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Published: 1 Jun 2022

The real-world game simulation is currently progressing to a higher level. VR glasses will help us fully immerse into metaverses. Goods that we examine digitally will then be delivered to us in real life.

Official Trailer

Basic information

Pavia is the first metaverse project built on the Cardano blockchain. It allows you to buy your own land. Pavia has a very large team with 18 members. The publisher is Pavia Corp. The metaverse is not available for download yet, but will be a virtual world project with VR glasses available for download from Core Games. It will probably be available on PC or VR only. The last road map goal achieved was to send the PAVIA token to the land owners.

Road Map

Source: https://www.pavia.io

Goals achieved

  • Website launch and commencement of the sale of more than 29,000 pieces of land
  • Map with land location added
  • Disclosure of land size
  • 2nd Land Sale
  • Disclosure of game partners
  • Distribution of PAVIA tokens

About the game

The world of Pavia contains six biomes: Land, Sand, Sea, Deep sea, Mountain, Forest. You can land in all these areas. If you buy more than nine pieces of land during a so-called Land Sale, you get an Estate. This means you get a group of pieces of land next to each other, and can insert a picture over them. A piece of land measures 16x16x20 meters. When the metaverse is released, you will be able to move around the land with your avatar, which you can already create using this link and use in the more than 700 games that support it.

Source: https://map.pavia.io/#/

Player requirements

At the first Land Sale, one piece of land was only worth of ADA 39, approximately USD 30 as of 10 March 2022. Now pieces of land cost hundreds of ADA. However, only 60,000 of the total 100,000 pieces of land have been released so far. There are over 17,000 owners. If you want to buy land, you will need a wallet that supports the Cardano blockchain, for example the YOROI wallet. You then have to go to a marketplace where Pavia land is for sale, currently CNFT, tokhun, jpgstore. Each piece of land for sale has coordinates assigned to it that can be inserted into the Pavia map on the official website. The map will then show the land location. So far, the currency is ADA (Cardano).

Source: https://map.pavia.io/#/


All land is currently traded via Cardano.

The game has its own Pavia token.

The token price as of 10 March 2022 was ADA 0.06095.

Total supply is 2,000,000,000.

In the future, the token will be used for payments within the metaverse and for land purchases. If you owned any lands in Pavia at the time of the Land Sale, corresponding tokens were allocated to you. Alternatively, you can buy them on the Muesli Swap decentralized exchange, which was also the only exchange where the token can be obtained as of 10 March 2022.


The team consists of 18 members. Each member has an interesting description. Unfortunately, the absence of real photos or links to social networks reduces credibility.

Source: https://www.pavia.io

Analyst opinion

“Pavia is literally in its infancy, and we haven’t learned much about this metaverse yet. As this is the first metaverse built on the Cardano blockchain, it could be worth considering buying land in Pavia. On the other hand, it is also a high risk. We like the cooperation with Ready Player Me, the project trailer, and the fact that when the metaverse comes out, you will be able to move around the world with VR glasses.”

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