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Published: 17 June 2022

Create your dream world in the NetVRk virtual reality and monetize your skills.

Netvrk Origins: Demo

Basic information

Netvrk is a multi-chain metaverse built on the Unreal Engine. It will integrate and support multiple blockchains including Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Solana, Cardano, Polkadot, BSC, XRPL, Flare, Elrond, Phantasma, Hedera and others.

Users will be rewarded with the NTVRK token for all their activities and involvement in the platform. They will be able to spend it on products or services or monetize it through a repurchase model.

It is a virtual reality requiring special equipment such as headsets, a gaming computer, a microphone, headphones and other gadgets for the virtual world.

Road Map

2019 Q3-Q4

  • Partnership with the HTC company.
  • Completion of a detailed prototype of the Netvrk content creation system.


  • Platform development.
  • Business expansion.
  • Fundraising.


  • Early access launch.
  • Business development and expansion.
  • Initial token offering.
  • 30 July, 2021 – launch of 1st phase of virtual land sale.
  • 14 August, 2021 – launch of 2nd phase of virtual land sale.


  • Q2 – Mining game alpha version (Mine Runner).
  • Q2 – Netvrk NFT Marketplace launch.
  • Q3 – Netvrk Game Launcher.
  • Q3 – DAO establishment.
  • Q3-Q4 – Release of Netvrk Creation Engine.
  • Q4 – Official launch of the Netvrk Metaverse, online version.

About the game

It’s not truly about a game, but about creating the entire metaverse. The goal is to create a unique and visually appealing world, ready to be explored, settled in and even transformed to suit all user needs. Netvrk users will be able to utilize their worlds for personal and professional purposes while enjoying a blockchain-based ecosystem, providing them with the tools to monetize their VR environment in a secure economy.

You can create your own games here. When you buy the necessary equipment, you can, for example, build your own race track, horror game etc. The project has its own marketplace where you can buy land, avatars and other necessary equipment for spending time in VR. However, all NFTs are currently sold out.

The Netvrk Metaverse is called Genesis Islands and consists of 15,000 NFT parcels, located in a total of five districts. These are: Entertainment, Creativity, Education, Trading and Adult. Owning virtual land in Netvrk allows users to use the metaverse in several ways. Landowners have the following benefits:

  • They receive a share from sales on the Netvrk marketplace and Netvrk NFT license fees.
  • They may participate in the administration through the Netvrk DAO.
  • They can place games or promote their shops and items on their land and monetize them.
  • They may lease or delegate their land to third parties in a secure and trustworthy way.
  • They can place advertisements on their land to monetize user traffic.
Pozemky v Metaverse projektu NetVRK

Source: https://docs.netvrk.co/welcome-to-netvrk/the-metaverse


Token NTVRK– ERC-20

Contract address – 0xFc0d6Cf33e38bcE7CA7D89c0E292274031b7157A

Total supply – 1,000,000,000.


Can be purchased on the Kucoin and MEXC exchanges.

The NTVRK token can be used to purchase assets in the virtual reality world you are currently in. Assets include buildings, vehicles or houses, along with many others that you will find on the Netvrk marketplace. Tokens can be used to purchase land in the best locations, such as views of the beach or directly in the city. The NTVRK token can also be used to generate NFTs that can be utilized or peer-to-peer traded with other players.

Obrázek k tokenům v projektu NetVRK

Source: http://tokenomics.netvrk.co/


All pools are currently full and staking is not possible. The current staking status can be monitored here.

Obrázek stakingu projektu Netvrk

Source: https://www.netvrk.co/#section-netvrk_staking

Partners and investors

Loga partnerů projektu NetVrk

Source: https://www.netvrk.co/#section-partners


Tým projektu NetVrk

Source: https://www.netvrk.co/#section-team

Analyst opinion

“This metaverse definitely belongs among the better, very well managed and developed projects. I’m a little surprised that it has such a small membership base compared to other projects focusing on the metaverse. However, this apparently does not prevent its developers from proceeding with the project and trying to succeed against their bigger competitors. The impossibility of buying land and other equipment, which is currently hopelessly sold out, seems to me to be a disadvantage. It will not be possible to enjoy the full experience of this metaverse world. However, the developers declare that there will still be an opportunity to get involved. They might eventually free up more gaming NFTs. But because of this stumbling block, I currently wouldn’t recommend the project.“

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