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League of Kingdoms

Published: 1 June 2022

League of Kingdoms is the world's first player-controlled MMO strategy game in which you can become the owner of the territory where battles between alliances take place.

Official Trailer

Basic information

This is the world’s first ever blockchain MMORTS game based on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • In the game, you can own land and build a unique kingdom.
  • The developers themselves describe the game as Free-2-Play and Play-2-Earn, but according to reviews, the game is more of a Pay-2-Win.
  • The game is available for PC, iOS and Android. The publisher is NPLUS ENTERTAINMENT.
Logo hry league of Kingdoms

Road Map

First half of 2022 – Start of public sale of the $LOKA token.

First half of 2022 – Launch of the Drago game mode.

First half of 2022 – Listing of the $DST token.

First half of 2022 – NFT marketplace in game.

First half of 2022 – Staking option.

Second half of 2022 – Adding more game modes.

2023 – Improvements to the game infrastructure.

2024 – Decentralization of the game.

About the game

In the game, you build your own kingdom on which you can mine the following 5 basic commodities: stones, corn, wood, gold and crystals. You need the first four to build walls, farms, houses for lumberjacks, quarries, gold mines and more. You can mine them, earn them for completing missions, or buy them on the OpenSea’s public marketplace.

The game is aiming to build its own marketplace, which we could see as early as this year. All commodities can then be turned into NFTs and sold on the marketplace.

At the moment, commodities can already be traded on OpenSea. The fifth commodity, crystals, are used to accelerate construction, similarly to how they are used in Clash Of Clans. You can buy them, get them for completed quests or mine them, just like the other commodities.                   

There’s plenty to do in the game: grow and hunt, fight enemy raids or organize your own, build up your kingdoms and form alliances similar to how clans‘ function in Clash Of Clans and Clash Royale.

Later on, you’ll be able to fight dragons, which are not yet in the game but will be added. You can look forward to five types of dragons: Fire, Terra, Aqua, Dark and Light. Each will have different abilities. You will receive a DST token for winning.           

You can upgrade your kingdom. To do this, you will need the commodities mentioned above. Crystals can also be used for accelerating and upgrading. Buildings must be upgraded gradually and together with other buildings. This is similar to Clash of Clans, where you can’t have one building at level 10 and another at level 1. You get rewards for playing the game, including a building accelerator that can be used once for any building process. You can also buy what is known as a VIP POINT, which means you will receive more rewards and accelerators. However, this VIP service will be paid with classic fiat currencies via credit card.

Obrázek ze hry League of Kingdoms

Player requirements

The game is free to play and you can make the game easier or better by investing. You can invest in land or commodities. If you own land and play the game regularly, you can get a so-called “advanced teleport” that allows you to move your kingdom to another location. This feature will appeal to those whose kingdom is growing. People who own land get 10% of the fees on OpenSea. Later, it will be possible to invest in dragons as well. For now, all transactions are in the ETH currency on OpenSea, so you will need to get a MetaMask wallet.

You should also expect a fee (in the form of ETH) if you decide to sell a commodity.

The game is not very PC or phone intensive. You will only need a stable internet connection.


League of Kingdoms has introduced its cryptocurrency LOKA, a governance token that is not used for in-game transactions. The currency is based on the Ethereum blockchain. The token is available on major exchanges such as Binance. The possibility of staking will come in the first half of 2022 and right now we don’t have any more information regarding staking.

Another token is DST, which will be used in the Dragon Soul game mode and will be given for in-game activities.

Tokenomika projektu League of Kingdoms

Partners and investors

Loga partnerů hry League of Kingdoms



Chan Lee – CEO

Steve Hwang – CTO

Han Yoo – COO


Sean Moon – Chief Server Engineer

Edgar Kim – Chief Game Designer

Felix Lee – Chief Blockchain Engineer

Hoon Lee – Art Director 

Astor Hong – 3D Graphic/FX Lead

Patric Hong – Principal Client Engineer

Logan Jang – Head of VR/AR Engineer team

Jay Nam – Head of Community

Paul Shin – Community Lead(Asia)

PhillipJSPy – Community Lead

Analyst opinion

“In terms of development and design, the game is quite attractive. I like the commodity sale system, which is an interesting element that NFT games bring us.

For example, in Clash Of Clans, which I compare League Of Kingdoms to, you can buy gold and elixirs too, but you can’t sell them yourself.

For more credibility, the game developers could make photos or Twitter accounts of the team members available.

According to comments on Facebook and reviews on the App Store, the game has been facing a problem where players‘ accounts have been blocked or even deleted for no reason. Unfortunately, this happens mostly after reaching higher levels in the game.

My feelings about this game are mixed. The concept is well thought out, but the problems with account blocks cast a bad shadow on the game. At this stage, I definitely recommend trying the game out, but don’t invest any money in buying commodities and upgrades. If the developers can fix this bug, this game could have a much higher potential.”

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