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Vulcan Forged

Published: 21 June 2022 

Vulcan Forged is a platform, essentially a whole “universe”, which allows people to create their own games or environments, play other users’ games, stake tokens and much more.

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Vulcan Forged is a platform, essentially a whole “universe”, which allows people to create their own games or environments, play other users’ games, stake tokens and much more. The platform currently offers 5 games.

Vulcan Forged has grown from a small digital-art NFT platform to a multi-database platform, game studio, launchpad and NFT marketplace. After Walmart, it is the busiest client in the VeChain network. Vulcan is an established game studio, ecosystem and top NFT market with thousands of users, more than 10 dApps and a trading volume of USD 3 million.

Whenever players move across a certain game environment, they can purchase assets directly from the game creators. Currently, the marketplace consistently ranks among the top 5 in terms of NFT marketplace volumes throughout the blockchain area.

Vulcan Forged offers a wealth of games and is expanding rapidly. However, the ecosystem needs users. The games attract players by advertising their Play-2-Earn model, which is gaining traction across the gaming industry. Users are rewarded with LAVA CRYSTALS by simply playing and engaging in any game created or hosted by Vulcan Forged. The company will allocate 10% of the total PYR supply to the LAVA fund (Play-2-Earn) for a period of 24 months.

About the game

Vulcan Verse

An online fantasy epic game (MMORPG) with an open multiplayer world. The land in Vulcan Verse is divided into four areas, each with its own unique appearance. Landowners will be able to improve their land and unlock new buildings, quests and characters to explore the whole world.


A turn-based card game. The objective in the game is to destroy the opponent’s creatures, represented as cards. Players take turns playing cards from their hand and attack their opponents’ creatures or heroes. Berserk is a rapidly developing CCG (Collectible Card Game) which is easy to learn but difficult to master. Winning requires the right balance between aggression and defense.

Block Babies

Another turn-based card game, but this time the main characters are cute babies. But if you think it’s just about a bunch of adorable kids from a poster with wide eyes, you’re wrong. These children have specific characteristics such as cuteness, persuasiveness, patience, sleep ability, appetite, playfulness, obedience, kindness, intelligence or dexterity. They are your gateway to gaining experience and subsequent rewards.

Forge Arena

A standard cooperative FPS game with teams of five players fighting against each other, trying to get as many kills as possible.

Vulcan Chess

A fairly relaxing game. This is classic chess, but with characters from the Vulcan Forged universe. You can play against other players or bots.

Vulcan Forged obrázek


PYR token

Current price as of 5 May, 2022 – USD 10.55

PYR on CoinMarketCap

LAVA token

A secondary token. Players are rewarded with a LAVA token for playing games and participating in any game created or hosted on Vulcan Forged.

The Vulcan Foundation will fund two PYR reward funds with an initial 10 million tokens that will be released over a 24-month period. One pool is the “LAVA Pool” (Play-2-Earn) and the other is the Staking Pool. Together with the contributions of the Vulcan Foundation, these funds will be replenished in four ways, each time evenly distributed between the two:

  • 10% of the fee collected from each transaction on the Vulcan Marketplace will go to these funds.
  • 10% of each fee collected from the direct sale of assets (such as Berserk cards or vulcanites) will go to both funds.
  • 50% of each land, Titans and Olympians improvement fee will go to both funds.
  • 10% of each prize pool and tournament fee set up on the Frenzy gaming platform will go to both funds.

Tokens can be staked HERE, but all pools are currently closed.


The team has its headquarters in Athens, Greece, but consists of more than 40 members working worldwide.

The complete team working in Greece can be found HERE.


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Analyst opinion

“This project offers a whole platform with different games. The games themselves are quite run-of-the-mill and do not stand out, neither by their sophistication nor ideas. I rate this project neutrally. The purchase of a PYR token is quite worthwhile, but it is certainly worth considering because this platform will continue to grow and more games are coming. The project cannot boast a large membership base yet, but I expect  that over time and with more games, the membership base will grow.”

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