’t hurt that the avatars will be NFT, as most VRChat players have bought their avatars and might welcome the NFT model. But for now, Ethereum Towers seems to me like an exclusive VRChat world, where mostly only rich people and celebrities will meet.”

Kuba Lohnický

Kuba Lohnický

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