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Zombie Guillotine

Published: 29 June 2022

A zombie NFT game similar to DAYZ, where you kill zombies and opponents to get the highest rewards, linked to the ZOMG NFT Token.

Official Trailer

Basic information

Zombie Guillotine is an action zombie survival with an open world, set 50 years after the plague turned humanity into carnivorous zombies. The game is designed for PC and mobile platforms. The test phase is currently running. To download it, you need to connect the MetaMask wallet to the BSC testnet network (instructions for connecting MetaMask to this network are here).
Link to download a trial version of the game.
– This is a Free-2-Play and Play-2-Earn game.

Road Map

October 2021
– Team set up.

December 2021
– Website launch.

January 2022
– Testnet.
– Standalone PC version
– Contracts’ audit.
– Shares’ sale to investors.

February 2022
– Presale.
– Public IDO on PancakeSwap.
– Listing on CoinMarketCap.
– Airdrop.
– Mainnet launch.
– Open world updates.
– Public listing.
– Team expansion.

March 2022
– Open PvP world.

April 2022
– Mobile application.

May 2022
– New NFTs (land, vehicles, pets).
– Guild system, adding skills to characters.

About the game

Players will be able to travel the vast open world and fight zombies or even other players to find a way to survive in a harsh apocalyptic world. The hardcore gameplay required will be rewarded with $ZOMG tokens. In-game weapons are ERC-721 NFTs owned by the player and can be traded on the marketplace or sold to another player. On the other hand, you will only be able to purchase utility items such as bullets, Molotov cocktails, health packs, etc. for the HONOR game token.

PvM map or PvZ (player vs zombie):

Players will be eliminating zombies. Some players may be given special quests where they will be able to obtain extra HONOR tokens, which can later be converted to $ZOMG.

The Safe area:

The safe area is the starting point for all players. The player can equip his preferred NFT weapon here. You can safely practice with your weapons in this area, because ammo do not degrade in safe areas. You can only swap NFT weapons in the safe area, so make sure you have the right one before entering the infected zone.

HONOR tokens obtained by defeating zombies should be stored in the safe area to become saved. If you die before returning to the safe area, all tokens are lost.

The Camp:

Takes place in a forest camp, where the player will have the task of neutralizing the infected ones to ensure the safety of the newly discovered camp.

The Sewers:

The sewers are a common shelter for the remaining survivors in the world, but one base has reportedly been broken into by zombie hordes. Your task is to clear it out to ensure the safety of the remaining survivors.

The Mountain:

Some of the infected have developed the ability to move quickly even at the mountain foot. There are dangerous ravines and steep support points that make escape difficult.

The Desert (coming soon)

The Snow trail (coming soon)

The Prison (coming soon)

The large open world is suitable for both PvP and PvM. Players hunt other survivors in the open world to obtain their supplies, such as bullets, health packs and throwing weapons. Or they can cooperate to hunt zombies or mutated zombies, for which there will be more HONOR tokens.

Features that will be added to the game:

  1. Personalization.
  2. Creating a personal shelter (NFT Land).
  3. Craft equipment.
  4. Cleaning up the loot.
  5. Learning new skills: engineer, hunter and sailor.


Main token ZOMG

Total supply 100,000,000

MetaMask – BSC network

Game token HONOR

The game is just at its very beginning and none of the tokens are publicly available yet.


There is no mention anywhere of who is making the game.


Analyst opinion

“I do not recommend this project because it does not look trustworthy at all. It is not possible to find out who is behind it. The game is not well-designed graphically and really looks like something that has hastily been stitched together. I am also concerned about the very small membership base on all social networks.“

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