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Genesis worlds

Published: 6 November 2022

Genesis Worlds is an RPG gaming metaverse that belongs to a community constantly building and expanding the universe. Players are exposed to endless possibilities and can discover rare NFT items while playing.

Official Trailer

Basic information

Genesis Worlds is a virtual world with NFT plots on planets that has many games built into it. The games are created by a community of players and are limited only by individual imagination. The company behind the project is Game Credits, whose goal is to keep Genesis Worlds live for the next 100 years.

Road Map

Q3 – Q4 2021

  • Smart contracts & core tech
  • Genesis Hub
  • Genesis community kickoff
  • Gallery World 3d experience
  • Mining Claim sale

Q1 – Q2 2022

  • Gameplay exploration & prototyping
  • Game dev tools pre-production
  • Creator recruitment
  • First governance votes
  • Build content – history, lore, 3d models, and much, much more
  • Genesis Foundation in place
  • Core Dev Team recruited
  • Significant advances in game dev tooling
  • Game production begins
  • Playable world experiences are released
  • Genesis Land sales begin
  • Multi-world quests released
  • Genesis launches on mobile & desktop

About the game

Genesis Worlds does not include a standalone game mode and it is up to the community of players to create their own game experiences.

There are hundreds of worlds in Genesis Worlds, each with a different theme and gameplay experience. Whether it’s a dragon fight or a music concert, everything in Genesis Worlds is created by the community itself. This gives players the opportunity to travel around the gaming worlds to complete quests and face PvE opponents.

Players will be rewarded for these activities in the form of NFT collectibles which can be upgraded, used in-game or sold to other players. They will also have the opportunity to purchase an NFT Mining Claim giving them the right to one plot of land in a certain world and a share in that world´s management. The more Mining Claims the player has, the more influence they have in the world’s decisions.

Player requirements

The Genesis Worlds team anticipates and hopes that the game will be Free-2-Play. However, the final decision will depend on the $GENESIS governance token holders. The game will be available on PC and mobile devices. Graphical requirements have not been disclosed due to the suspension of development.


$GENESIS is a governance token on the Polygon network. It allows holders to decide on the direction of Genesis Worlds and make in-game transactions. The total supply of $GENESIS is 1,000,000,000 units.

$GENESIS can be farmed by $GAME staking. In addition, $GENESIS will be mined via Mining Claims. The more Mining Claims a player holds, the more $GENESIS he or she can earn.

And finally, it will be possible to gain extra $GENESIS through staking $GENESIS in the governance portal.

$GAME is a token for purchasing Mining Claims and farming $GENESIS.


Players can earn rewards by:

  • Completing quests.
  • Selling Mining Claims.
  • $GENESIS mining.
  • $GAME staking and $GENESIS farming.
  • Staking $GENESIS on the governance portal.



Jason – Chief Executive Officer

Paul Barclay – Technical Director

Steve Wand – Operations Director

Jen Dalby – Operations Director

Matt Quirk – Innovation Director

Chris Lovell – Public Relations Director

Patty Arro -– Community Manager

Marcel Victoria – Community Manager

Remy Peretti – Asia Pacific Partner Liaison

Brian Ariaco – Engineering Director

Daniel – Lead blockchain developer

David – Developer

ChienHui – Developer

Tony – Developer

Eric – Developer


Analyst opinion

“The project looks great and I would really like to try some games out. I also like the transparency of the Genesis Worlds team, as they have always answered every question from the community. Unfortunately, the development of the project has been put on hold, so the question remains whether we will see the game released at all.”

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