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Published: 3 June 2022

An action multiplayer game full of a bull and bear moods. The goal is clear: to neutralize the enemy and have the market mood in your hands.

Official Trailer

Basic information

Bullieverse is a Play-2-Earn RPG game with its own game token and great earning opportunities. It will be available on both PC and mobile devices. The game is developed by Bullieverse Inc. The team of creators consists of four main founders and 20 employees.

Road Map

  • Q1 2022 – Play-2-Earn NFTs
  • Q1 2022 – Play-2-Earn game
  • Q1 2022 – Land sale
  • Q2 2022 – First metaverse phase launch
  • Q2 2022 – Another Play-2-Earn game
  • Q2 2022 – Game marketplace launch
  • Q3 2022 – Staking overview
  • Q3 2022 – More NFT avatars
  • Q4 2022 – Mobile devices support
  • Q4 2022 – Staking possibility
  • 2023 full metaverse launch

About the game

Multiple game modes will be available. The first to come out soon is Bear Hunt. Others will be Bear Run or Hooves in the Hoops. The point of all modes is, however, the same: to defeat the enemy. In the Bear Hunt mode, it’s about neutralizing bears. Because you are playing with your avatar, which looks like a bull, it’s about your bull beating the bear and winning the “bull market” in the battle. The SHELL currency will serve as a winning reward. Only one weapon will be available. You will also have three abilities: attack, defend, ultra-attack.

Bullieverse presents itself as a metaverse where you can meet friends, create minimaps and community games, buy land, create various items such as shoes and sell them in the community marketplace.

Source: https://app.bullieverse.com/

Player requirements

The game will be time-limited only when playing. If you are just walking around your property or meeting friends, your time here is unlimited. An initial investment into an avatar will be required. At the moment, it is available only in a bull variant, but the whitepaper reveals that we could see cows in the future. NFTs can be already bought on OpenSea for Ethereum.  You will need, for example, a Metamask, wallet that supports Ethereum blockchain. In order to earn in the game, you will need to buy your avatar, which is available at a floor price of ETH 0.19 as of March 10, 2022. The more of these NFTs you have in your wallet, the more profitable the Bullieverse will be for you and the more HP you will have in game modes.

It will be possible to play for free with basic avatars, but it will not be as profitable. No other investment should be needed to earn by playing the game. You will also be able to buy land on the map, clothes, weapons or other items. The game will be moderately demanding, similar to Fortnite, so we recommend a graphics card.


The game will feature two game tokens:

1. BULL – governance token on the Ethereum blockchain that will not be used for gaming transactions or purchases. The total supply should reach 1,000,000,000. It was listed on the first exchange on March 9, 2022 and its price was around USD 0.16. The token can be staked. The project intends to become a decentralized ecosystem over the next few years.

Current price as of March 14, 2022 – USD 0.1356


Source: https://docs.bullieverse.com/white-paper/bullieverse-ecosystem/tokenomics/bull-token

2. Shell – game currency. Players will use Shell tokens to obtain game assets such as weapons, special abilities, potions, skins and more. They will serve as the marketplace currency. The tokens will also be used as a reward for playing and others. Shell token supply will be limited to 1,000,000,000,000 for the first 5 years and will be used to fund the game’s economy. The distribution of Shell tokens will be managed by the DAO community.

Source: https://docs.bullieverse.com/white-paper/bullieverse-ecosystem/tokenomics/shell-token


Srini Anala – Co-Founder/CEO

He held a number of senior positions at technical and operations departments in the following companies: Goldman, UBS, Capital one and Reuters, and has delivered multi-billion dollar financial products. He also founded Cognitochain – an Enterprise blockchain. He has won awards and appreciation for implementing technology that could benefit millions of people without banking services.

Murali Reddy – Co-Founder/COO

An entrepreneur with more than a decade of extensive experience in leading and managing highly successful finance teams at Oracle, IBM and Yodlee. He ensures smooth and efficient running of the company. A blockchain keynote speaker, cryptographer and leadership coach.

Sanjit Daniel – Game team leader

20 years of experience with programming in C ++, OpenGL, DirectX and 3D graphics, including engine architecture and programming of GPU / shader and VR / AR / MR. He previously worked for companies such as Sony R&D and Hadean.

Arun Krishnakumar – Director of development

More than 18 years of experience in technology, financial services, consulting and venture capital. Author of two books, including a book about blockchain and quantum computing. He founded and implemented two VC funds and served on boards of directors. He holds a master’s degree from the LSE and a P.G. degree from Oxford University.


Analyst opinion

“I was most interested in the project’s road map. It’s quite ambitious and according to it, the community should not wait for long. On the contrary, what disappointed me is the tokenomics of the Bull token, which lack specifics and not much is known about it yet. Also, the metaverse island that has hardly been shown is a disappointment. Overall, it seems that the authors’ use of the word “metaverse” is an exaggeration, and this will be a classic RPG. So far, the creators have only published NFTs, but progress on the next steps in game development has slowed down. It looks like it’s just a matter of selling NFTs and Bull tokens for staking. In terms of staking, the website presents an APY 100% for 12-month staking. This is a very tempting offer that I may take advantage of, but this project has definitely not won enough of my trust to make a larger investment. We don’t see much about staking in the whitepaper either, which is another warning sign.

The number of partnerships is listed on the official website, but the individual partners cannot be clicked on and it is not possible to quickly verify whether the partnerships really exist. There are no contacts for the development team. But I like the possibility of creating your own map, similar to what Fortnite and CS: GO offer. That is definitely a plus. We’ll see what this game and metaverse will show in the future…”

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