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9Lives Arena

Published: 28 June 2022

Free-2-Play PvP gladiator combat in the style of Age of Conan. The game should be all about martial arts with no Pay-2-Win mechanics.

9Lives Arena Teaser

Basic information

9Lives Arena is a competitive online role-playing game in which players battle each other in one-on-one combat matches. A companion named Ooogy is available 24 hours a day in the game.

This is a Free-2-Play game with the option to buy blueprints from Enjin’s wallet.

Road Map

There is no Road Map, we only receive information via Discord from the author nicknamed Dread Lord: “We know we are making a great game and our closed alpha version proved it. We’re going to make sure we get everything right, give players a unique experience, and create a stable backstory. Our goal is to reach open alpha by mid-2022, beta by 2023 and release the game by the end of 2023.”

About the game

9Lives Arena is a competitive online RPG, 1v1, PvP, with permanent death(**), resource gathering and item crafting. The game is designed for computer game enthusiasts. The game is Free-2-Play and its authors are opponents of the Pay-2-Win scheme. Thus, purchased items do not provide any in-game benefits to players.

** If you die in the game, you create a new character and start from the beginning. Your old character will become a statue and will be moved to your “Hall of Fame.”

9 lives aréna obrázek ze hry

The game has no overarching goal, only to enjoy the gameplay that the authors of the project love and highlight so much. The ultimate objective is to survive so that you don’t have to start all over again, and become as strong as possible.

You can also come across the Ooogy companion in the game (the companion can also be purchased), and this should also work in the mobile app. The app is under development and its launch date is unknown. Ooogy should be able to do things in the game for you that you don’t want to do yourself, even when you’re offline. Additionally, the game offers a large number of weapons and a wealth of other equipment.

Player requirements

The player can spend exactly as much time as he/she wishes in this game; there is no money to be made in the game. Potential earnings are only possible by using blueprints, which must be purchased.

Blueprints can only be purchased on the project website by connecting your Enjin wallet. Since they are limited, they may be worth more in a few years.

However, apart from the potential increase in value due to limited quantities, they do not provide any advantages in the game and are therefore designed mostly for hard-core fans.


The only way to make money in the game is through the aforementioned blueprints. As with other projects, blueprints represent a game element that is different in appearance, limited and rare. Blueprints can, for example, be obtained for armor, shields, weapons, helmets and one-handed swords.

Due to their limited quantity, blueprints might become more valuable over time. For example, a player will lose interest in the game after a few years and by selling blueprints with a higher value, he will get back the time invested in the game in the form of money.


The developers started working on a token integration which will revolve around Blueprints and Ooogies. This decision was made after the partnership with CENGN.


Ralph Laemmche – Managing Director/Producer
– Extremely competitive as a player and as a game developer. Dedicated his life to online fantasy PvP games for 20 years. Ralph is the game designer and producer of 9Lives Arena and a veteran of the gaming industry since 1990. He is also the founder, along with Cindy Gomez, of Touchhour Inc.

Cindy Gomez – President
– Cindy Gomez first rose to fame with her voice in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. She is the backbone of Touchhour, taking care of the administration, but she is also very creative and responsible for composing the game’s music. She also handles the PR for the project.

DarryChen – Lead Artist
– Darry is extremely talented and versatile, working on all graphic areas of the game. His attention to detail when it comes to 3D modeling is breathtaking. Like the rest of the team, he is very competitive. Darry joined Touchhour after leaving his job at EA.

Other team members: Seanachi Clappison Dillon, Marcos Weiss, Jennifer Chamberlain

Analyst opinion

“For gaming fans who don’t mind that the game isn’t profitable and can only be monetized with blueprints, the game doesn’t seem bad. The team behind the project looks solid.

That being said, the game doesn’t fit have a P2E scheme, the gaming community is very small and not growing significantly. Moreover, the official version of the game will not be released for a long time. At the same time, the project is slowly losing members on Discord and shows no signs of further development.

It is not even possible to invest in a token for the project – the game does not have one, and there are no such plans.

An investment in the game itself is therefore probably not worthwhile, and we do not recommend it.”

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