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Angels Creed

Published: 15 October 2022

Angels Creed is a Play-2-Earn RPG game built on the Binance Smart Chain protocol. The development team consists of people who have many years of experience in the blockchain field.

Official Trailer

Basic information

In Angels Creed, every player can purchase their NFT hero, build a team and compete against other players and monsters in various game modes. By upgrading and inserting magic crystals into weapons, players improve their characters and thus become stronger.

Road Map


  • Tokenu listing.
  • Play-2-Earn
  • Game release, PvP.


  • Combat system.
  • Challenge system.
  • Tournaments.
  • Boss fights.
  • Teams.
  • Mining system.


  • NFT staking.
  • In-game guilds.
  • Competitions.
  • Referral system.
  • Daily quests.
  • Leasing service.


  • World tour.
  • Offline game events.
  • Game upgrade.
  • Cross-chain.
  • Cooperation.
  • Game organization.

About the game

To join Angels Creed, players need to purchase at least one hero. The game currently offers six heroes and four classes that have specific characteristics. More heroes and classes should be added in the future. Each character has three attributes that players improve by levelling up their hero.

These attributes are attack, defense, and speed.


Represents the damage that the hero deals to the opponent. Players can equip their hero with a weapon to increase their attack. The higher the attack, the higher the chance of winning. Therefore, it is the most important game attribute.


This attribute represents the hero’s ability to resist physical damage from enemies.


Determines attack speed.


Each hero starts at level one and has a maximum level of nine. To level up, you need to spend a certain amount of game tokens. The higher one’s level, the more rewards the character will receive.

There are a total of four game modes in the game. By winning in these modes, players move up the leaderboard and earn valuable rewards.


In this mode, players will have to kill monsters, defeat bosses, and obtain treasure chests. For winning, they can receive game tokens (Angels, GEM), weapons, skill books, materials, and equipment. Each player can participate in PvE mode a limited number of times per day, and a GEM token fee needs to be paid before entering.


This mode is used for GEM token farming. Players are selected by their PvP mode rank and fight each other with non-NFT heroes. The game selects opponents of the same level so that the matches are balanced and fair. With each victory, players level up and hence gradually obtain more GEM tokens for winning.


Players have to pay an entry fee to enter a tournament. This game mode is for four or eight players who are divided into pairs of competitors. The winner always proceeds to the next round until there is only a single player left, who is the only one to receive the winning reward.


In this mode, one player can challenge another to a duel. Both have to pay an entry fee with GEM tokens, and the winner takes the sum of those fees minus the matchmaking fee.

Player requirements

Players have to own a software wallet and purchase at least one hero to play. The game works in a web browser.


The game contains two tokens.

AngelsCreed token (Angels)

This is the main game token, mainly used to buy and upgrade heroes. It is tradable on exchanges.


The in-game currency tied to all in-game transactions, PvE entries, tournaments, and challenges. It is not tradable on exchanges.


The game should support staking in the future, but it is not clear yet how it will work and what it will bring to the players.


Currently, the game offers only one earning option. Each player can make a total of five transactions (buy or sell) with their NFT heroes per day. Each character the player purchases has a randomly generated class, attributes, and rarity. These stats determine the price at which the player can sell it and thus earn money.



Analyst opinion

“The game caught my attention right from the start with its graphics, which are not ground-breaking but have their own charm. After getting acquainted with the game, the charm began to disappear, and I realized that the whole game is closely connected with the investment needed and that it cannot be tested for free. The game does not have any gameplay trailer yet, so it is impossible to see the gameplay without depositing money. Anyway, the game has some interesting elements. What interested me the most was the fair PvP mode, where the opponent is at the same level as me and so winning is purely based on skill, not on the equipment or level of my character. Behind the game is a team of people who have experience in all areas of the blockchain world and beyond. Thanks to this, I believe that the game could offer more options in the future – such as a small Free-2-Play mode for players like me who want to try the game first before depositing funds into it.”

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