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Nifty Island

Published: 13 September 2022

A metaverse made up of unique islands of users.

Basic information

Nifty Island is an open social game platform and virtual world developed by Nyft Studios. It is a Play-2-Earn and Free-2-Play game that strives to fulfil the dream of a truly open, player-owned metaverse.

Each user will be greeted with their own island and a completely free customizable character. It will be up to them what they build on the island. Players can build structures, play and create games, import their NFT collection, buy new 3D NFT on the in-game marketplace, get new items for their island by completing quests, and interact with other players via voice and text chat.

The game is built on the Ethereum and Solana blockchains.

In fact, it is a world that revolves around the $ISLAND token. The token is used for trading goods and services, and should work on the Ethereum network.

Nifty Island is developed using Unity 3D. It also aims to provide VR (virtual reality) support for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Road Map

  • NFT palm trees, pistols, totems, and swords are listed.
  • On 17 February 2022, the Alpha game version was released for palm tree holders only.
  • The official game launch was supposed to take place in early March 2022, but it still hasn’t happened.
  • The plan is to gradually improve the game and connect it with virtual reality.
  • Full Play-2-Earn elements should emerge over time.

About the game

Each island will be 100m² in size and randomly generated. Each user can customize their land to their own liking.

The user can exhibit all their NFT, art, etc. on their island.

The Nifty marketplace will be used to facilitate transactions in the metaverse, where users will also be able to enlarge their island using the $ISLAND token.

The goal is for a separate user-created metaverse to emerge over time. Players will play games created by others, and earn or spend game tokens.


There is a specific quantity of exclusive items associated with Nifty Island. Some of these relics were awarded to Nifty Island community founding members, while others were obtained by players through a series of challenges. Some have since been acquired by other means and passed on to new holders. Regardless of how they were obtained, the holders of these items will forever be treated as Legends of Nifty Island

  • Legendary palm trees

Six levels of legendary palms were awarded to those involved in the creation of Nifty Island. These ancient relics are said to grant the bearer unique powers in the metaverse and outside it. Currently, palm trees cannot be obtained other than by purchasing on OpenSea.
Players can own iron, bronze, silver, gold, neon, and ultra palms. Each palm tree type has its own characteristics and enriches the game.

Sacred exclusive items – weapons and relics

  • Pistols

10,000 legendary pistols were created by a master on a remote island in the metaverse, ten of which he revered as relics. Each pistol is unique and includes a picture, video, and 3D model. These pistols were distributed to some of the Nifty Island community founding members.

Legendary pistols are among the first-ever weapon collections ready for playing with in the metaverse. As the number of games built on Nifty Island grows, pistols will play an important role in many of them. They are both an accessory and a vital tool for players when fighting in the metaverse.

Again, they can no longer be procured other than on OpenSea. However, it should be possible to obtain other, more common pistols in the game.

  • Totems

Totems have been handed down to DAO, protocols, NFT projects, and gaming communities brave enough to help shape this new gaming world at its inception.

  • Blades

    Sacred weapons forged from ultra palms. Each ultra blade comes with a blade ticket that can be burned into a “real” blade usable in the metaverse world.

    They were given to a few chosen palm holders who pledged to defend and fight for Nifty Island.


The game token will be $ISLAND. Apparently, it will be both an in-game currency and a utility token. Players will use it for:

  1. game transactions
  2. buying and selling islands
  3. trading with other NFT


  • Arrington XRP Capital, Hashed, Distributed Global, Alameda Research, The Solana Foundation.


Charles Smith
– co-founder, business analyst

Zack Pantely
– co-founder, technical project manager


– advanced Discord support, admin

JoeEvil, McSwag, Oliver

– general support, moderators

Analyst opinion

“A very interesting project. It is a shared metaverse that should be completely created by its users. The great thing is that everyone who joins the metaverse gets an island and a character completely for free. Users will also be allowed to exhibit their NFT collections on their island, which is very interesting.

There is little official information available so far, so I don’t know exactly how this metaverse will play out, or what users will be able to experience without the need for funds.

Although I mentioned the $ISLAND token in the analysis, everything is still speculation. The token doesn’t even have an official name yet, and it’s quite likely that it won’t end up being called $ISLAND, since a token with that name already exists.

I definitely recommend this metaverse to anyone interested in the industry. It’s the perfect opportunity to get started, as anyone can generate an island for free, and it’s up to them whether they decide to invest in the game later.”

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