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Alpaca City

Published: 21 October 2022

In Alpaca City, players alternate between playing as farmers and hunters.

Basic information

Built on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain blockchains, Alpaca City is a virtual world connecting alpacas and DeFi. In this game, players will collect and breed alpacas, buy accessories, etc. Alpaca City aims to create a more accessible DeFi ecosystem by combining the power of yield farming and NFT.

With low entry requirements, the game tries to link yield farming and gaming, so that the amount of assets is not the only determining yield factor. The game is available on both PC and mobile devices.

Road Map

No Road Map is available, the game is already running.

About the game


Long ago, the founders of Alpaca City accidentally discovered this Alpacadia while sailing the Blockchain Ocean. For the first time, they met the most mysterious and beautiful crypto species – the Alpacacino. Not only are these rare creatures adorable, but they can also generate revenue through their unique Alpa energy.

Founded on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain blockchains, Alpaca City decided to open its doors to the outside world. The city is dedicated to the distribution of fair rewards to its future residents, regardless of the amount of property held, while hundreds and thousands of alpacas await their future shepherds.


When users let alpacas manage their property, they will be entitled to a reward in the form of the city’s base token – $ALPA.

The $ALPA token will be distributed among all alpacas on the farm based on the amount of assets under management and their energy levels. The more assets they manage and the more energy they have, the more tokens they create.

Alpaca energy is given from birth, but older generations of alpaca tend to have higher energy. A total of 10,000 zero-generation alpacas are available on Ethereum and 20,000 zero-generation alpacas are available on Binance Smart Chain.

The original version allowed almost no player interaction, so it was mostly just an improved yield farming mode. However, version 2.0 has been released, which should be much more interesting.

Alpaca City 2.0 – AlpacaVoid

AlpacaVoid is a Play-2-Earn game based on NFTs and built on the Binance Smart Chain network. In the game, players will be able to engage in 2 activities – planting and hunting.

Land ownership will grant its holders access to the game. The utility game token $APV is an energy substance that players will collect and fight for. NFT alpacas will be both attackers and defenders in the game, and players have to strategically place them to maximize their chances of victory

Planting – playing as a farmer and using NFT lands to complete planting will earn players rewards. The planting timing is critical and will affect the number of rewards earned.

Hunting – playing as a hunter and using an NFT alpaca, hunters will start an alpaca battle with other players. Although the player with the higher alpaca energy will have an advantage in battle, cleverness and strategy are often the keys to victory.


Land will grant players access to the game. NFT land has five different rarity levels: common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. In addition, parcels have different characteristics: day, night, spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Rarer parcels will have higher yields and higher quality characteristics.


Players can search for other players’ ERC20 addresses in the game and ask for friendship. After making friends, players can start hunting their friends without paying a fee. To prevent friendships from falling apart, rewards for successful friend hunts will be lower.

Player requirements

Players have to acquire at least 2 NFT alpacas before starting the game. The initial investment is not high, the price for 1 alpaca is around 3 USD.

It is also necessary to own at least one NFT parcel.


In the game, users will encounter two tokens: $ALPA and $APV.

Token 1

Name: $ALPA – governance token

Total supply: 20,000,000

The token is available on Gate.io and MEXC exchanges.

$ALPA holders can use the token to breed NFT alpacas, manage the community and spend in the city ecosystem.

Token distribution

The entire token amount will be in circulation within three years of listing.

Staking $ALPA

By staking tokens, players generate a so-called WAVE. They can exchange a certain amount of WAVE for a zero-generation alpaca.

Token 2

Name: $APV – utility token

Total supply: unlimited

The token is only found in-game and can be exchanged for $ALPA. It is not listed on any external exchange.

Players can earn $APV by planting or hunting other players. Users will consume $APV in all game activities.


Players can “earn” by winning hunts. However, the rewards in the game are very low. Another way could be the breeding of alpacas and the subsequent sale of rarer offspring. Overall, the possible game earnings are rather negligible.


No investors/partners published.


Team not revealed.

Analyst opinion

“This is a relatively old game without much to offer to players in terms of game experience. The original version was just a different take on yield farming. With the announcement of the second version, some player activities were added to the game. The game was created back in 2021 and hasn’t developed much since then.

The graphics are very outdated, although the individual NFT alpacas don’t look too bad. The game is more for alpaca lovers, as the Play-2-Earn elements in the game are rated very poorly.

I do not recommend investing in the token, as there is very little interest in the game.

A year and a half ago, this would have been a promising project, but now the competition is completely different.”

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