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Published: 5 Jun 2022

MMO game in a virtual reality that supports cross-platform gameplay.

Official Trailer

Basic information

Solice is an MMO VR metaverse game based on the Solana blockchain. It will be a Free-2-Play and Play-2-Earn project. The cross-platform support will allow the connection of users from all devices – PC, mobile and VR devices. The goal is to provide users with a great AAA experience and to build a second world for them. The token of this metaverse is free to trade on exchanges such as Gate.io or Huobi.

Road Map

  • Q4 2021 – Tokens sale, VR introduction
  • Q1 2022 – Introduction of metaverse mini-games, 1.1 soft launch, 1st and 2nd part of land presale
  • Q2 2022 – version 1.2, introduction of NPCs and characters, introduction of in-game staking, introduction of profitable tasks
  • Q3 2022 – version 1.3, Solice editor launch, DAO, other NPCs and characters, land presale 3rd and 4th part
  • Q4 2022 – version 1.4, other tasks, other minigames

About the game

In Solice you will be able to: play, build, own, meet friends and earn. You will create your own custom avatar. There will be five game areas: Amoris = city, Kriaz = sea, Ludivour = volcano, Yamashi = trees, Zephyros = mountains.

It will be possible to own land in each of these Solice areas. If you own such land, you will receive more rewards than people who do not have land. One plot of land will be 15 x 15 meters large. If the user has multiple plots, he will be able to build cities on them. There are a total of 60,000 plots in the entire metaverse. You will be able to construct your own building on the land, similarly as in Sandbox games.

Source: https://docs.solice.io/the-metaverse/marketplace

In Solice you will be able to play many minigames and complete various tasks. These games are entered through portals. If you complete the given tasks, you will be rewarded with an SLC token (the only metaverse token), or special items or materials for construction. Your pet and your friends will accompany you in the game; together you can discover the world, play minigames, complete tasks or go to art exhibitions.

Source: https://solice.io/

Player requirements

There is no limit to the time spent in the metaverse. But if you want to enter any game mode, there will be restrictions. Unfortunately, we don’t know the modes yet, so the average playing time can’t be estimated. We guess it will be around 1-2 hours a day. An initial investment will not be needed to enter Solice. However, you will be able to buy a lot, such as land, pets, museum or lecture tickets, clothes, rare items, materials and more. All these items will be free to trade NFTs, both on the Solice in-game marketplace or an external one.

All transactions in the Solice metaverse will be carried out using the SLC game currency, which was listed on the first exchange in early January 2022. To perform them, you will need a wallet that supports the Solana blockchain, for example a Phantom wallet. You can then send your SLC to it and buy your chosen item. The game will be profitable for everyone, but those who buy land will have more earning options.


The token of this project is called Solice (SLC) and is available for trading on eight exchanges, the largest of which is Gate.io. The SLC will be used for all gaming transactions. As of 14 March, 2022, its price was USD 1.36 with a market capitalization of USD 57,234,923. Since its ATH, SLC has dipped by 73.31 %. The total supply is 400,000,000 SLC. Solice offers the possibility of staking, both in the staking pool and in the game using purchased land. The staking pool closed on 1 February, 2022. It offered 3 variants. 1. EPIC (30% APY) 2. LEGENDARY (40% APY), 3. MYTHIC (50% APY).

If you stake more than 2000 SLC, you will get a chance to receive rare items or materials. The game really offers many earning options directly in the metaverse, and these reward players with the SLC currency. In the market outside the metaverse, you will be able to trade using the Solana coin.

As for the earning options directly in the metaverse, these will include for example: renting land, staking land, selling tickets for shows or exhibitions, creating 3D items using the crafting system that Solice will offer, designing minigames… and the creators promise much more.

Source: https://docs.solice.io/more/tokenomics


Partners include large companies such as KuCoin, Gate.io or Animoca Brands. In the De-Fi Land project, SLC is in fact represented in the form of fruit.

De-FI Land:

Source: https://solice.io/

Other partners:

Source: https://solice.io/


  • Christian – CEO
  • Serena – COO
  • Ray – CTO
  • Simon – Lead VR developer
  • Kingter – Smart contract developer
  • Franjo – Creative director
  • Bob – Lead software architect
  • Rick – Full stack developer

Analyst opinion

“Solice is still in its infancy, but there has been incredible progress. We’ll see what the metaverse really brings us in the end. So far, the developers have not published much about the areas, that definitely seem interesting in the game. Another interesting part are the minigames, about which we know almost nothing either.

Each of the game areas is associated with a story about the division, which has a cinematic feeling, and I can imagine these stories being filmed in the future.

What I find suspicious is that the team does not list full names or photos, not even twitter accounts which are commonly available for projects of such format. It also seems strange to me that in the whitepaper tokenomics, almost nothing is written about the token, only a few pictures. Last but not least, the comments on all YouTube videos are turned off.”

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