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World of Cryptoids

Published: 21 September 2022

The last post on Twitter is from May 2022. The Discord invite is expired, and when you try to start the game, an Error appears. Marketplace and staking is also non-functional. We have not tried the game from Google play and the App store for security reasons.


Basic information

In World of Cryptoids, each player must assemble a team of three Cryptoid monsters. This is a turn-based card game in which you need to defeat as many enemies as possible to get a token reward and the necessary experience to upgrade your Cryptoid monsters.

Road Map

Q1 – 2022

  • The Arena (Season 2).
  • The start of Kingdom mode development.

Q2 – 2022

  • Sale of NFT land/plots.
  • New Cryptoids and Skills.
  • Closed Beta.
  • Play-To-Earn launch.

Q3 – 2022

  • A demo from the Kingdom mode.
  • PvP tournament.
  • Development of the World of Cryptids Token.
  • Official launch of the game.
  • Beginning of metaverse development for Cryptoids.
  • Global marketing.
  • A cross-gameplay token for all main Cryptoids games

About the game

The entire game is based on buying, evolving/growing and eventually breeding Cryptoid monsters. To earn token rewards, players send them to battles with enemies. The game features a variety of monsters that have different abilities and stats that players will use in battles. Each player must own a minimum of three Cryptoids before participating in a battle. The game offers random monsters for free in training mode, where hatching eggs gives you access to try out the game.

Battles play out like a turn-based card game. The player selects attack cards and uses them against the enemy. Each attack consumes a certain amount of energy at the players’ disposal for that round. After completing the round, part of the energy is replenished, including the remaining energy from the previous round. This repeats until the player defeats the enemy or the enemy defeats the player. The reward for winning is XP for the monsters, and after completing the entire level, the player will also receive a game token.

There are two game modes in the game: Adventure and Arena.


This is a single player mode where players progress through levels and defeat various monsters. Completing each level will reward the player with a game token, the player then can improve their Cryptoids’ stats and progress to the next level. Each level gets harder, but by upgrading the monsters’ stats, defeating the enemies will become easier.


In this mode, players compete against each other and try to win by using a strategy. The principle of the game is the same as in Adventure mode, with the only difference that players do not progress through levels, but fight against each other. The winning player receives points and is placed in the leaderboard of all players. After some time the leaderboard will close and the players will receive prizes.

The higher the player is in the ranking, the better their rewards.

Growing and breeding Cryptoids

One of the interesting mechanics in the game is the growing and subsequent breeding of Cryptoid monsters. Crossbreeding allows you to get better and more expensive monsters, which can then be sold or used in battle. For Crossbreeding the player pays with a game token.


Used to unlock random monsters and try out the game. Logging in daily can reward you with a hammer that can be used to break the egg, giving you free Cryptoids.


Kingdom mode will be launched in the future, where players will be able to purchase land in the form of NFTs. The Lands will be available to rent, farm on, and obtain additional Cryptoids.

Player requirements

The game is available on mobile devices and web browsers. It is Free-To-Play, but in order for the player to progress faster and get better monsters, it is necessary to link the game with a software wallet. Every day the player gets rewards for logging in.


The game will offer two tradable tokens.

Cryptoid Admin Coin ($CAC token)

Total stock: 500,000,000 units. The token is not available yet, but in the future it will be used to purchase property and real estate within the World of Cryptoids metaverse, as well as to grow and breed Cryptoid monsters. Additional features of this token will be released later.

Cryptoid Game Coin ($CGC token)

The $CGC token serves as the main in-game currency that players earn for playing. It is used to purchase Cryptoid monsters, and in combination with the $CAC token, it will also be used to grow and breed them.

Staking will be possible. The developers want to motivate players to hold the token and thus strengthen its value and the security of the entire network. Staking rewards are not yet available, but the developers believe that they will be attractive enough for players to use staking in the future.


Each Cryptoid monster is an NFT and its value is determined by its stats and level. So players mainly earn by upgrading and buying Cryptoid monsters, which can then be sold or crossbred to get a monster with a higher value.



Matthew Yuen – Chief Executive Officer

Yuki Yu – Creative Director

Zeta Lo – Marketing

Elizabeth Gamina – Ambassador and Community Manager

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