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Published: 19 June 2022

The world is located in a metaverse, where we can do various things known from Ready Player One, for example: travel, play games, study, meet friends, etc.

Official Trailer

Basic information

Neos is a metaverse that can be “played” in virtual reality. Its innovative fundamental architecture is based on simple but powerful building elements. The project is already running and can be played. The game is Free-2-Play and Play-2-Earn. The project is running on the Ethereum network.

Obrázek ze hry Neos

Source: https://neos.com/

Neos is a metaverse in a virtual reality, so a computer and VR equipment are required to play.

Should the community be fast-growing, the potential for Neos’ rich in-universe economy would emerge as a way of providing services for content creators so they can make a living in Neos and help with its growth into a new form. However, the community has stagnated for several months and this vision is in jeopardy.

Neos is currently available for Windows, Quest, Android a Linux. All major headsets are supported, includingu SteamVR/OpenVR, Oculus, a Windows Mixed Reality (via SteamVR).

In November 2021, it was the fastest growing project with the fastest growing token price.

Neos základní informace o tokenech

Source: https://twitter.com/GenxAnalytics

The project refers to other metaverse worlds, such as Ready Player One, which we know from the movie and book, or Sword Art Online (anime series). Some of the heroes’ skins from these projects could be bought on the project’s Patreon.

The game was available on Steam, but Steam has distanced itself from the game after its problems. Although the game should return to Steam, it will no longer be complete and the Play-2-Earn elements will disappear.

Road Map

The Road Map is not well-structured. It contains lists of long-term goals, upcoming updates, suspended items, further planning and various things in progress can be found here

About the game

The world takes place in a metaverse where we can do various things known from Ready Player One, for example: travel, play games, study, meet friends, etc.

A VR gaming system and the application are required to play. The VR system scans everything around it, including where you’re looking at.

There is no need for special in-game equipment for basic gameplay; additional equipment requirements will vary from game to game. The game features skins. There is no information about additional accessories, but these will probably exist as well.

Obrázek statistik ze hry NEOS

Source: https://neos.com/

Player requirements

We can spend as much time in the game as we need, there is no specific time requirement. The concept is that the player spends as much free time as he or she wishes in the game.

It is possible to buy the game token on Uniswap, or become a supporter on Patreon which brings other benefits later.

NCR will be used as the game currency.

In the current Neos beta version, it is possible to send NCR to other users for the purpose of self-organized economic activities and send ideas to world creators and to other users. NCR will be also used in the planned NeosStore and NeosJobs marketplaces. NCR can be held on the MetaMask or MyCrypto wallets. Money in the game is stored on a “student wallet”, according to the creators.

There is no need to invest in the game at the beginning or even in later stages, although there are good reasons to become a Patreon supporter.

During the game, everyone can invest in what they like and what they will enjoy in the metaverse. Since this should be a metaverse, you should be able to do almost anything here.

Game requirements

Neos requires a powerful four-core CPU, at least a Haswell i5-4590 by Intel or AMD’s Piledriver FX 8350 or better. Strong performance of each core is beneficial. At least 8 GB of memory is required, but we recommend 16 GB, or in fact even 32 GB or more. It is also recommended to have a VR-capable graphics card from Nvidia (GTX 1060) or AMD (RX 570), although more powerful GPUs have higher utilization for VR – higher resolutions and framerate.

Neos also supports the maximum of hardware peripherals that SteamVR can provide (up to 64). Eight of them are for full-body tracking (feet, knees, hips, chest and elbows), with extra trackers for object tracking.

Furthermore, Neos supports LeapMotion for finger tracking, eye tracking through Vive Pro Eye and standalone modules, HTC lip tracking and drivers such as eteeControllers.

Obrázek ze hry Neos

Source: https://neos.com/


If you are interested in monetizing your account, you can:

  • Create stuff.
  • Win competitions.
  • Work for someone who offers a job.


The main token is NeosCredit (NCR), which should have two other smaller tokens, NeosUnits and NOI. The total supply of NCR is 50 million units, which are gradually being released into the ecosystem. The release will be conducted in 500 steps. Each step will release 1.25 % more tokens than the previous one.

1 NCR = 1,000 NeosUnits = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 NOI.

The current token price as of April 4, 2022 is USD 0.23.

The token can be purchased on the BKEX, Uniswap, Bitrue a BigONE exchanges.

There is no staking possibility, but it is possible to support the creators with an amount of six pounds per month on their Patreonu and receive rewards in NCR.

Use in the game – in-game currency: we buy stuff for it, or we can sell items for the same tokens. Work will also be implemented in the game, so we can also earn tokens by working.


Neos is a Czech project. The real names of the founders are not known; they are called Frooxius and Karel in the metaverse. Although they are from the Czech Republic, they are the only Czechs in the team.

The team cannot be traced on the web or on the project’s wikipedia, only the avatar of both founders is known.

Analyst opinion

“This Metaverse is developing nicely, but I’m afraid the project is too ambitious for its own good. The VR is far from perfect and does not match initial ideals. Many similar metaverses will be created in the future. The games are still imperfect, lacking backgrounds or clear contrasts that would somehow reflect the real locations they represent.

The Czech founders can be seen as a positive sign for some, although it is important to keep in mind that the rest of the team are not Czechs.

The website is quite confusing; the whitelist is just a wikipedia article. What should be a whitelist is just an approach to the economy, which we also find on their wikipedia.

The project requires players to have relatively powerful equipment, but it can be seen from the game videos that the world is lagging – it has technical difficulties. The project community is not very big and unfortunately is on the decline.“

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