Doodles Introduces the Pharrell Fashion Pack

Recently, Doodles introduced the "Doodles 2 Character Builder" service in their Stoodio app, as part of the launch of their new airdrop. This feature allows Doodles users to create unique avatars that can be used across multiple accounts. Users can customize their avatars by selecting wearable accessories from a wide range of options available within the app. Additionally, they have the option to purchase new items from the marketplace.

To keep their fans engaged and provide the latest customization options, the Doodles team continuously updates the wearables in the Stoodio app. They even introduce organic features to enhance the experience of users.

The latest addition to the Doodles collection is the "Pharrell Pack." This collaboration brings renowned fashion brands, such as Adidas, Humanrace, Billionaire Boys Club, and Icecream, into the colorful world of NFTs. These brands have created unique digital and physical fashion items exclusively for Doodlers.

Pharrell himself has curated an exclusive collection of digital and physical apparel, which will only be available to 300 lucky Doodlers. Out of these, 252 packages will contain digital non-green Sambas along with physical versions of the sneakers. The remaining 48 packs will include digital wearables and highly sought-after redeemable treasures. Each package comprises three distinct digital garments, a voucher for a physical item, and a code to access the items on the beta version of the Stoodio platform.

To determine the winners, Team Doodles will conduct a random lottery selection process. However, the winners must fulfill several conditions to claim their prizes. These conditions include creating an account on the Stoodio platform, transferring their original NFT Doodles to this platform, designing a new Doodles 2 character, and launching the Genesis Box.

Once selected, the winners of the Pharrell Pack must collect their physical items between June 6 and June 15. Additionally, they must claim their digital items within one month of the May 5 launch through the Gaia marketplace, by linking their Ethereum (ETH) or Flow (FLOW) wallet. The Gaia marketplace offers winners the opportunity to buy, sell, and explore other collectibles, including the rewards from the Pharrell Pack.

It's important for the winners to be mindful of the designated deadlines, as any failure to claim their rewards within the specified timeframe will result in the destruction of unclaimed certificates. This means they would lose their chance to obtain these limited-edition prizes.

This rewards system highlights the advantages of NFTs and demonstrates how digital assets can enhance the overall experience while offering unique prizes within the Web 3.0 space


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