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Bit Hotel

Published: 14 September 2022

Bit Hotel presents a social Play-To-Earn metaverse in a luxury hotel environment. Players compete for Bit Hotel tokens and earn NFT in the hotel.

Official Trailer

Basic information

Bit Hotel is an online social NFT metaverse that will use Bit Hotel Coin ($BTH) as its game currency. Players can acquire NFT lots (hotel rooms), items (furniture), and characters. They can exhibit these items in their rooms, or use them in minigames. Each room acts as a chat room where players can meet, chat, and trade. In addition, players can compete in various minigames to earn rewards.

It is a Play-2-Earn game that will be available on two gaming platforms – PC (browser) and phone (Android and iOS). It is highly inspired by the classic Flash game Haboo Hotel.

Road Map

Q2 2022 – Phase 5

Beta game issue.
Official game launch.

Q3 2022 – Phase 6

Monthly improvements.
P2P trading.
First major P2E events.

Q4 2022 – Phase 7
Cross-chain integrations.
Improved metaverse management.

Q1 2023 – Phase 8

First Bit Hotel Hackathon (co-programming by many people).
Improved P2E mechanics.

About the game

Players can purchase NFT rooms on different hotel floors – from studios to attic apartments, and more. Users can freely decide how to furnish and decorate their room. Players can also exhibit their NFT collection in their room. Each room will have a staking bonus for its owner according to its value (smaller rooms x1.05 / attic x1.1, etc.).

Hotel walkaround possibility

Users can travel and roam throughout the hotel. They can take the elevator to their friends’ rooms or the minigame zone. The game will have frequent updates with new rooms and features.


In-game items and in-game currency can be obtained by players by completing minigames and multiplayer challenges. In-game items will have varying rarity levels, and will be freely tradable through the in-game market system.


Bit Hotel will feature leaderboards with different tournament types. These tables will show the twenty top players (in terms of wins) in the various minigames, and the five top players will be rewarded with rare NFT and game tokens each week/month.


To motivate the gaming community to hold meetings, players will be able to build in-game relationships in the metaverse. Being in a relationship will have benefits, and will give players the chance to earn unique rewards.


Bit Hotel will introduce a marketplace where players and investors can buy and sell NFT. NFT will consist of various digital objects, such as characters, furniture, accessories, etc.


In Bit Hotel, players participate in a series of events where they can meet other users, discuss, decide on new game features, and get new limited-edition NFT.


Bit Hotel players can gain voting rights to choose what events, minigames, and rewards they will encounter in the future. The decentralized voting model for future content will be based on the amount of staked assets and in-game achievements. Rarer characters will have more votes.


Players can purchase hotel rooms of different sizes, and with different facilities and decorations. Players can organize events and minigames there to generate passive income.

The room sale link is HERE.


Players have to own a game character to enter the game. Individual characters do not differ much in skills, but each has their own brief story. The votes of rarer (epic) characters regarding the game future will be weighted higher than those of less rare ones. Other benefits are not known yet.

Each month, a certain number of characters will be listed on the marketplace. However, users can also buy characters second-hand, preferably through the project’s Discord.

The cheapest character can be purchased for USD 20, while the most expensive ones can cost more than USD 10,000. The initial character sale batches (approx. 1,600 characters) were always sold out within a few days.

Player requirements

An initial investment in the form of an NFT character purchase is required to enter the game. There are no other special requirements.


The main game token ($BTH) will serve as the in-game currency for everything related to the game. The token will be available in-game or can be purchased on the MEXC, PancakeSwap and BitMart exchanges.


In addition to the standard NFT holding, there are other ways to earn in the game. Players can earn game tokens in various minigames and by completing quests. They can then stake the game tokens. In addition, it will be possible to obtain in-game items from a limited issue of NFT in various special events.


By staking $BTH, players will generate a $sBTH token, with which they will be able to buy game NFT (furniture, paintings, etc.). There will be also limited-edition NFT that can only be purchased for $sBTH.

Players can stake in selected sectors directly on the game website. These are longer-term investments (3 to 6 months).


There is also an option to stake tokens directly in-game. Players can invest, for example, in the operation and equipment of a certain property (bar, restaurant), and in return be rewarded with a multiple of their deposit.

The page link is HERE.

1 $BTH = 1 $sBTH



Analyst opinion

“This is a very original metaverse game. The individual rooms are nicely designed, and there is already a lot of interest in the game (characters are sold out). As far as entertainment for users is concerned, we do not yet have any information on how the individual events and minigames will look. However, I have to highlight the strong partnerships led by the giant Yahoo!

I highly recommend the game. It gives everyone an opportunity to join the metaverse, as the cheapest characters cost USD 20. Additionally, players can earn in-game NFT rewards through various minigames and community events.

I only recommend investing in the token to users who already have a game character, as they can stake and earn $sBTH to buy limited game NFT.”

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