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Published: 26 May 2022

A cosmic metaverse from a time when technological progress has reached a level of fusion with all living beings.

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Official trailer

Basic information

The first ever AAA game (highest quality) running in WebGL (in a browser) with a play-2-earn option.

Source: https://sidusheroes.com/

Road Map

Q1 2022

  • Tournaments launch
  • Combat system improvements
  • Introduction of professions
  • A system in which players with high-ranking characters receive guaranteed payments

Q2 2022

  • NFT collection launch
  • Universe growth, new competitions, arenas, new professions
  • Mobile device version
  • Addition of planet visits

Q3 2022

  • Universe growth, additional staking possibilities, two new competitions, new locations in the galaxy
  • Private module auction at the SIDUS CentralFone station
  • Land sale to loyal players at fixed prices

Q4 2022

  • Introducing professions: Technicians, Gunsmiths and Chefs
  • Introducing Staking Mechanism
  • Auctioning the land left after the pre-sale in the first colony
  • Expanding the universe: new galaxy sectors, stellar systems, discovery of 2 neutral planets and introducing 2 new races
  • Construction of resource processing, research and manufacturing facilities
  • PvP ratings and rewards
  • NFT Heroes professions. Construction, manufacturing and research
  • Adding asteroids with resources mining option using Space Shuttles
  • Localization in 11 languages

Q1 2023 

  • Expanding the universe; new galaxy sectors, stellar systems, discovery of 2 neutral planets and introducing 2 new races
  • Introducing Pets
  • Resource Mining on asteroids and shuttle flights between SIDUS colonies and SIDUS Central Station
  • Introducing Professions; Pilots, Navigation Officers, Onboard Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Forward Air Controllers and Scouts
  • Second Council party elections; second Presidential election

About the game

SIDUS HEROES is an MMORPG game combining the strongest aspects of traditional and modern blockchain games.

SIDUS HEROES takes place in a cosmic metaverse at a time when technological progress has reached the level of fusion with all living beings. All the characters belong to one of several blockchain races and embody the strongest attributes of the given race.

This metaverse consists of 12 blockchain planets.


  • the first and largest planet in the universe


  • the galactic trend setter, the initiator of the 17th technological revolution resulting in the product ecosphere

🪐 Binaxima Sentauri Cybele

  • had been sleeping for a long time, but as soon as it awoke, it quickly asserted itself on the intergalactic scene

🪐 Solantrum

  • famous for its unique time system that is completely independent of other planets and social structures – “The proof of history”

🪐 Avalanya

  • differs from other planets in that its government is highly inclusive, with an unusually large voting population

🪐 Polygopus

  • a society created by settlers from Etheredus

🪐 Huoris Helvetios

  • the first planet to switch to alternative energy sources and adopt a strict environmental policy at national level

🪐 Polkacyon

  • an agglomeration society that connects dozens of inhabited asteroids

🪐 Cardaggar

  • an autonomous society where everything from financial transactions to the proclamation of laws is conducted at a peer-to-peer level

🪐 Tronguan

  • home to the most liberal and simplest creatures in the galaxy

🪐 Ripplatan Centricus

  • an independent comet that represents the most powerful financial institution in the galaxy

🪐 Cosmernicus

  • this planet’s inhabitants are galactic pirates

The planets are named after significant cryptocurrencies, while their meaning is not yet fully known. The game is currently in beta, with only the basic module available to play.

Planets will gradually be added to the game. Eventually, it will be possible to travel around them and gather resources not available elsewhere.

Source: https://sidusheroes.com/documents

A key element of the game is the battle arena, where users challenge other players, create battle legions, and compete in tournaments. Heroes can fight in PvE and PvP modes, one against one or in teams of three players and three animals that the players own and play with.

Source: https://sidusheroes.com/

Players collect points and rise in the rankings by winning battles. At the end of the fighting season, the highest-ranking heroes are rewarded with loot boxes (tesseracts) with exclusive content. These can be used to improve the heroes or sold in the marketplace.

A rare or legendary upgraded card appears randomly on OpenSea or nftstars.app once a week.

Game roles: heroes, merchants, builders, farmers, producers, politicians, conquerors…


The project runs on Ethereum.

SENATE DAO (SENATE) – can be purchased at Gate.io, Uniswap and AscendEX

Total supply: 300 million
Current price as of 14 March 2022: USD 0.7025

A governance token mainly used to express political opinions and influence metaverse development. Voting rights are proportional to the number of tokens owned.

SIDUS (gaming) – the circulating supply is 30,000,000,000 tokens, and these can be purchased at Gate.io, Uniswap, AscendEX and ByBit.

Current price as of 14 March 2022: USD 0.02812

SIDUS is a gaming rewards token, and the main currency used in the SIDUS marketplace and other in-game services.

Source: https://sidusheroes.com/documents


Source: https://sidusheroes.com/staking/

+ When staking, you will receive a game character according to the name of the selected staking option. For example, if you stake SIDUS 3,000, you will receive a common hero..

Or you can stake a SENATE token:

Source: https://sidusheroes.com/staking/

You will receive a Space Shuttle Toolbox containing various elements to help you in the game. However, you can’t play without a character.

Staking options:

SIDUS 3,000 -> 10% in a year

SIDUS 40,000 -> 40% in a year

SIDUS 400,000 -> 50% in a year

SENATE 1,000 -> 10% in a year

SENATE 1,500 -> 15% in a year

SENATE 2,000 -> 20% in a year

SENATE 4,000 -> 30% in a year

SENATE 11,000 -> 40% in two years

SENATE 110,000 -> 50% in two years


Source: https://sidusheroes.com/


Three professional teams from different fields and a large number of their supporters have come together to launch this AAA RPG based on blockchain and cryptocurrency philosophy.


Source: https://sidusheroes.com/team

A total of 26 main creators stand behind the project.

Analyst opinion

“The game has a large membership base, which is always an advantage. It’s also beneficial for the project that it is a browser-based game, so can easy be played on a wide range of devices. This however means worse graphics, and the appearance of the “animals” is repulsive – I certainly wouldn’t want one.

The team developed the concept long in advance and I appreciate the interesting crypto references in the planet names. Yet so far, you can only play the base station mode, where you can try a duel and learn to move with the character.

Investors have their hands tied in the staking system, as although we get a choice of several variants, it is definitely not very flexibly done. The staking amount is determined by the project, not you. However, the ​​staking idea is not entirely bad.

There are supposedly three professional teams and their supporters behind the project, which is definitely a plus for the project. Partnerships are slightly vague because sometimes they are listed and sometimes not. What is more, several partnerships, such as from YouTube videos, no longer exist.

In conclusion, I believe that there are more interesting projects to invest in and play, yet this project does not seem to me a risky one, so it is up to you whether you want to give it a chance.”

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