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Published: 9 June 2022

An economic and social game based on a real-life environments including elements of the famous Heroes Of Might And Magic game series.

Official Trailer

Basic information

An economic and social game inspired by Heroes Of Might And Magic. The game is designed to replicate a real-life environment simulating the actions that people have to perform in order to earn a living.

The world of ERTHA´s is divided into 350,000 NFT virtual plots called “Hexes”, or HEX land plots, through which many transactions can be made for which the HEX owner obtains some Ertha token cash-back:

  • Employment Tax (part of the salary paid by the employer)
  • Sales Tax (purchaser tax imposed on buying goods from the market)
  • Company Fees (company building, repairs, upgrades)
  • Company Revenue (items sold, job contract fines, penalty taxes)
  • Warehouse Fees (Warehouse building and upgrades)
  • Delivery Fees (delivery of goods into a specific warehouse in an owned HEX)
  • Airfare Fees (flight tickets)

Source: whitepaper.ertha.io/ertha-whitepaper/

Road Map

  • February 2021 – Completed 3 Years of Initial Game Development
  • July 2021 – Raising Investment Capital for a large-scale user expansion
  • August 2021 – Binance smart chain based pre-sale
  • November 2021 – USD 5.4 million raised from private investors
  • December 2021 – NFT Land Marketplace launched and new gameplay trailer released
  • March 2022 – Release of the ERTHA Beta verse with a new Unity Engine
  • May 2022 – Full start of large scale Marketing Campaigns
  • August 2022 – New in-game content, heavy focus on marketing and spreading the word about the ERTHA project, exponential growth acceleration
  • September 2022 – Mobile Game version development (AR / VR version)


Linas Kiguolis – CEO and main architect of the ERTHA project with a strong background in IT, security and business. He is an entrepreneur and investor who owns several companies

Ernestas Jankauskas – Operations Director of the “ERTHA” project, managing partner with ten years of experience in the development of IT projects

Aidas Berukstis – Technical Director, Chief Developer and Breakthrough “GitHub” enthusiast

Mantas Vaskela – CMO, Head of Marketing and Communications with experience ranging from government projects to IT and “pro bono” initiatives

Greta Skernauskyte – Chief Designer of the “ERTHA” project with a strong sense of visual composition

Aurimas Alisauskas – Chief Developer

Ugnius Vaidila – Developer focusing on blockchain and crypto technologies

Tadas Valutis – Senior Developer

Vytautas Chamutovskij – Developer specializing in blockchain technologies

Monika Intaite – Front-end Developer and Assistant Chief Designer

Deividas Varnagis – Chief Developer

Basic game principles

It is the year 2066. Since journalism and the media are owned by corporations, all the information about catastrophes and disasters happening all over the planet is carefully managed and provided to the masses to consume according to the needs of corporations. Some of the real news appears from time to time through the effort of different groups of activists. Truth is leaked via dangerous endeavours of computer hackers. For unveiling atrocious lies that corporations are feeding the consumers, they are treated with utter disrespect, portrayed as the enemies of humankind and brought down using corrupt law enforcement institutions who allegedly have an obligation to protect the citizens, but in reality became part of an enormous human control machine that no one has seen to this day. Planet “Earth” is becoming extremely overpopulated and those finite resources our fragile universe marble has in store for us are becoming more and more scarce. This is what led to today’s war, which has lasted indefinitely.

There are three main roles in the game: businessman, scientist and warrior. Each role affects the world economy and contributes to the development of their nation. Players can change roles at any time.

A nation´s prosperity or poverty is based on the activities of its citizens. The game is balanced so that every type of player’s activity makes a difference.

Scientists raise the technological level of different industries in the region and provide businessmen access to products of higher value.

Businessmen produce gear, food and medical supplies that improves the efficiency of the actions taken by the rest of the population.

Warriors are the guarantee of safety for the state and its citizens.

Wise political coordination and the collective efforts of a country’s citizens will raise the power of their nation to the highest levels. The others will either have to partner up or attempt to conquer it.

Game Mechanisms


The energy mechanic is one of the main mechanics which impacts every decision the player makes in the game. The main idea behind the energy mechanic is to limit the number of actions a player can do in the game per day. This way players who can spend less time in the game would not be in a worse position than players who can spend endless hours playing.

Energy is consumed by various in-game actions, be it travelling, studying, training, hunting, managing companies, doing crimes, etc. In addition, half of the energy can be lost due to hunger.

Once energy is lost, it can be restored in one of the following three ways:

  • Resting – every hour one energy point is restored.
  • Eating – consuming products that decrease hunger. However, overeating will reduce energy as well.
  • Using energy potions.

