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Published: 29 July 2022

AdaQuest is an RPG game that uses collectible NFT cards on the Cardano blockchain. It is controlled by the community and will be played in the fictional world of Ada.

Official Trailer

Basic information

The development of AdaQuest is divided into three phases. We are currently in phase one, so we can look forward to a mobile game with NFT cards. The first game phase has some resemblance to Battle Chaser, Pokémon and Final Fantasy VII with its game elements.

Road Map

The game is being developed in three phases. Each phase represents a different game mode.

  Phase 1 – Duel Mini Game

  • Quick duel mode.
  • PvP & PvE.
  • Web and mobile devices.
  • Focus on the hero, abilities and items.
  • The first case of using NFT cards.

Phase 2 – Dungeon Crawler

  • Slower tactical game.
  • PvP & PvE.
  • Unity 3D technology.
  • Items production, chances of obtaining NFT.

Phase 3 – Skirmish Battlefield

  • Strategy game.
  • The most challenging development part.
  • Interconnection of all game modes.
  • Advanced matchmaking.
  • Unity 3D technology.
  • Tactical gameplay. 

About the game

A web game designed for mobile devices, in which players can fight against each other or against NPCs. They will create their character, gain experience and equipment, and face opponents in short fights. Later, dungeons to be explored by the players will enter the game. The game will be easy to play, but difficult to master tactics because it allows for a wide range of item, ability and tool combinations. We will be able to use all collectible NFT cards across all game modes.

The NFT cards will be unique. This means that no other card will have the same combination of attributes and properties. Each series of items will always be firmly limited. If it disappears, it’s gone. All NFT cards are balanced to be equally strong. If one attribute is higher, another will be lower. Cards that are rarer and more expensive will have much greater specialization and more complex abilities, including certain disadvantages.

Players can try the game for free. Over 30 items, 20 tools and 2 destinies (professions) are prepared for them. If they like the game and want to enjoy the whole gaming experience, they can buy NFT cards. This will financially support the entire project. Alternatively, they can get them by playing. If they are lucky enough to find a card, they will only have to pay a minting fee


We will not find any tradeable token in the game. However, there will be the “Quest Token” outside the game, which is developed primarily as a reward for players and to financially support the project. As a result, the token never affects game mechanics.

Quest Token can be obtained:

  • For every ADA 1000 staked in the Quest pool, you will receive QT 100. Every five days thereafter, you will receive ADA as a bonus.
  • With a service like DripDropz.io. To do this, it is necessary to be involved in staking.
  • Through Airdrop, however, an AdaQuest account is required.

Quest Token usage:

  • Provides a 20% discount on all available NFTs on the marketplace.
  • Purchase of cosmetic improvements (skins, emblems, cosmetic artifacts, decorations).
  • Access to the planned Goblinverse (tribe dwellings, unlocking of buildings, land). 


Analyst opinion

“The first game phase immediately reminded me of a classic that was popular all over the world – Shakes & Fidget. You have your character and you get upgrade items and experience, thus increasing your level. Definitely a good genre for me, which is easy to learn and doesn’t require as much time to play. As I understand it, the game is not directly Play-2-Earn, but allows rewards to be collected through staking. Overall, it looks like a nice game and I would like to try it, because it also offers Free-2-Play. I’m definitely curious about the next game stages. The project has no partnerships and has a very small community, but it is still in its infancy.”

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