Beatrice Uhlírová

Somnium Space

An ambitious Czech project focusing on metaverse as we know it, for example, from the Ready Player One movie.

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  • Graphical design
  • Czech developers
  • Teslasuit
  • Unity SDK
  • Economics


  • Financial demand
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Basic Information

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Road Map

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About the Game

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Somnium Space is an open, social, and stable VR world, where a digital community of creators and people who come here to have fun has been gradually growing since 2019.

Somnium is designed to work across multiple platforms, including desktop, VR, and smartphones. All popular VR headsets from Oculus, HTC VIVE, HP, VALVE, all Windows Mixed Reality headsets, and other suitable ones are supported by Somnium Space.

Access to Somnium Web is likewise important. Because of this, anyone with a web browser may access any plot, even in VR mode. The graphics have been reduced significantly, however this is mainly due to the solution's graphical complexity.

Advanced users can upload avatars, more complex buildings, and whole sceneries to their plots in Somnium Space or Somnium Worlds thanks to the usage of the Unity SDK (mini metaverse). It is also intended to provide a sensory experience of smell using devices like multisensory masks or blowers. Many gamers can experience VR at once without being split up onto several servers or mirror instances thanks to an innovative internal server architecture.

This is an example of an avatar that a developer might create after spending about 50 hours on it.


In the world of Somnium Space, there are 5,000 plots that are divided into three sizes: S, M, and XL. In addition to its area, each size includes restrictions on height and depth. A map of the plots may be found here; plots can be purchased through OpenSea or the game marketplace.

Prices in September 2022, when the bear market is in full swing, are hundreds of dollars.

Somnium Space ecosystem

Furthermore, the Polygon, Solana, and Near blockchains have been merged into the developers' ecosystem. They've also created an in-game wallet where you can check your NFTs and, in the future, sell and rent them from within the app.

Somnium World

Somnium World is a scriptable mini-metaverse. It operates on the premise of having unique storage space on the Somnium Space server. Anything you upload will become operational in this space.

You can upload a nightclub, a casino, or an oasis that appears to be magical where virtual concerts can be performed. You can offer this area for different fairs or other virtual events, or you can upload a gaming field where baseball games, shootouts, and magic competitions will take place. You can build a 3D environment in the space that is linked to gamified mechanisms that can also be utilized for tokenization by making the space fully scriptable with Unity.

Developer fund

Community members with truly excellent ideas have the chance to participate in ongoing competitions where project developers paid for their work. This fund runs through mid-2021. If your suggestion has value, it will be accepted. Somnium Times, an online journal from the universe of Somnium Space, is one of the earliest instances of such a publication.


An app designed for easy constructing on your own or testing plot. You can build a stylish, functional, and fairly complicated building in 10 hours. Your ability to construct is bound by the amount of credits you have. The size of your plot impacts that as well. Most 3D content just requires minimum amount of credit, but adding an image, gif, or video is much problematic. Also, you can add image links meaning that you can create a 3D replica of your website in the metaverse.


  1. VR glasses.
  2. Teslasuit.
  3. Cross-game avatars.
  4. Digital Human Copy / Live Forever.

1) VR glasses

The VR headset from Somnium Space will be modular, open source, programmable, and modifiable. Prusa Research, a maker of 3D printers in the Czech Republic, and Somnium Space officially partnered. They hope to achieve the aforementioned modifiability through this partnership. The ability to print spare plastic parts or parts for future custom modification should therefore be available to VR glasses owners. Together with Vrgineers, Somnium Space developed the VR glasses. The best VR simulation products on the market are produced by this company, in which Somnium has made a strategic investment. Besides this, the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, NASA, and American security allies use these. The first deliveries are expected to begin in Q4 2022.

It's interesting to note that the CEO of Somnium Space joined the board of directors of Lynx, company he co-founded. This company is developing mixed reality (MR) glasses.

