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The Nemesis

Published: 30 September 2022

A simple and fun gaming metaverse with a large and growing team.

Official Trailer

Basic information

3D experiences, casual games, and blockchain technology come together in an innovative metaverse, that you can try out right now. The graphical design is reminiscent of Decentraland. There is still a lot that needs developing in this metaverse, but it already has several minigames you can play. All you need is a registered account. While playing them, you won’t even notice that the world is full of NFT and connected to crypto. The COINS game currency is mainly used in The Nemesis, and has a stable value of USD 0.01.


Road Map


Q2 – project launch.


Q1 – Alpha version.

Android, iOS, and WebGL applications, launch of the first world and basic functionality, streaming events, and the first minigames (speed hunt and treasure hunt).

Q3 – NFT companion.

A collection of 8,000 NFT companions on the Polygon blockchain.

Q4 – NEMS token.

Whitepaper addressing tokenomics and the sale of private tokens. 20 places reserved for VC and large investors with a minimum of USD 200,000.


Q3 to Q4 – public sale of NEMS tokens.

Q4 – 1st land sale, NEMS token listing on DEX and CEX.

About the game


After entering the metaverse, you choose your avatar and the world you want to explore. You then begin to explore The Nemesis with simple controls. There are NPC walking around so you don’t feel so alone. Unfortunately, I didn’t come across any player character during my visit. If you decide to visit The Nemesis, you’ll find simple minigames like car racing, sprinting, parkour, treasure hunting, and fighting with your companion.

Everyone gets a small lot

Each player gets their own private room – Lobby. You can rearrange this room to your liking. The feature is currently unavailable.


With a registered account, you can play competitive games and compete against other players on the leaderboard. The winner will receive a prize from the competition fund. By using a small amount of COINS, you can join a game that may be created by the creators or the community. The game creator can thus receive a share of the competition fund for creating and running it.


An avatar represents you in the game. If you are interested in getting a limited-edition avatar, you can get one for USD 1-2. These are not unique but can be modified.


Let’s think of them as an improved Tamagotchi. You have to take care of and train your companion. You will have to feed them, play with them, and keep them in shape every day. Your companion will do more than just accompany you in the game. They will also be able to fight other players’ companions and level up. Watch the video about companions.


There are several types of cards, some of which you will collect, win, or buy in order to get NFT cards. Others will serve as coupons, stream tickets, or as souvenirs and trophies. You will use the most common cards to level up your companion, or in card games. 1,000 collected cards of the same type will earn you a limited NFT card.


You will be able to make your own creation, or build a 3D template, on lots. The lots are 5×5 units in size, but not every unit can be used for construction. This is where land acquisition can be treacherous. The lots are always found on one of the planets in The Nemesis metaverse. There are 10 of them planned so far, by season. In the first season, 11,520 parcels will be created in the Caribbean environment. The next series will feature lava, underwater-world, forest, mountain environments, etc.


Like other metaverses, The Nemesis motivates creators (users) to expand the game world. You can get involved in creating 3D models or game mechanics. See more in the Monetization section.

NFT marketplace

Since the project is developed on the Polygon network, OpenSea and Immutable-X can be used for NFT trading.

Player requirements

To play, you will need a basic orientation in the English language, a mobile device running Android or iOS, or the Chrome or Firefox browser if you will be playing on a PC or MacBook.

Minimum requirements:

MacBook from late 2010 or newer.

CPU: i3 (Gen 2 or higher) or the AMD equivalent.

RAM: 4 GB, 8 GB recommended.

Graphics: NVIDIA GT 730 or better (AMD equivalent).

A browser with WebGL 2.0 support and cookies enabled.

Internet with a min. download speed of 10 Mbps.

If you have problems connecting, visit this page.


The Nemesis will release the NEMS token (ERC-20) on Polygon. This will mainly serve as the currency on the NFT marketplace and a means of exchange for the in-game COINS currency. It will also serve as a reward for players, creators, artists, and land holders.


  1. Avatar customization (skins and accessories).
  2. Equipment and upgrade purchasing.
  3. Access to restricted places in the metaverse.
  4. Purchase of event tickets.
  5. Tournament entry fees.
  6. For creators – purchasing 3D models for their work.
  7. For creators – purchasing other things needed to modify gameplay.
  8. Gifts, e.g., for streamers.
  9. Platform contributions to charity or to support the development of specific games.
  10. Purchase of The Nemesis-branded merchandise.
  11. Payments to connected e-commerce.

Getting COINS

  1. By winning competitions.
  2. Through specific actions such as likes, shares and referrals.
  3. By purchasing using PayPal or through the iOS or Android app. However, by purchasing with NEMS, you will get twice the COINS compared to a regular purchase.

Token staking

Will be possible later.


To earn, a competition fund is offered in minigames in which you fight other players for prizes. Another option is to become a creator, as they get sales fees on the platform on a 90/10 basis. This means the creator receives most of the sales value for their work. If you create your own games, you will have more options for setting up monetization. There are in-game item sales, stat boosts, subscriptions, and even entry fees for the game itself. Creators can also take advantage of creator scholarships.


Without KYC, COINS can only be exchanged for NEMS worth between EUR 250 and EUR 1000 per user per month.

Partners and Investors


GamerHash, Purple Penguin, a Monty Lab.


The Nemesis project has been looking for investors since 2021 with the offer of the private sale of NEMS tokens. They reserved 20 places for VC and large investors with a min. entrance fee of USD 200,000.

  • Poseidon Group invested an unknown amount in Q2 2022.
  • Marco Milone invested USD 120,000 on 1 January 2019.
  • Embed Capital invested USD 45,000 on 1 January 2019.
  • Massimo Reynaud invested USD 285,000 on 1 August 2019.
  • Jacopo Canclini invested USD 285,000 into tokens and land on 1 August 2019.


The Undo Studios development studio will be expanding its ranks from 36 to 60+ people in 2022. You can find more information about team members in the English whitepaper.

Analyst opinion

“I think the team is a good one. The potential expansion of their ranks to 60+ people is exactly what you want to see in emerging projects.

Unfortunately, the metaverse is still in a very early state. Some simple things or games might look good, but everything else is still under preparation.

Like other metaverses, this one is also focused more on content consumption, so it is mainly the creators who will make money. The graphics still have some way to go, but I believe that at this development stage it is more about creating a concept and a base layer so that external creators can get involved.”

Rocket Unit

Rocket Unit

Published: 30 September 2022

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