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Forgotten Chain

Published: 5 June 2022

Fighting, defending and improving the kingdom. That is how players will become rulers of the whole continent.

Official Trailer

Basic information

This is a simple, attractive and decentralized Free-2-Play and Play-2-Earn MMORPG game. It is the first title allowing players to interact with their digital assets.

Forgotten Chain was created to popularize the blockchain and demonstrate its use through a beautiful, interactive and engaging experience, because most blockchain titles disappointed players due to the absence of real gameplay and game progress. Gamers will initially be able to enjoy this title on a PC running the Windows operating system; however, versions for other platforms are also planned. The game runs on Binance Smart Chain.

The story is set in a mysterious fantasy universe. The project offers an immersive gaming environment in which three different kingdoms are introduced – Taria, Xaetha and Drakary. Players will be able to choose one of four character classes, each with countless abilities and spells.

Road Map

Currently, only the lite game version is launched, which is available on web browsers. Although we should be in the last phase of the Road Map, no actual Road Map is available on the official website. Therefore, it is not entirely known what has already happened and what is still in preparation.

You will not find anything on the official project website, but below we present what the original Road Map looked like.

About the game

The game allows you to create your own character, choose a kingdom, and enter a mysterious world equipped with weapons, a horse and your faithful pet. Players can prove their worth either in an action combat system by defeating monsters, bosses and other players, or by exploring the world as peaceful collectors of items and rare objects. By collecting, they can build a reputation as a skilled breeder, miner, fisherman or craftsman.

Many adventures and battles await the players, through which they will form the whole history of the game. Gradually, they may become rulers of territories, cities, or even entire kingdoms. Via their activities, players can bring fame to the entire continent.

Four character classes are available:





Items and available locations:

In the game, you will find a large number of equipment, including:

– weapons, armor, helmets, bracelets, earrings, boots, talismans, necklaces, shields, belts and other accessories (costumes, hairstyles, wings, etc.).

In addition to equipment, you will be able to buy horses and pets as well as gems, pickaxes, fishing rods and much more.

The kingdoms have similar territories, guilds, villages, towns and dungeons. However, each of them has unique ores that players can mine. The kingdoms will be forced to trade together, as a combination of ores from all empires will be needed to improve the individual guilds.

Future players should be warned that once you choose a kingdom, you cannot revert your choice. Therefore, choose carefully. The interesting thing about the game is that if you kill a player from an enemy kingdom, you have a 5% chance of an NFT drop from that enemy.

Available ores:

Drakary kingdom

Motto: Orchards are blooming and the chirping of birds can be heard. Kingdom of Drakary, land of milk and honey.

Taria kingdom

Motto: Hammer blows resound throughout the fiery kingdom of Taria. The country is shrouded in dense smog from large smithies.

Xaetha kingdom

As the light of the golden sun penetrates the darkness at dawn, the lion’s roar echoes through the halls of Xaethy.

The gaming continent will have the following form:

Player requirements

Forgotten Chain aspires to be an AAA game. Therefore, significant demands on time played is to be expected, perhaps 8 or more hours a day.

No specific information is available yet on how players can obtain their NFT characters. Players are likely to pay fees when minting. It is also possible to buy characters later from other players for an agreed price.

Minimum technical requirements:

  • RAM: 4 GB RAM
  • Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-3340
  • Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 710
  • Free space: 15 GB
  • OS: Windows 7, 10 or 11


Players will be able to earn NFTs through rewards for killing monsters and game events. The introduced NFTs are not like the conventional “trading cards” that are so popular today. Instead, they are useful and functional NFTs with the option to be turned into unique game objects. In addition to the above method, NFTs can be purchased and sold directly in the game through auction houses or marketplaces, or through third-party exchanges.

Forgotten Coins (see the Tokenomics section) can be earned by performing various activities or quests. Conversely, you can spend them on items or land. Land is very important because players will be rewarded with tokens for owning it. It is not yet known how big the reward will be or how often it will take place. However, even this can be considered a passive income.

More adventurous players will be able to multiply their wealth by gambling, such as playing dice or rock paper scissors. However, there will be a high associated risk.

In the game, you will be able to earn passive income by investing in a variety of gaming businesses. By purchasing a pub, a general store or other businesses, players will be allowed to stake the game currency.

In addition to the above, it can be assumed that other ways of earning money will be offered, for example by performing quests, trading, owning land, villages or towns, mining or fishing.

Before the official game release, users can gain an edge over others by engaging on the game’s official Discord server. There you can get a special EmberCoin. EmberCoin earned on Discord will not be transferred to the game. Some items that you can buy for it, however, will have a game benefit and value.


The game will primarily use the Forgotten Coin (FTC). This can also be used outside the game world. One of its primary functions is buying and selling NFTs. The token is connected and synchronized with the Binance Smart Chain which enables fast, cheap and easy transfers from one wallet to another.

The token will also serve as the native game currency. You can use it to buy items, repair damaged items or buy horses, pets and other things.

The token will be sold at two different prices during the initial coin offering (ICO), in the following order:

  1. Private sale -> Price USD 0.01.
  2. Public -> Price USD 0.03.

Access to the private sale will be made possible by acquiring EmberCoin on Discord.

Staking based on activity

The project actively uses an activity-based staking model. It prevents “whales” from abusing the system by investing huge amounts of capital and consequently sucking up rewards. Therefore, only devoted players who play the game for a long time can receive the highest rewards, and the opportunity to receive rewards will be gained by gradually completing quests.

