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Published: 7 September 2022

Metaverse as a shopping mall in virtual reality.

Basic information

Metamall is the first metaverse of its kind to provide a virtual reality (VR) experience on the blockchain, allowing users to build, explore and trade with others in their own virtual shopping mall.

Before the emergence of the Internet made everything available at home on a screen, the mall was a place where you could go to the movies, meet friends, or find love. You could find everything there, from consumption to entertainment. The mall was Amazon, it was Facebook, it was also Tinder and Spotify… it was also Netflix.

Aside from shopping, it was often a gathering place for people in the community.

Metamall is a virtual version of an all-encompassing shopping zone in the metaverse. A cleverly designed and fully immersive experience with shopping and social interaction, using VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), and blockchain technology as its foundation.

It supports online socializing and trading, embedded in an intense entertainment experience. Rather than shopping through specific web retailers, imagine meeting friends in a Minecraft-like world where you can hang out and shop at virtual stores.

Metamall will offer a unique virtual-reality experience with a variety of themes, architecture, and interactive VR components. Token holders will then be called Metamallers.

The metaverse will serve as the primary hub for crypto enthusiasts of all levels. Users will also have access to cryptocurrency self-education and immersive entertainment, all in one place.

This is a Play-2-Earn and Free-2-Play metaverse, based on the Solana network framework.

Road Map

Q1 2022

Token listing on DEX and a private exchange.

First NFT real estate sale.

NFT marketplace launch.

Public sale.

Q2 2022

Staking launch.

Second NFT real estate sale.

Private VR experience launch.

VR gaming part of the metaverse available.

Open VR development SDK (development toolkit) release for developers.

Q3 2022

Further expansion of engagement, trading, shopping, and staking options.

Launch of brand stores and experience centers.

Open VR development tools for owners.

About the game


Earning by trading, renting, playing or staking assets

Metamallers (token users/holders) can engage in a very exciting retail and gaming experience. Each activity will be an opportunity to build further wealth through earning MALL tokens.

The real estate sales in Metamall are done in phases post-IDO, and multiple income sources will be opened up.

Owning, building, and delivering experiences

In Metamall, users will be able to create their own stores, games, or arenas, and give others new experiences. Metamall will also constantly evolve together with users’ imagination and creativity, further enriching the user experience and providing more opportunities to engage and earn on the platform.

Shopping, playing, and winning

Metamallers can get their own high street, and build lounges and gaming zones. Users can organize, host, and win contests on Metamall, as well as shop, meet, and engage with friends.

How to earn in the metaverse

A user can purchase one of the lots and earn by operating it. However, there are other ways to make money.

Passive earning

Shopping mall real estate owners are automatically rewarded with tokens obtained through visitor fees.

Earning through avatars

Visitors can earn by developing their avatars with exclusive skins and abilities. These avatars can be sold as NFT on the open platform or rented to visitors who want to visit the Metamall metaverse for a limited time.

Earning by staking

Metamall has allocated 30% of the token supply to reward staking. MALL token holders can earn by staking their tokens and gaining a consistent APY (annual percentage yield).



Every Metamall user will need a character or avatar that is a unique NFT. Unique NFT characters will facilitate the interaction experience and identity-building for the individual in the metaverse.

Metamall Access – NFT characters are used as access points to the Metamall metaverse to provide a completely immersive and engaging experience for all users.

Character Customization – NFT characters will be customizable, and can be created and traded within the platform. This will allow characters to have unique looks and identities based on their owners’ choices. Certain abilities or features (e.g., jet-packs or celebrity-inspired skins) can also be added to characters.

Developer Help – While Metamall provides nearly endless ways to customize characters, the platform will also be open to VR developers, who will be able to add and trade their own creative items.


A total of 5,714 lots will be available for sale in Metamall, of which 2,743 are already in the pre-sale process. A little less than 3,000 lots will be traded in the public sale.

Various buildings can be built on lots, depending on the lot type and size. The larger the lot, the more expensive it will be to buy.

There are 5 types of lots (spaces) available.

Cube                                                                                                            Cabin

Standard fashion or retail stores, offices,                                           Large retail outlets with a single store, office                       or gaming zones.                                                                                      or brand, or experience center.

Price: approx. 310 USD                                                                         Price: approx. 867 USD

Club                                                                                                                    Chalet

Large gaming zones, multi-brand retail stores,                                   Exhibition areas, movie theaters, event and
social networking zones.                                                                            competition zones, large multi-brand retail zones.

Price: approx. 2488 USD                                                                             Price: approx. 6220 USD


Multi-purpose office complex, centers for large events, experience centers for countries or cities, embassy complexes.

Price: approx. 37354 USD


Token name: MALL

Token type: Solana Framework

Total stock: 10,000,000,000 (10 billion)

IDO price: USD 0.005 (not yet sure where the sale will take place)

Token distribution has already taken place. Importantly, 30% of the capital, or MALL 3 billion, is reserved for staking rewards.

The token can be used to:

To Build assets: Users will be able to use their tokens to buy or rent land and other NFTs .

To Engage: Users can pay fees to enter events, and participate in games.

To Build Bands: Users will be able to advertise their products or performances.

Build wealth: Owners can earn by selling land or NFTs, leasing their assets, charging fees for events they host etc

To earn fixed income: They can also stake their tokens & earn a fixed income

Shop: Brands will conduct trade on the platform and users will be able to shop with tokens 

Trade-in Crypto and Fiat currencies: Tokens will be listed on exchanges for holders to trade in other currencies.



Serge Gianchandani
– Metamall co-founder.
– 12 patents for 3D and VR imagery.
– Founded Egg Solution Optronics. In 2001, the company became a leader in immersive technologies. Originally based in France, it was later acquired by an American technology group.
– Co-founder of Moksha, which he took from zero to USD 20 million with over 300 clients worldwide (Amazon, K-mart, Flipkart, etc.).
– Sold his first company to Wave Com (Anant Nahata), the owner of KOOVS.

Sahan Ray
– As a management consultant at BCG, he helped expand the business of telecom and media companies in India, the USA, Africa and Europe.
– Has led the planning and execution of major projects at Benetton India.
– Achieved gross merchandise value of more than USD 200 million as AVP of Revenue at Jabong.
– At Udaan.com, he leads a top sales team that has achieved 40X growth in 23 months with annual turnover of USD 2 billion.

– Head of Launchpads at TrustSwap. He has good relationships with influencers like Satoshi Stacker, AltcoinDaily, Buzz, CryptoEllis, CryptoFomo, and several others.

Edouard Faure Cooper
– Works with leading crypto projects such as Sidus, Netvrk, Archetic, Portal, Plutonian, and many more.

Maria (Masha) Prusakova
– Masha Prusso is Head of Public Relations at Polygon. Masha is also a partner at Story VC, which invests in blockchain startups and helps boost their growth with PR.
– Co-founded Defy Trends, a data analytics platform for crypto traders, and advises projects like Heroes, Coinspaid, and Gamerse.

Analyst opinion

“In my opinion, this is quite a decent achievement in the metaverse environment. It allows players to own land and earn money by running it. The project is only in its second phase, so the information available will surely grow over time. The plus side is definitely that even players who don’t own any land can make money in Metamall.

The team behind the project is very experienced and also has plenty of backers, so I wouldn’t be afraid to buy a few tokens. With the metaverse, you never know which will catch on, and this could be one of them.”

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