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Published: 30 June 2022

A crypto NFT card game that is visually and technically very similar to Hearthstone, but is inspired by memes instead of the Warcraft universe.

Official Trailer

Basic information

Simply put, Anamalia is Hearthstone with NFTs and memes.

Animalia is an independent online virtual collectible NFT/trading card game built on the BSC network. Players can expect it in Q3 2022. It is a Free-2-Play game, but players will be able to buy, sell or trade cosmetic or rare items, which they can then use to customize their decks and game boards. The prerequisite for creating a game account is a MetaMask wallet connected to the Binance Smart Chain network. The wallet will serve as a user identification and authentication for access to the game and the marketplace.

Road Map

Q4 2021:
– Start of game development and fundraising for marketing
– Whitepaper released
– Contract auditing
– Launch of Phase 1 NFTs
– Launch of $ANIM token
– Marketplace development

Q1 2022:
– Demo release
– Official marketplace release
– Development of Animalia Workshop
– Launch of Phase 2 NFTs

Q2 2022:
– Closed beta launch
– Official release of the Workshop
– Launch of Phase 3 NFTs

Q3 2022:
– Official game release
– Development of the game on mobile
– Merchandise Online Store
– Launch of Phase 4 NFTs

Q4 2022:
– Expanding the number of partners
– Future expansions and updates to the game
– Launch of Phase 5 NFTs

About the game

Animalia is a fast-paced strategic turn-based card game. Each game is played between two opponents. Players take turns playing cards from their hand, which they can use to cast powerful spells, equip gems, or summon various creatures to aid them in battle. The player also has the option to battle against the computer. Over time, many variants of battles should emerge. The goal is to get a large group of active players to join the Play-2-Earn ecosystem. A fixed amount of $PHL tokens will be allocated to different game modes, such as daily quest rewards or rewards from PvE, PvP and tournaments.


The world is divided into two factions, each belonging to one Titan – the dreaded Bull and the mighty Bear. Each player is represented by their chosen Titan, who has special cards and a unique ability.

Titans can summon creatures (aka critters) and instruct them to attack opponents’ creatures. Critters are developed based on cryptocurrency-inspired “memes”. The plan is to allow the community to vote for creatures that will eventually be added to the game.

Weapons can give Titans special abilities.

Gemstones are used to strengthen spells or creatures on the battlefield. Each gem has different effects according to its element (water, fire, earth, air). The player will also be able to take advantage of their other properties, with many unique synergies.

Each fight takes place in a game arena called a Landscape, which is divided into virtual territories that serve as natural environments for their creatures. By default, the Landscape will contain randomly arranged glowing diamond fragments and hexagonal basalt columns that can be mined (“minted”). Landscapes can be improved over time with unique cosmetic items. Titans will have rights for all resources that appear in their territory. They can also find rare gemstones or “tokens” and obtain them using a “mining axe”. In the future, the Landscape could be digitized into virtual NFT plots that players can trade freely.


Animalia $ANIM
$ANIM is a basic DAO token. The total stock of $ANIM is set to 87 million, which is an estimate of the total number of species living in nature. The $ANIM ecosystem is deflationary due to various game mechanics. Game developers can take a commission from the transactions made, which will be used for future development and expansion of the game. Holders of $ANIM will be able to claim rewards from staking to support the ecosystem. These rewards will initially be high to motivate the growth of the community and will gradually decrease. They will include a form of governance by an active player community that will decide on the game experience, features and technical updates.
$ANIM can also be used to trade on the marketplace, but players will be able to choose whether they want to use $ANIM or $BNB.

$ANIM will be possible to stake.
Staking allows you to earn rewards, participate in elections or take advantage of special bonuses.

Phylum $PHL
Phylum ($PHL) is an unlimited supply game token that players can earn. It will be integrated into the game as an in-game currency. The purpose of $PHL is to strengthen the Play-2-Earn cycle by creating new NFTs and in-game purchases. $PHL will also be distributed as a reward for PvE, unrated PvP and rated PvP. Additionally, players can spend $PHL tokens to purchase cosmetic in-game items.



CEO – Bill Chua, Eddy Lim

CCO – JoePhang

CTO – Omega Yuen

The company is registered as “AnimaliaSdnBhd” on the professional social networking site LinkedIn.

Analyst opinion

“The game is similar to well-known titles like Hearthstone or Legends of Runeterra. Some elements are exactly the same, but Animalia will definitely have its own unique charm that will appeal to new players, whether it’s the gameplay element or just the fact that it’s Play-2-Earn. The whitepaper describes the gameplay in great detail: how many cards you start with, what is the maximum number of cards you can hold in your hand, how many creatures can be on the board (the “Landscape”), and lots of other detailed information.

However, what I personally find disappointing is that it’s not explained where and how players can get these cards. From the long texts, I understood that most likely on the marketplace. However, what they will be worth and how many cards will the players be able to buy is not yet known.

Unfortunately, the developers are also late compared to their Road Map -> neither the marketplace nor the $ANIM token have been released yet.”

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