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Published: 7 July 2022

DeHorizon is a Free-2-Play and Play-2-Earn metaverse where games can both be played and created, or which users can simply socialize in.

Basic information

DeHorizon is a Free-2-Play and Play-2-Earn metaverse where games can both be played and created, or which users can simply socialize in. It will be available on PC. The long-term vision of the project is to create a virtual world across all possible blockchains, allowing players to enjoy their second life.

Official Trailer 

Road Map

Q1 2022 – Trailer, Aplha game version launch (DeVerse).

Q2 2022 – Aplha game version launch (DeTournaments).

Q3 2022 – Aplha game version launch (DeMythical).

Q4 2022 – Official DeHorizon Carnival game mode launch.

About the game

At the game start, you will be able to choose one of five characters:

  1. Adventurer
  2. Rogue
  3. Ranger
  4. Warrior
  5. Alchemist

This party is called Numens and each of them has different abilities. There is also a different story for everyone, similar to League of Legends. In combat, you have a choice of four different attacks. Three game modes are available:

  1. DeVerse – team battle (maps: Occupation of City Dawn, Earned in Blood, Alluring rewards).
  2. DeTournament – Battle Royal.
  3. DeMythical – dragon races.

The objective of each mode is to defeat the enemy team or a single opponent. The inventory items that you can buy or win in duels will help you to achieve the victory. These include:

  1. Sweetie pie – replenishes HP.
  2. Spirit burning necklace – revives you or your teammate.
  3. Fiery feast – improves your abilities.

You will also be able to buy capsules that will improve your skills, such as speed or strength, when used in combat.

Player requirements

Gaming time will be limited only in the game modes, there will be no time limit in the metaverse. You can turn it off at any time. No basic investment will be required. Investments (capsules or items) will only make the game easier. So far, everything is paid in Ethereum on OpenSea, as the game marketplace has not been launched yet. Therefore, you will need a wallet supporting the Ethereum blockchain, such as MetaMask, with at least ETH 0.005 charged. This is the lowest DeHorizon item price at OpenSea. The game will be profitable even without the initial investment and should not be too demanding. It is similar to League of Legends in terms of game mechanics and to Witch It in terms of graphics. The game will require a better PC, but it certainly won’t be as demanding as Illuvium or Phantom Galaxies. A standard internet connection will suffice.  


DeHorizon currently includes two cryptocurrencies (but plans other game currencies as well):

  1. The first is the DVT game token that will be used for transactions and purchases after launching the game marketplace. It is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The price is currently around USD 0.0006. The total supply is 1,000,000,000. You will be able to stake it. It is currently available on the SouthxChange exchange. You will be able to earn DVT in many ways. One is selling won items, as is the case with CS: GO. Other options are directly earning DVT in game modes or just for participating in and enjoying the metaverse.
  2. The second is the governance token DEVT. It will not be used for gaming transactions. Its price is around USD 0.52. It is also built on the Ethereum blockchain and its total supply is 300,000,000. The circulating supply is currently 9,000,000. It is available on the OKEx, Bybit, UniSwap and Gate.io exchanges. If you stake If you stake it, you will become a part of the DAO. The APR varies from 124.32 to 307.79 %. Rewards are paid in DEVT or IZI


Source: https://www.dehorizon.fun/partners


ShaneZhu – Founding Director

Cecilia Maple – Chief Marketing Officer

Todd Porter – Chief Product Officer

JoeScott – Chief Business Officer

Dr. David Chiu – Chief Technology Officer  

CT Zhou – Head of Studio

The team is full of game veterans with extensive experience in gaming and blockchain, who previously worked in companies such as Riot, Dungeons & Dragons and Blizzard. They are also Web 3.0 experts.

Analyst opinion

“The game is similar to League of Legends in terms of game mechanics and to Witch It in terms of graphics. I was very interested in their support for multichain, where a user from any blockchain could join this metaverse. They have well-developed social networks and impressive partners. I like the detailed stories of game characters and all the items and game modes. The game is on a good track and I recommend everyone to follow it. The only doubts are the missing photos and social network profiles of the team members. Otherwise, everything seems all right and I like the direction this is heading in.”

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