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SOULS OF META is an RPG fantasy world where players find plenty of fun and an original reward system.

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i. Rating 8 / 10
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  • Fun-2-Earn
  • Reward system
  • Graphics
  • Many game modes
  • Experienced team


  • Non-public investors
Rating 8

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Official Trailer

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Basic Information

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Road Map

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A demo version of the game was released In the previous phases, and the INO and IDO of the first in-game NFT characters and weapons took place.

Phase 4

  • Token listing
  • Staking launch
  • Cinematic game launch teasers
  • CEX and DEX listing
  • More rounds of NFT character and weapon sales

Phase 5

  • Graphic improvements
  • Launch of Free-2-Play Game v.1 (Ready-Soul-One)
  • Launch of v.2 (Gladiator)
  • PvP mode launch
  • New quests and enemies
  • Launch of v.3 (HODL the Line)
  • PvE mode + new dungeons

Phase 6

  • Collaboration with gaming guilds
  • Marketing push
  • PvP tournament launch

Phase 7

  • Co-op game mode
  • Counselors, Potions, and Powerful Spells
  • Battle Royale mode
  • Land sale
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About the Game

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SOULS OF META is a cross-chain action-RPG fantasy Fun-2-Earn NFT gaming metaverse where players can own and monetize NFTs through GameFi and SocialFi.


There are several game mechanisms that players can combine to maximize the Fun-2-Earn experience:

  • A player can select up to 3 NFT characters
  • Switching between characters and using different abilities
  • Possibility to gain exclusive NFTs
  • Using Skill Points to upgrade individual characters
  • Mysterious NPC characters that have exclusive quests for the players to lead them to hidden treasures
  • By joining a guild, players can make new friends, participate in events together and earn partial earnings

In SOULS OF META, players can choose from many different game modes that are both PvE and PvP.

Realms are themed locations that bring new assets and visuals to the game. Each game mode will have several levels placed in different realms. Users will have to go through them individually, and the difficulty will increase with each Realm unlocked.

Much fun awaits players in various forms in the unique Fun-2-Earn concept:


Each level contains different puzzles that may require thinking and teamwork. Players will be rewarded not only for killing monsters but also for ingenuity and wit!

An example of a puzzle game is that players must find keys of different colors to unlock the next level.


Users can start with quests in the Town Zone. These will guide them through the different game modes and reward them upon completion.

In addition, some game levels will contain secret chambers full of treasures that the player can open with a key that a special NPC character can provide. These NPC characters will be hard to find, but the treasures gained will be extremely valuable.

Horde Overlords

Horde Overlords are giant beasts from the netherworld of the Abyss, the leaders of The Horde, and loyal servants of Yama. You will be required to have high-grade equipment and powerful spells to beat those in a one vs. one battle. However, the rewards are insane, including rare wearable NFTs, unique skills, and even new playable characters!

In addition, players in the game can encounter daily missions, party bonuses, and guild rewards, discover powerful spells, and find exclusive artifacts.

Characters in the game are called SuperSouls, and players can get them on the marketplace.

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Player Requirements

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There are no requirements for the basic Free-2-Play version. However, players can purchase NFT characters and equipment to significantly speed up their progress in the game.

The game will require much training and choosing the right strategy. The more players play, the faster they will progress through the game.

For best results, the game will require a significant amount of time.

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The game uses a dual tokenomics system with $SOM and $SMP tokens.

$SOM – in-game token


Total supply: 3 000 000 000

Blockchain: BEP-20

Original price: $0,0094

The Token is listed on these exchanges: BitMart, PancakeSwap.

Usage: Exchange for BUSD/BNB, buying and trading in-game NFTs, buying and upgrading NFT characters, rewards for staking.


The token can be staked on the BitMart exchange. Users can choose how long to lock their tokens for - 7 days (20% APY), 15 days (40% APY), and 30 days (80% APY).

$SMP – governance and reward token

Total supply: unlimited

Blockchain: BEP-20

Usage: Allow users to influence the game’s direction, rewards for in-game actions and Fun-2-Earn, rewards for renting NFT, and exchange for $SOM.

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There will be several unique ways to earn in the game. Traditional methods include completing challenges and progressing through the game, for which players will receive a reward with in-game tokens. Another option is staking.

With the Fun-2-Earn concept come more original concepts.

Create-2-Earn - Players can create in the free editor, in-game maps, mini-games, and new levels. Once approved, their designs can appear in the game, and earn in-game tokens.

Build-2-Earn - Players find themselves in the middle of a town and must work their way up from zero to as high as possible. The better their position and the more buildings they build, the better the rewards.

Watch-2-Earn – This option will be more for those who prefer to watch videos rather than play the game. With this feature, users will earn in-game tokens for watching SOULS OF META live streams.

Players will use the Share-2-Earn, Tweet-2-Earn, and Discord Invite-2-Earn concepts will be used for lower earnings.

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Seasoned and experienced team with decades of relevant experience from top-tier companies, bringing Crypto Economic Models (Play-Own-Earn and other new innovative economics models) to both Traditional and Blockchain gaming ecosystems with a better Gaming Experience than current Web3 games and enabling our ecosystem-wide community to earn for having fun!

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analyst opinion

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“The game impressed me, both with the graphics and the overall idea. The whitepaper is detailed, so it's clear how the game’s different mechanics will work.

What impressed me the most is the reward system, where the developers will allow users to earn not only by playing but by building new spheres or even by watching other players play, which I find absolutely brilliant.

The dual tokenomics is very well designed, and the good thing is that tokens can be exchanged between each other, making it very easy for players to sell and profit from the game afterward.

The experienced team and the many well-known partners only underline the quality of the game, and I can highly recommend it.”

Ladislav Horáček

Ladislav Horáček

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