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Published: 24 May 2022 

In this metaverse, you will be able to meet your friends and celebrities on a map on which you can also buy your own land. Megaverse should also serve as a social network.

Basic information

Megaverse is a multichain metaverse built mainly on Polygon, but also on Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche and Ethereum blockchain. It was created to introduce people to the world of a decentralized metaverse, and will be available on PC and VR. The game format will be free-to-play and play-2-earn, so it will allow you to earn money by playing the game.

Road Map

Full Road Map

  • Development
  • Website launch
  • Token listing
  • Map launch
  • Marketplace launch
  • System launch
  • Launch for PC
  • Launch for VR

About the game

In this metaverse, you will be able to meet your friends and celebrities on a map on which you can also buy your own land. Megaverse should also serve as a social network, and you will be able to choose your own avatar. It should be possible to transfer and use items you own in Megaverse in other metaverses.

You can buy these items, but you can also create them using the editor that Megaverse will offer. In the city, you will be able to go parties, play sports, chat with people, and travel by public transport. The game will be supported by a DAO, thanks to which MEGA token HODLers will decide the course of the game.

Source: https://megaverse.gitbook.io/megaverse-litepaper-a/introduction

Player requirements

Playing the Megaverse game itself will not be limited in terms of time. No basic investment is likely to be needed. All transactions will be conducted using the MEGA game token, and you will be able to invest in land and other items in the game.

Source: https://megaverse.gitbook.io/megaverse-litepaper-a/the-megaverse-map


Megaverse will feature its own MEGA token. We don’t know anything about this token except for its tokenomics, and the developers do not even mention the blockchain or staking options. Yet it will be used for all in-game transactions. Megaverse also wants to build its own decentralized MegaFi exchange, on which they will allow people to develop metaverse and gaming crypto-projects. You will be able to earn the MEGA token in the game by playing minigames or selling items.

Source: https://megaverse.gitbook.io/megaverse-litepaper-a/mega-dao-governance-token


The team consists of 16 members – only their full names are published. No real photos or social network profiles are available.

Analyst opinion

“We know almost nothing about the game and the project is really in its infancy. There is almost nothing in the litepaper. The token has so far only had a presale phase at USD 0.01.

There are more doubts than positives about Megaverse. Let’s start with the fact that the links to Reddit and Discord on the official website do not work. There is not a single piece of information about their project on CoinMarketCap. The whole project is extremely new, with the first Twitter post appearing on 13 January 2022. There is no trailer available anywhere, only a video running behind the text on the website. They have few followers and posts on social networks. So far, this project does not look good at all.”

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