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Published: 30 May 2022

A multiplayer building farm game with survival elements that will draw you into an engaging fantasy metaverse.

Official trailer

Basic information

Farm Me is a multiplayer building game running on the Near blockchain platform. The survival elements of this farm game will draw you into its engaging fantasy metaverse.

Platformy – Android, iOS a PC

Free-2-Play – Free-2-Earn is a new definition and was designed especially by the Farm Me marketplace mechanics. Players look for the opportunity to play the game by renting another player’s NFTs and investing their time and effort into benefit-sharing under a smart contract.

Play-2-Save: there is a DAR category, represented by the Farm Me Community Fund (FMCF). It aims to support CSR projects, for example in environmental and cultural values, through gaming activities and events.     

Game modes: battles (PvE, PvP), events (daily, weekly, monthly), mini games (fruit slicing, races, fishing competitions)

Road Map

Source: www.farmme.io/

About the game

First you choose one of the characters: farmer, agent, police officer, soldier, special unit, superhero. Then you start farming, creating products or breeding animals, receiving rewards for the completion of your daily tasks. A player can own the following in-game NFTs: hero, land, pet, and weapons.

What do the players need to join the world of Farm Me?

  • Each player has to buy at least one hero and one piece of land in the marketplace in order to start basic operations related to building a farm. Each hero will have 0 to 2 passive skills. The players will also receive a basic chest that contains agricultural tools: a wooden pickaxe, a wooden axe, a wooden watering can, a wooden sickle, and a pack of 10 potato seeds to start farming.
  • As they progress, players can gain more land. During this upgrade, the players will also be able to gain more heroes, even rare ones, to save costs for additional activities.
  • The maximum number of blocks that Farm Me allows players to open is 8,000. The metaverse world of Farm Me will continue to expand as the game and players’ needs develop.

  • The Farm Me map contains farming areas, a city, a forest, a mine and a beach, corresponding to the diverse and interesting activities that players can explore.


There are many ways to play and earn money:

  1. As an investor / NFT owner:

Invest in NFTs and offer them for rent to other players for $FAME. The benefits can be shared accordingly. You can also sell NFT or $FAME in a peer-to-peer marketplace (Hire & Work).

  1. As a player:
  • Complete all your daily tasks to earn $ME tokens, and collect shards to create new NFTs.
  • Participate in in-game events and tournaments (daily / weekly / monthly events) and receive rewards.
  • Win a battle round (solo / team) to receive direct rewards in the form of $FAME tokens and rare items such as: Hero Shard, Pet Shard, and Weapon Shard.
  • Get a lucky ticket by participating in a lottery / daily rewards fund.
  1. As a KOL / Influencer

Join events and stream games to attract new players, support the project, and receive rewards from the Farm Me community.


  • Token (FAME): This token is a fundamental factor in the gaming platform and the game currency used for transactions.

        Currently available only on DODO.

  • Token (ME): Secondary token used in the game ecosystem.

Source: docs.farmme.io/token-metrics/token-supply


Partneri hry Farm me

Source: www.farmme.io/


Farm me development team

Source: www.farmme.io/

Analyst opinion

“The project is managed by a very strong team with many years’ experience across various industries. According to the teasers, the game looks very interesting and nicely graphically developed. I really like the design of the characters and am tempted to play the game just because of the cute monsters shown in the teasers.

I see the multiple earning opportunities as a plus, whether this means renting an NFT or playing the game itself. You can also become an influencer and stream games.

There are also downsides. The tokenomics has not progressed in a few months, and the FAME token is still only offered on PancakeSwap at a very low price. I see investments in this project as quite risky, but do not deny the future earning possibilities.”

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