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May 29, 2023

Overall Rating

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Project Potential
  • Easy to learn
  • Traditional gamer friendly
  • Colorful palette
  • Play-To-Earn ecosystem
  • Only Available on iOS and Android

A Free-To-Play, 1v1 PvP game that is rooted in classic games like Angry Birds and Worms, where players design their own fortress, which they must defend. They try to destroy the opponent’s fortress by using a range of objects, weapons, and powers to win the match. The game was developed by Sionera Entertainment, and published by Catheon Gaming.

Official Trailer


April 20th – NFT mint

  • 4,444 Banner NFT mint – SOLD OUT
  • NFT integration in-game as profile picture

May & June 2022 – private & public fundraiser

  • Outreach to VC groups, KOLs, Angel Investors and launchpads

TBD IDO & token listing

  • Chaos Orbs token launch
  • Plans to list on major CEX/DEX

TBD – Play-And-Earn version release

  • Shortly after TGE, full integration of the token into the game with Play-To-Earn functionality

Q2 & Q3 - 2022 – Future game updates

  • Constantly introducing new content, updates including new NFTs, races, weapons, blocks and ways to earn

Q3 - 2022 – Tournament mode

  • Soon after launching, introduction of tournaments where players pay entry fees to win major events

About the game

Player Requirements

The game is Free-To-Play and is available on Android and iOS. Any modern smartphone will suffice to run it, as the game’s graphics are friendly to a wide gamma of phones currently in the market.



Coins are the game’s soft currency. They are utilized to unlock more weapons, banners, purchasing fortresses in the bazaar, buildings, and races amongst other things.


Gems are the game’s hard currency. They are utilized to purchase skins, specific banners and colors for the players. The player can also buy additional fortress slots, amongst other things that will still be implemented in the game.


Keys are an incentive for players to stay active, these are utilized to unlock crates which give players additional coins, gems, and experience.

Chaos Shards

Players can use them to bet on matches as to which player will win. They are also used as an entry fee for tournaments, to buy very popular design fortresses and more importantly, they can be crafted into Chaos Orbs.

Chaos Orbs

Players can stake their Chaos Orbs and will be eligible to receive rewards from it. However, these rewards and the staking system is yet to be implemented.

Chaos Orb holders will be able to vote in gameplay related proposals, such as the allocation of Chaos Orb treasury reserves, which content to release, next tournaments and their frequency, amongst other things.



They are gained by winning matches versus other players, watching ads and opening chests.


They are obtained through in-app purchases, opening chests, completing quests and by selling fortress designs.


They can be gained through the completion of quests and by winning the first match of the day.

Chaos Shards

This currency is earned through winning 1v1 matches, winning tournaments, login streak rewards, fortress design sales, events, and promotional giveaways.

Chaos Orbs

Besides crafting using shards, a player can obtain Chaos Orbs by purchasing them on the market, as rewards for scoring high on leaderboards, events, promotional giveaways and through staking.

These Orbs have the option to be cashed out on secondary markets as well as the option to purchase more orbs for governance and gameplay purposes.


Catheon Gaming



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Analytic Opinion

“Overall, the game looks great for what it is: a quick, fun and fast game that works towards tangible goals and allows players to invest as much time in it as they want to. Also, while the skill cap is not the highest compared with a game like chess, I do like that it provides some strategic considerations into play with different materials, building blocks for the fortresses, different weapons, and the different races. It all just adds to the formula.

It’s also a great entry point for casual and core players unfamiliar with the Play-To-Earn ecosystems, as you can choose to opt in on the system or keep playing as though it was a more traditional live-service game. As an entry point, it’s pretty good.”

Inspired in cult classics like Angry Birds and Worms, Angrymals is all about utilizing weapons and hazardous objects to defeat the opponent.

The player must drag and release with their finger on the screen to create an arc, mark the speed, and height of the character’s chosen weapon. Releasing it will send the projectile flying. Savvy players will note that the faster the projectile hits, the more damage it can cause.

The more damage the player does to the opponent’s fortress, the more anger is collected. With enough anger, players can unleash powerful abilities unique to each character race.

Angrymals has 10 different races, each with different health values and an unique special move.

These races are:

  • Sharks
  • Pigs
  • Turtles
  • Koalas
  • Wolves
  • Lions
  • Hippos
  • Chameleons
  • Pandas
  • Goats

Additionally, the fortress can be assembled and customized to the players preferences in a complex design. There is a maximum quantity of points that can be used to build the fortress. Blocks differ in that they are composed of different materials, and have different weights. Thus, they have different value points. This results in balanced matches, where both players have comparable fortresses to avoid disadvantages.

Multiple game modes are available, as seen in the Arena:

Quick Brawl: this mode is designed to play fast and fun games. It randomly selects the race and fortress selections for both players. There’s a damage bonus for weapons, and player abilities charge quickly.

Skirmish: this mode allows each player to choose their own fortress, weapons and race. Players can only use tiny sized fortresses in this mode. Abilities charge quickly, and there’s a damage bonus to weapons.

Battle: defined as the most balanced of the game modes, it allows for the use of medium sized fortresses.

Warfare: it is advertised as the longer lasting gameplay, and more strategically rewarding (both in satisfaction, experience, and coins). It allows for large fortresses. These matches take longer and bonuses to weapon damage and ability charging rates do not exist.

The Ranked ladder offers players an additional challenge. It designates players against each other for more rewards at the end of the season.