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Osiris: The Metaverse

Published: 3 July 2022

Osiris is an ever-changing world that belongs to the community, who built and divided it. While playing, users discover rare items that are NFTs.

Official Trailer

Basic information

Osiris is a 2D virtual world with mini games, a currency and assets. Osiris’ main goal is to allow players to earn money by playing classic fun games. Each activity offers different ways to make a profit. NFT avatars are known as Cosmic Kids and are available on the marketplace. The player earns passively for a certain amount of time by spending energy. The world of Osiris is known as Nexus. It is constantly evolving and focuses on classic, fun and undemanding games. Osiris as a whole is decentralized and partially owned by the community that develops and manages it. The cryptocurrencies Lumina and OSI drive the world forward.

Road Map

15 July 2021

  • Litepaper release.
  • Initial web application launch.

30 July 2021

  • Cosmic Kids “minting” start.

15 August 2021

  • Whitepaper release.

3 September 2021

  • “Scholarship” launch.

Autumn 2021

  • Lumina token security audit.
  • Alpha game version for Cosmic Kids owners.
  • Lumina available at Uniswap.
  • Client’s integration of the OpenSea API for the “Osiris Art Gallery”.
  • Initial partnerships finalization and beta game version release.

Winter 2021

  • Osiris DAO website launch.
  • Beta version for Android and iOS.

January 2022

  • Osiris DAO in operation.

February 2022

  • Preliminary access for PCs and web.

June 2022

  • Game zone editor.

Summer 2022

  • PC and web version launch.
  • DAO system implementation.
  • Osiris: The Metaverse game release.

About the game

Osiris does not include a separate game mode. It is a platform for different ways of playing and gaining experience. The way Osiris is played is entirely up to the user. For example, they can compete with friends, play classic arcade games, try to secure a place in the world rankings or enjoy one of the many social events with others.

Gaming items
Any item that has been discovered, unlocked or acquired in Osiris becomes the player’s property. These items can improve the Cosmic Kid, for example, to develop your energy or increase your earnings in a certain game. Osiris offers several different item types.

To gain LUMINA, the Cosmic Kid has to spend energy. It is consumed by each use of the portal or playing mini-games, at a different rate. Energy is gradually replenished over time. A Cosmic Kid’s total energy and replenishment rate can be increased using items.

Minigames can be played directly in the Nexus environment. These games run in real time and you can watch other participants while playing. Each round, your Cosmic Kid will receive a reward, but will lose a certain amount of energy.

The Nexus (game world) is the main Osiris area, home to portals, minigames and much more. To access the games, the user has to pass through the Cosmic Kid portal, known as the “game-pod”. Nexus is constantly changing and its land can be owned. Nexus has 2,100 parcels that will be gradually sold in waves.

The land is an NFT minted on Ethereum. Land ownership is unique due to daily passive income. The land also provides above-standard voting rights in the Osiris decentralized organization. Land-owners thus receive the highest priority in determining the future direction of Osiris.


Lumina is a cross-chain cryptocurrency (ERC-20, BEP-20, Polygon). It can be converted to USD through various decentralized exchanges. It will be minted every day as a reward for the community, developers, land-owners and Osiris players. Over time, the daily minted amount will decrease, thus ensuring positive long-term growth. Lumina is distributed among minigames and land-owners.

OSI will be the second Osiris currency, introduced after the alpha version release. The OSI supply is fixed, thus no more than 201 million units will ever be released. OSI will be released gradually for 10 years, according to the schedule.
In addition, OSI can be staked for 3, 6 or 12 months. The intention is to support Lumina and OSI liquidity through decentralized exchanges. As a reward, liquidity providers will receive a portion of the released OSI.

Neither LUMINA nor OSI are available yet.

Analyst opinion

“Osiris: The Metaverse is a small big game that focuses on arcade-type games with metaverse and Play-2-Earn elements. The game targets both mobile devices and PCs. The Cosmic Kid you play with can only be obtained at OpenSea, where the price is around ETH 0.039. Regarding the team, I only found the names Archimedes and CosmicLotus and their fictional descriptions.”

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