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Second Life

Published: 9 July 2022

A game from the beginning of the 21st century which tries to keep up with the times and has launched its own metaverse.

Basic information

Second Life (SL) is a virtual world developed by Linden Lab that has been accessible online since its launch on 23 June 2003. According to the Czech company beVirtual, more than 12 million “inhabitants” were registered there at the beginning of 2008, who spent over a million USD per day in the local economy.

Access to Second Life is age restricted. The main world, called the Main Grid, is intended for the age group of above 18, while the smaller world, the Teen Grid, is intended for the group of 13-18 year olds and has slightly different rules.

After registering and launching the client, the new user will appear on the entry island. It is designed to provide a basic introduction to the environment and is fully separated from the rest of Second Life.

Basic access to Second Life is free after registration on the website. The Second Life Viewer program, which has to be downloaded and installed, allows residents to interact via avatars. For example, users can chat, create and sell things, travel the virtual world or learn.

Second Life has its own currency, the “Linden Dollar”. Sometimes it can be obtained at smaller events. You can earn it, for example, by working as a DJ or dancer. More enterprising users sell their graphical and programming work for Lindens. Lindens can be exchanged for USD.

Second Life evolves over time. In 2009, Linden Lab focused on increasing stability, which significantly reduced the number of outages.

The Second Life community has stabilized, and the game’s boom is long gone. This is also evidenced by the greater commercial focus of the server: increased advertising, sale of Premium memberships for USD, etc.

This is a Free-2-Play game.

About the game

Expect the unexpected

With thousands of virtual experiences and communities, you’ll never run out of places to explore and people to meet. The game features music clubs, role-playing communities, virtual cinemas and more.

The place where the whole adventure begins – Fellowship Falls

A place for romance, photography, friends, and family. Here you will find photogenic places, a romantic atmosphere, cuddling and dancing animations, horse riding and other various events.

A guide to all destinations is available HERE.

Remote meetings

Make virtual meetings and conferences fun again. For more than fifteen years, companies and educators have trusted Second Life and used this application for remote events and meetings.


Shop at the Second Life marketplace and discover millions of items, including virtual fashion, home decor and more. Create and monetize your own work to make real profits in the virtual economy driven by Tilia.

What is Tilia?

Tilia enables video game and virtual world publishers to create global economies and monetize user interaction. Tilia is built from the ground up to be robust, flexible, and secure, and drives publishers’ virtual economies with hundreds of millions of dollars in circulation.

The link to the marketplace is available HERE.


The game features the Linden Dollar – a token that used to be very popular, especially in the United States.

Social networks and online presentation


Analyst opinion

“This is an almost 20 years old game. It was originally a huge success, but over time, as more modern and innovative games evolved, it lost its popularity. The main reason will be that it has not been able to adapt to modern times and create an application that can compete with other games.

In terms of graphics, it also does not develop in any way, so the game remains a reminder of the beginnings of the 21st century. Our of the original 12 million players, only around 10,000 users still actively play the game now.

If there is someone who would like to remember the old days and the beginnings of gaming, they can play the game for free. However, I definitely do not recommend investing in the game.”

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