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Published: 16 September 2022

Artificial intelligence development accessible to anyone, with the possibility to be involved in the future of technology.

Basic information

Multiverse is a metaverse with a token system and blockchain, allowing for full decentralization, trading, and recreation.

It is an ecosystem with the aim of incorporating ideas from people all over the world into startups and projects.

Over 50 funds and dozens of new startups are currently involved in Multiverse.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will soon become the most important technology in society. This ecosystem is currently monopolized by a few tech giants and elite institutions.

Technological and inequality gaps are widening rapidly. It’s time for change.

With Multiverse, anyone can be a shareholder, investor, contributor, and creator at the same time, even without programming skills or capital.

About the game


Like every company, every planet has its own products, planetary tokens, decentralized exchange, tokenomics, and governance model.

These rules, coded into smart contracts, are initially intended for planet founders. The game blockchain and ecosystem ensure that the economy, rules, and worker rights on each planet are completely transparent to participants.

Player requirements

No specific requirements have been determined yet, apart from registering on the official Multiverse website. Users also need to set up MetaMask wallets to transfer AI tokens to Multiverse.



Name: Multiverse (AI)

Token type: ERC20

Total supply: 25,000,000,000

Original price: USD 0.033

The token is available on the following exchanges: KuCoin, BitFinex


Each planet’s decentralized exchange (DEX) allows users to stake Multiverse tokens for the corresponding number of planetary tokens (each planet should have its own token). Whenever you stake on a planet, its DEX is automatically updated. The more stakers your chosen planet has, the higher the planet token value. You can quit at any time and get part of your Multiverse tokens back, determined by the current DEX exchange rate.



Heathcliff Szu

– Co-founder

– Former head of mobile engineering at a startup acquired by Google

– Entrepreneur, traveler, and futurist

Troy Jang

– Business strategist

– Former Huobi strategist, more than 3 years in the crypto industry

Eric Kwok

– Chief economist

– Financial advisor and former UBS economist

D.M. Tong

– Technical director

– Former principal engineer at Google and a member of the team that created Gmail

Brandon Seok

– Strategic partnerships

– Worked at Expedia, Samsung, and SK telecom

Analyst opinion

“This is a very interesting project for me. The idea of connecting investors and the smartest minds from the general public is very innovative. Unfortunately, there is no whitepaper available, and the information that can be found is very general.

The path forward is not at all clear, and neither is exactly what the individual planets will be used for, apart from staking.

Also, no major update about project status has been released for a long time.”

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