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Published: 12 August 2022

Aradena: Battlegrounds is an engaging turn-based strategy game that uses a hexagonal gaming field where players build up their army and fight against other players.


Basic information

Aradena: Battlegrounds is a turn-based game, with the goal of defeating your opponent in battle by reducing the health of their “commanding warrior” (the player) to zero through strategic placement of units, tactics and game mechanics. Every event is performed within the browser, providing easy access to Web 3.0 features and blockchain integration. The army is an essential game part. At the beginning, players receive basic units to build their first army. The army can be customized by adding new units that you have acquired or purchased, thus bringing variety. However, players have to include an NFT in the army to act as their commanding warrior. Then, based on their performance in battle, players will receive boxes with various rewards, including tokens and collectible NFT items that can be exchanged or used in battle.

Road Map

Q3 2021
Community creation.
Genesis warriors minting.
Q4 2021
Whitepaper publication.
Aradena: Uprising comic book release.
Early Battlegrounds development.
Q1 2022
Tavern available.
Staking reward system – Off chain.
Whitepaper V2 publication.
Aradena Wiki launch.
3D Map creation.
Q2 2022
AG token – IDO on Seedify.
Quests available – On chain.
Bank added.
Battlegrounds prototype.
Q3 2022
Battlegrounds alpha test.
Item upgrade system.
Q4 2022
Battlegrounds beta test.
Aradena: Battlegrounds game launch.
Tournaments and e-sports events.
Battlegrounds update.
Random distribution of lands to Genesis warriors holders.

About the game

All encounters begin with a preparation phase. The active player starts the battle and goes through phases of a turn: mobilization, attack, support. Once the active player completes the last phase of their turn, he or she passes the active player role to his opponent, who begins his or her turn. All ranked battles have a time limit to complete a turn. Different game modes will introduce different turn intervals. Some units have an advantage over others, for example spearmen will do well against horsemen. Placing units to provoke the opponent to attack, or moving to ensure that the opponent’s weaker units are in charge range, is the best way to maximize unit effectiveness. A unit’s line of sight towards the target depends on its orientation and the terrain. When units can see their opponent, their combat abilities increase, while units that cannot see their opponent have no advantage and are more vulnerable.

Player requirements

The game is not graphically demanding. All the action will take place in the browser. An average PC with an above-average internet connection will suffice.

To participate in the battle, it is necessary to own the so-called commanding warrior NFT. These can be purchased on OpenSea in a male or female variant.


The game comes with a dual tokenomics model. Aradenean Gold (AG) is the main token and Aradenean Silver (AS) is the game rewards token. Both tokens will be needed during various actions in the game. Holding the AG token will allow players to earn AS more efficiently, as the AG token will offer benefits through staking and other features. This encourages the holding of AG tokens and contributes to its price growth. Both AG and AS, as well as in-game NFTs, will be included in the game loot where they will appear in random amounts.

Aradenean Gold (AG)
A governance token. It will be launched by IDO on the Seedify launchpad, where it will also be available for purchase. Limited supply (1,000,000,000 units) will be gradually released into circulation.

Activities requiring payment in AG:

  • Hiring new fighters.
  • Tournament entry fees.
  • Guild creation.
  • NFT purchase on the marketplace.
  • Cosmetic game improvements.

Aradenean Silver (AS)
The main token used for in-game activities and earned as a reward. It will have an unlimited supply and will be awarded to players via lootboxes. Part of the token amount will be burned to keep it stable.

Activities requiring AS:

  • Hiring new fighters.
  • Fighter training.
  • Guild creation.
  • Inviting players to a guild.
  • Entering the guild.
  • Mercenary commission.
  • Tournament entry fee.
  • In-store purchases.
  • 15% withdrawal fee.


The game will feature a marketplace where players can buy or sell their NFTs. In-game integration will reduce fees and increase sellers’ profits. All marketplace sales will be charged a transaction fee, ensuring a sustainable Play-2-Earn ecosystem.



The Aradena project started as a group of three friends who believed that blockchain games can be much more larger than previous projects. Currently, the team consists of more than 35 members, and they are continuously gathering more enthusiasts and professionals in their field.

Analyst opinion

“In my opinion, it’s a non-demanding browser strategy game with a fairly strong and active team. The medieval game style is well made. Both graphically and musically, despite the fact that it is only a “browser game”. Otherwise it looks like classic PvP. I imagine it will play like Hearthstone, only with new and unique elements, such as the terrain that has its use in Aradena: Battlegrounds. However, what can deter you from playing the game is the required purchase of NFTs. The investment is around 90 USD, which is not so bad because the player can get the invested dollars back by playing.”

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