The plan is to encourage players to buy the FTC and fulfill their maximum stake every day. This exerts more buying pressure on the token and at the same time reduces sales pressure thanks to staking.

The goal is also to generate fees from daily quests so that it is profitable for land-owners and entrepreneurs. This should convince players to start staking tokens.  

Staking model example:

Day 1 – deposit up to FTC 100.

Day 2 – deposit up to FTC 110.

Day 3 – deposit up to FTC 121.

Daily quests example:

1) Kill a mini / dungeon boss.

2) Purchase a potion / item from a village / town.

3) Mining / fishing / logging.

(Quests will vary every day.)


The strong Forgotten Chain economy revolves around land. Thanks to the continent’s diversity, players can set out on amazing adventures and win rare treasures and tokens. The developers pay great attention to this game’s areas in order to create a unique gaming experience.

This is where land ownership in the form of NFTs comes into play. The goal is to strengthen the gaming community by enabling it to rule the entire gaming world, as well as participate in the generated funds. This is achieved by sharing 70 % of the funds earned by the game and by the land-owners in the form of tokens.

Game fund distribution will be as follows:

– 70 % to land-owners.

– 5 % to developers.

– 25 % to rewards pool.

What are the land types?

Level I parcels = battlefield – players can kill monsters, mine ores and set out on expeditions.

Level II parcels = villages – players can carry out up to 3 business activities and thus gain FTC.

Level III parcels = cities – players can perform up to 16 business activities.

On each parcel, there is a chance to find ores that can be mined. If someone kills a monster on your property, you will receive 5% of the FTC rewarded.

The developers have announced that the business activities will include a pet or horse market, teleport, skills or pet training, a library, a casino and much more.

If a player sells their land, the new owner gets all the earnings from it.

Pets system

Pets will accompany players on their adventures. Players can hatch eggs, train, feed, breed and improve their pets. Egg hatching is possible only in cities. The maximum pet level is 80 and it evolves every 20 levels. The pet gains levels for killing monsters and for proper feeding. On the other hand, they may lose experience when a player characters dies.


Horses allow fast travel across the continent. In order to use a horse, a player must have at least level 15 and have learned horse riding skill. The player acquires this skill by reading books in the library and by training. A horse needs to be properly cared for and fed. Otherwise, it will die and the NFT will be burned. It can be fed with hay, carrots or sugar. Horse reproduction will take place only in cities.

Bonuses provided by horses:

Guild system

The game includes a guild system which allows groups of players with similar interests and ideas to establish their own guild. The conditions will be to reach level 30 in any city and pay a tax of FTC 100,000. An ordinary guild can have a maximum of 30 members. However, an upgraded one can have up to 70 members.

Tax distribution:

  • 5 % belong to the land-owner of guild location.
  • 15 % goes to the guild fund.
  • 10 % to the landowners’ fund.
  • 70 % to the rewards fund.

Guild wars and tournaments:

In the Forgotten Chain, a lot of content revolves around guilds, for example:

Deathmatch event

Each player appears at a random location on the map with the task of killing the others. The winner will be the guild that achieves the most points (kills) within 30 minutes.

Guild quest

Every guild gets a task. The one who finishes it first wins the prize.

Capture the flag

The guild who gets all the opponent’s flags wins.

Guild skills:

Via the guild, players can invest in passive skills that give them various bonuses. Each upgrade will have its price in FTC.

Danger zones

Danger zones are “high risk but very high reward” areas where players can mine ores and kill monsters and other players. Killing another player will take away their hard-earned treasures. If another player kills you in this zone, there is a 35% chance that you will drop one of your NFT equipment pieces.

Area rewards:

  • rare ores
  • rare monsters with exclusive loot
  • 100 % XP bonus
  • 100 % FTC bonus
  • high-paying quests
  • black market
  • other rewards

Deadly zones

This is a forbidden area where players risk all their NFTs in exchange for extremely high rewards.


If you are killed by another player in this zone, all NFTs in your inventory will be burned and lost forever (character, equipment and inventory).

For killers – for each player killed in the Deadly zone, you will get a 10% -25% chance to keep 1-3 NFTs from your victim.

Area rewards:

  • legendary ore
  • legendary monsters with exclusive loot
  • 250% XP bonus
  • 250% FTC bonus
  • 125% bonus on getting NFT from combat
  • high-paying quests
  • land rewards
  • legendary NFT
  • exclusive pets
  • black market
  • other rewards

Partners and investors

Project investors cannot be traced. There’s only a single cooperation with the Romanian company 2Space which specializes in delivering goods to space stations using smaller rockets, which was announced on Twitter.


The team behind the project is unknown.

Analyst opinion

“This is a nicely developed game with thoughtful gameplay. Players will definitely not be bored. I also appreciate the division into zones, allowing to obtain better loot at the cost of higher risk. Positive is the large number of opportunities to earn in the game. On the other hand, players can lose really valuable NFTs that they never get back.

In terms of graphics, I don’t like the game at all. Other blockchain games look much better. The project’s background is strange. We know nothing about the team or investors. There is no up-to-date information on the website and some information is even missing (see Road Map). Although the project began to form at the beginning of 2021, the followings on social networks are very small. Personally, I would not play this game and I would not recommend it to others. “

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