2) Teslasuit

Somnium Space has begun working with VR Electronics, a company based in the UK that is developing a Teslasuit that will allow users to physically experience VR action. The Teslasuit is a body-covering suit that leaves the hands and head exposed. It is covered with sensors and electronics, allowing it to sense motion, transmit haptic feedback, and work with biometrics. As a result, you will be able to feel the vibrations of music, the touches of other players, or rainfall on your skin. The sensing can also be applied to body language to give you a sense of presence and more authentic digital interaction.

The first batch of Teslasuit Developer Kit 1 Founders Edition suits were auctioned in July 2021. The highest bid for one of the models was $13,200. So far, ten suits have been made available during July.

3) Cross-game avatars

ReadyPlayer.me is a project in which the developers are involved. This project focuses on developing a solution for the metaverse to assist in the creation of avatars that work across different platforms. Their first product was a 3D scanner enabling creating 3D avatars of people.

4) Digital Human Copy / Live Forever

This is a paid service in which Somnium Space will collect extensive data on you that will be used to make a digital copy in the future. Together with artificial intelligence, this has the potential to simulate your personality. Whether it's in life or death.

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Player Requirements

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A PC and VR headset is required. Somnium Space is supported on Windows, Steam, Oculus, and VIVE as an app. To view individual plots in simplified graphics, everything you need is a browser.

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The economic essential pillars:

  1. Virtual land tokenization.
  2. Somnium World mini metaverse tokenization.
  3. Billboard tokenization.
  4. Tokenization of digital assets and experiences.
  5. Decentralized marketplaces.

Users have the option to:

  • Own and monetize their work.
  • Sell their items in open marketplaces.
  • Be a part of the Somnium Space economy.
  • Express themselves by creating, building and monetizing their land.
  • Enjoy a stunning, ever-changing, enduring world of virtual reality that thousands of people can explore at once.
  • Tokenize and sell their creations directly from inside Somnium Space.
  • Rent your Somnium World or NFT Land.
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The main CUBE token held on the Ethereum blockchain with a total amount of 100,000,000.

The primary currency in the virtual world is the game token CUBE. This token is required to purchase in-game tickets for concerts, games and other entertainment events.

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Every player in Somnium Space can decide, as in real life, how to spend their time in the metaverse and how to make money.

  • Players who choose to develop in Somnium Space can sell tokenized digital assets and avatars.
  • Streamers can have their virtual studio inside Somnium Space.
  • Content creators can present their virtual experiences and monetize them.
  • Companies can create a presentation of their services within Somnium Space.
  • Game developers can place short demos (or entire games / experiences).
  • Universities can create courses.
  • Entrepreneurs can create and sell digital (or physical) products and also provide services.
  • Artists can show all of their creations, from sculptures to 2D and 3D paintings, including NFT, and provide a link to the marketplace.

Additionally, advertising can be used to generate revenue. Somnium Space has offered NFT billboard advertising, which it hopes will appeal with large corporations who are unfamiliar with the metaverse but are well-versed in billboard marketing. In partnership with Admix, the developers created three sizes: S, M, and XL. You can obtain up to 90% of the ad revenue by renting these billboards. The billboards must always be attached to the property. CUBE tokens are utilized to pay out rewards.

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analyst opinion

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“Somnium space is an absolutely ingenious project allowing us to experience the virtual world as we know it, for example, from the Ready Player One book / movie. I really like the diversity of the whole project and the opportunity to play games with friends, so that we all feel like we’re actually spending time together. The fact that users will not be divided into sub-servers in the game will also contribute to improving the game experience.

What really excited me is the possibility of a Teslasuit helping us dive into the VR like in the real world. The idea that I’m playing a shooting game and getting a hit really hurts me thanks to this suit adds to the incredible gaming experience.

I would like to emphasize that the project is created by Czech developers – even people in this small country can do a great job. The only thing that scares me a little is the investment: how much money will be required to purchase the suit and other gadgets in order to fully enjoy this experience?”

Beatrice Uhlírová

Beatrice Uhlírová

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