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Penguin Karts

Published: 23 July 2022

A 3D racing game with demolition elements for multiple players, built on blockchain principles. It combines the best elements of arcade racing in the style of go-karts, mobile gaming and NFT Play-2-Earn dynamics.

Official Trailer

Basic information

Players can compete in classic races of 4-8 players, or they can participate in demolition derby-style races, where the winner takes it all. In the future, the developers plan that Penguin Karts will be a place you can bring your friends into, even if they are not part of the crypto gaming community. The Penguin Karts ecosystem attracts players, NFT traders and gamblers. The platform includes an NFT marketplace where players can buy and sell their 3D NFT, usable in the game. These include NFT penguins, go-kart skins, car upgrade equipment, weapons and more.

Road Map

Q4 2021:
Concept creation and basic team setup, penguins’ and Genesis 2D NFT creation, community building.
Q1 2022:
Fundraising, team members growing, 2D Penguin NFT Minting, IDO week, TGE & Spooky Swap browsing.
Q3 2022:
New race tracks every 2-4 weeks, mobile playing possibility, Demolition Lobby development start.
Q4 2022:
eSports Book Lounge opens for betting, new offers exploration on DEX.

About the game

Penguin Karts is a fully interactive racing game in which players compete in the online world on more than 20 tracks. Equipping in-game items is essential to dealing with opponents and reaching the finish line first. The game aims to create a unique blockchain game experience for players of all ages who want to obtain cryptocurrencies. The game is Free-2-Play and requires no NFT purchases to start racing. It aims at desktop and mobile devices (Android, iPhone).


 The PGK token offers various uses inside and outside the game. The initial token supply in circulation is PGK 2,941,200 and the total supply is PGK 200 million. Use of PGK:

  • Game currency for transactions between players.
  • Reward for tournaments and other special events.
  • The only currency on the in-game marketplace.
  • PGK will serve as a governance token, which will allow holders to actively participate in the company’s management.




Analyst opinion

“An arcade racing game where you deal with your opponents using various traps at your disposal. The developers drew ideas from long-established classics such as Mario Kart or CTR (Crash Team Racing). Unfortunately, the team does not seem to know the gaming industry well. The game will definitely entertain, but I can only imagine it working for some events with friends. By targeting mobile devices as well, it will find its players for sure. I’ll try to play it, but whether I will enjoy it for long is questionable.”

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