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NFT games overview

We would like to present you with analyses of some NFT games we enjoy playing. You will also find projects and games we recommend staying away from because they do not seem trustworthy and we think they are potential scams or low-quality projects. We look for projects across the gaming spectrum so that everyone can find something they like. Games are evaluated from all angles (from the community to the strength of the development team) so you can choose the best projects on the market to participate in and increase your funds.

Games overview (124)


NFT games

RPG 15. 11. 2022

Frutti Dino

In Frutti Dino the player uses their dinos to fight against wild mutants. Dinos can be obtained on the marketplace. New players intending to only try the game out can…
Frutti Dino - Analysis
Fight 14. 11. 2022


Krabots is a combat game on the Binance Smart Chain, where players own their NFT Krabots and their parts. Krabot battles take place in 3v3 format and players have the…
Krabots - Analysis
Fight 13. 11. 2022

Galactic Arena: The NFTverse

The Galactic Arena project aims to solve this problem by allowing these NFTs to connect to the game and join the Arena. By bringing those NFTs into this NFTverse, the…
Galactic Arena - Analysis
MMORPG 12. 11. 2022

Titan Hunters

In TITAN HUNTERS, you slip into the role of a hunter on his discovery of secrets in an astonishing world full of miracles and mysteries. Look out for loot and…
Titan Hunters - Analysis
Fantasy 11. 11. 2022

Ilu Universe

Ilu Universe is a fantasy RPG game, where players will be able to explore new game locations, battle against other players, farm, breed Ilu creatures and craft and sell NFT…
Ilu Universe - Analysis


Platform 6. 11. 2022

Genesis worlds

Genesis Worlds is a virtual world with NFT plots on planets that has many games built into it. The games are created by a community of players and are limited…
Genesis worlds - Analysis
MMO 2. 11. 2022

Ethereum towers

Ethereum Towers is a residence in Ethereum Worlds. The main interaction with Ethereum Worlds and the residence will be primarily through a VR headset. Ethereum Worlds users have the apartment…
Ethereum towers - Analysis
VR 30. 10. 2022


Bloktopia is a decentralized metaverse game built on the Polygon blockchain. It's basically a Skyscraper consisting of 21 levels (21 levels to pay recognition to 21 million Bitcoin) in virtual…
Bloktopia - Analysis
MOBA 24. 10. 2022


EVAVERSE brings NFT and gaming communities together by creating an OASIS style of world, like in Ernest Cline’s book: Ready Player One. Their goal is to build the most fun…
EVAVERSE - Analysis
Uncategorized 30. 9. 2022

The Nemesis

3D experiences, casual games, and blockchain technology come together in an innovative metaverse that you can try out right now. The graphical design is reminiscent of Decentraland.
The Nemesis - Analysis