Source: whitepaper.ertha.io/ertha-whitepaper/

Industry mechanics

There are five main industries in the game:

  • Resources,
  • Armors,
  • Weapons,
  • Food,
  • Materials.

Every industry has technological levels which define what products can be produced in companies belonging to an industry.

Each industry is essential for a country’s prosperity, however there is no way a country could develop all five industries to the maximum technological level. Every country will have to choose in which industries its citizens should specialize in to produce the most valuable products.

Source: whitepaper.ertha.io/ertha-whitepaper/

Game roles


The Businessman role is for those who are planning to become the leaders of manufacturing and who will supply other players with needed gear, food, medical supplies, etc. Businessmen will have to establish companies for gathering resources, creating materials and producing goods.


The Scientist role is for those who want to dominate the market with their services. Players striving to become the most educated people on the globe will have to study and improve their real-life know-how and be the most efficient labor force in the market, since the turnover of factories is highly dependent on the skills of employees.

Professional scientists with the highest skills will be recruited by markets finest producers and generously rewarded for their skill. Assaults, fights, wars will not be won without their hacking skills, which is needed in almost all types of conflicts.


Warriors will start building the names for themselves from military trainings against A.I. powered bots. Having a good reputation is a guarantee of endless flow of job offers and good pay. Some players will take on safeguarding the population and their assets while the other combatants will certainly focus on offensive activities – assaulting players, attacking factories and warehouses.

This group is going to be the main driving force of the expansion of the country they are fighting for, and also its security guarantee.

Advantages of Land Ownership

Advantages of Land Ownership

  1. Ertha was created to inspire economic and social growth, to raise the level and participation in the NFT market
  2. The metaverse political influence and ERTHA governance is managed by DeFi tools in all financial epicenters of the game
  3. Territorial disputes and international conflicts skyrocket the NFT value
  4. Ertha is based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain
  5. Ertha’s map is divided into NFT hexagons – players are free to choose where to live, study, work and obtain Ertha tokens
  6. NFT prices are rising, Ertha’s digital metaverse is booming
  7. Ertha Land is an extremely valuable NFT – dozens of companies and players pay taxes in Ertha Tokens
  8. The Ertha metaverse is the first DeFi game ever


Every product in the game is a Blueprint. Players can either produce them or find them. Certain skills, factory ownership and sufficient natural resources are needed in order to produce them.

Player requirements

PC game – VR and AR to come later

It is necessary to own land worth USD 100 – 5,000

Land for sale here

Payment via Metamask or Trust Wallet

  • more time consuming


ERTHA token: total stock of 2,000,000,000

Private sales: 18.5% – 370,000,000

Public sales: 2.5% – 50,000,000

Listing: 3% – 60,000,000

Play to Earn + Staking: 31% – 620,000,000

Ecosystem: 27% – 540,000,000

Team + Advisors: 10% – 200,000,000

Liquidity: 4% – 80,000,000

Marketing + Guilds: 4% – 80,000,000

Can be purchased at: Huobi, DODO BSC, ZT, Pancakeswap

Price on Huobi as of March 14, 2022: USD 0.0857


The ERTHA token is the core utility token that is used to facilitate a sustainable DAO design for the game’s metaverse ecosystem as a whole.

There will be 2,000,000,000 ERTHA tokens minted on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with no further issuance after that.

The ERTHA token has many different uses which makes it unique in the market. We believe in creating an ecosystem where players can be rewarded for their actions on the platform. This in turn will create a healthy, sustainable and engaged in-game economy.

It is also possible to stake, currently on Huobi via this link – 14 days of fixation, max 4000 tokens (307 tokens earned after 14 days)

Token Utilization

  • Users can choose whether to hold and stake ERTHA tokens
  • In-game governance via voting
  • Project bounties and future development.
  • A medium for buying/selling Ertha NFTs
  • As a means to reward streamers and most active players
  • As a means to initially acquire a strictly in-game form of currency in the future
  • Top-level in-game uses, e.g., purchasing land or real estate, player character (PC) upgrades

Analyst opinion

“This project is inspired by the well-known Heroes of Might And Magic series of strategy games, which is an immediate sign of possible great potential. Taking into account the experienced ERTHA team and the well-crafted first trailers, there is no doubt we should keep this project on our radar.

Personally, I am very attracted to the opportunity to create my own virtual world, which, however, contains all the elements of the real one – both positive and negative. The opportunity to experience the post-apocalyptic world almost in real life is another great lure.

Since this will not only be a game experience but there will also be real money in circulation in the form of cryptocurrencies, playing this game could have a positive impact on a players’ financial literacy. I believe that every experienced businessman would have appreciated the opportunity to learn everything about business, taxes or even law in the virtual world before their first investment.”

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