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Angels & Devils
May 9, 2023

Overall Rating

Current Token Price
Project Potential
  • Opportunity to play with friends
  • Token integration with NFT Worlds
  • Completed Road Map 1.0
  • Custom merch
  • Hand-drawn collection
  • No partners or investors

Angels & Devils is a project built on the Minecraft platform. Individuals or groups can battle in arenas, play a range of P2E minigames and try PVP areas.

Official Trailer



  • 5 Angels & Devils NFT have been airdropped to random holders
  • A single Angels & Devils NFT has been airdropped to a random participant


  • Community Wallet has been announced to project holders. 5 ETH has been deposited into the wallet and used for the first phase of shared ownership. Current and future Blue Chip NFTs were stored in the wallet
  • DAO Mechanics has been introduced as a key route of communication for future aspects of the project
  • 1,000 $WRLD tokens have been airdropped to one random player


  • Rarity Sniper has been revealed for the Angels & Devils collection and a collection of hand-drawn traits has been released and will be ranked in rarity
  • 2,000 $WRLD tokens have been airdropped to one random player


  • A special merchandise collection of Angels & Devils hand-drawn shirts has been announced
  • 4,000 $WRLD tokens have been airdropped to one random player


  • The official Rarity Tools have been revealed
  • First IRL event has been announced to the community. Free ticket to the NFT event for every player


  • 25 ETH has been added to the Community Wallet. The first community vote has decided which Blue Chip NFT project to invest in
  • 1 Free NFT has been airdropped to one random player in celebration of the opening of the Angels & Devils World
  • Major developments heading into Road Map 2.0

Road Map 1.0. was successfully completed.

About the game

Player Requirements

For the game to be competitive and allow dedicated gamers to earn from playing, the game will require some investment of time from the players. This will be spent on following the main quest and doing all the side quests (including the mini games). Developers will be delivering around 100h of content in each season.



This is the main currency of the Angels & Devils project.

  • $WRLD is a token built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is considered the primary token used when playing in the NFT world. Players can use the token for exclusive benefits and access to special content or items within the NFT world.

The total token supply is 5,000,000,000 units.

Token distribution:

  • 2,500,000,000 WRLD (50%) will be locked up and targeted for distribution among players interacting with the games over a five-year target
  • 500,000,000 WRLD (10%) will be claimable over two defined periods. 250,000,000 WRLD will be released each period
  • 1,750,000,000 (35%) will be locked up for distribution as staking rewards over a target timeline of five years
  • 250,000,000 WRLD (5%) will be locked up in the NFT World team coffers. They will be used for in-game promotion or partner incentives


Staking NFT Worlds provides a way for owners to lock in an offering, earn the $WRLD token and benefit from the overall NFT Worlds ecosystem. In addition, owners can lock and embed their world, and after embedding it, offer it for rent. Staking an NFT World unlocks the following two options:

  • Generating $WRLD tokens just for being staked. World owners may claim their $WRLD tokens earned from staking at any time
  • A staked world may optionally be made available for rent. The world owner can set the monthly price

A total of 1,750,000,000 $WRLD tokens are locked up to be distributed as deposit rewards over a period of five years. Tenants will get full access to the NFT world they rent and become the owners of.

The Angels & Devils project has been focused on sustainability for holders. 35% of profits will be available for holders that are staking and 5% are an extra incentive for stakers. If you are staking more than 25+ NFTs at the same time, you receive access to an additional 5% from the so-called “whale fund”.


The main tool of the project is the acquisition of $WRLD tokens. Tokens can be obtained, for example, for time spent in the metaverse, winning prizes in battle arenas, completing tasks or playing minigames. World owners can incentivize players to visit them through contests, free games, and more that will reward players with $WRLD tokens.




Main Team Members:

  • Eduardo Soares (D12) – Founder of Celestial Studios, currently doing a Masters in Business and Innovation



  • Ethan (Aces) – Digital marketing leader and consultant with years of experience working for various technology startups in San Francisco. Specializes in organic social media, influencer marketing, and business strategy


  • Lucas (pz) – 10 years of sales experience, has been managing sales teams for the past 5 years and helping companies achieve their sales goals. Has a degree in International Business and a Masters in Sales and Negotiation


  • Grumpydad – Community Manager. Software engineer with 20+ years of experience working for international high-tech companies
  • Bruno Cesar (Caesar) – Visual Design Bachelor at the best University of Brazil, where he studied for free due to academic excellence. Studying and working with art professionally since 2017



  • Cutulli Artist and semi-realistic fantasy specialist
  • Zalamander – Developer and expert on smart contract implementation

Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“The entire project has an interesting concept as it is not only a game, but also a hand-drawn collection of Angels and Devils that can be purchased by players. I appreciate their own merch, e.g., clothes or souvenirs with the project logo.

The game itself is interesting, offering many options and modes for players to try. I like the idea of spending some time playing it with friends.”

The Angels & Devils project includes a hand-drawn collection of 5,000 Angels and 5,000 Devils to complete a full collection of 10,000 NFT.

The main part of the Angels & Devils project is centered around building a P2E $WRLD metaverse on NFT Worlds called the Celestial World. NFT holders will have VIP access to metaverses and will be eligible for multiple benefits. Holders will also be able to participate in governance of the community wallet where they can participate in voting on key decisions.

Each metaverse will be free of cost to enter for the public. Exclusive areas and perks will be reserved for holders.  

The main concept of the Angels & Devils project is to make the metaverse accessible and affordable to everyone. In order to be successful, some crucial aspects have been identified and fixed:

  1. Social gameplay: The success of Angels & Devils project comes from the idea to both socialize with other players but also work together to win and complete achievements
  2. Story telling: Based on the top MMOs, creating a storyline that follows the comic book of the company
  3. Simple yet sustainable game model: Creating an easy-to-understand mechanism for players who prefer to engage with the game on a different level and still earn rewards
  4. Fun: The goal is to provide a platform where players can enjoy a fun and exciting experience

The game also offers various options for the player to choose from:

  • PvE: Players join together in order to face numerous challenges in the Celestial or Inferno World. These include collecting items, rescuing NPCs, and battles with different monsters. The idea is to show how strong you are as a group
  • PvP Arena: Known as the Arena of the Fallen Angels, players will be able to prove how skilled they are in battle. Those that prevail will be placed on a weekly ranking. Play solo or in a group. Every month, the player with the most wins will receive a special badge and award
  • Conquer the Castle: Players can conquer one of the four main castles of the metaverse. Each week, you and a group of friends will be able to challenge and conquer that castle. Players will have access to an amazing view of the city, a comfortable room and many other things inside the castle. This event will be paid for using WRLD tokens. Token holders will get one ticket per month to be used towards this event
  • Job offers: Every season new jobs will be added such as fishing, selling crafted wood items etc., which will generate new WRLD token cashflow
  • Leveling: The game allows players to level up their characters and improve them through the game