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Published: 24 September 2022

Arcus is an MMO Play-2-Earn game in which you compete against other players in an arena with a bow and arrows.


Basic information

Arcus is an action-packed online PvP game in which each player takes up a bow and arrows and fights enemies in one of three PvP modes. The goal of the developers is to create a new gameplay model that goes back to the original idea, which is mainly to enjoy the game. They have named this model “Play-To-Enjoy”.

Road Map

Q1 – 2022

Game teaser.

Publication on the web.

Seed sale.

Q2 – 2022

Smart contract of the token.

Contract audit.

Marketing launch.

Website update.

Another teaser for the game.

Q3 – 2022

NFT presale (basic character, weapon, animals).

Token staking.

Launching the marketplace.

Community Beta Test.


Q4 – 2022

Bug fixes.

P2E release (PvP, production, patches).

Addition of materials.

Addition of pets.

Addition of accessories.

Q1 – 2023

Guild Wars.

Hero expeditions.

Q2 – 2023


Hero team expeditions.

About the game

The game of Arcus relies on a simple model: take a bow and arrow and defeat another player in the arena. It should feature a total of three PvP modes: Guild wars, Hero expeditions and Minigames.

1 vs. 1:
The game randomly selects another player and your task is to defeat them using your own tactics and abilities. In this mode, players will learn how to use their weapon and improve their skills.

This mode is for 5 or more players. The principle is again simple – just defeat all the enemies in the arena. Here players will fully experience all the elements of the game. The reward for victory is the $ARCUS token.

Deathmatch tournaments:
Players will be able to organize a tournament at any time. The organizer of this tournament will determine the rules, mechanics, and even entry fees. Players are then matched by their level to make the match fair. As with the previous mode, the last player to survive wins.

Guild wars:
In the game, it will be possible to form a guild with friends and challenge other guilds to fight in various tournaments, which are divided into seasonal tournaments, mini-tournaments and special tournaments.

Hero expeditions:
This is a singleplayer mode in which there will be a total of four villages, each hiding one artifact called an Elemental Stone. To obtain this artifact, the player will need to defeat the enemies guarding the stone. As a reward for obtaining the artifact, players will get $ARCUS in-game tokens.

Team hero expeditions:
This mode will become available after the player completes the single player part and connects all Elemental Stones. This will then unlock the stage where you need to defeat powerful demons. This game mode is designed for four players, with the option of playing with an in-game AI who will help you defeat your enemies.

They are meant to keep players engaged in the game. An example is the Lucky Puzzle minigame.

Player requirements

The game is available for free for Windows on the official website; all you have to do is register. Only PvP deathmatch is available for now, but all modes are scheduled to become available later. There is no need to purchase any token to play.


The game has two tokens that are not yet tradable for real money.

Go Innov8 ($GO8)

This token should be used in the future to govern the community and further develop the game.


This is the in-game currency that will be used to buy NFT items in the game (weapons, pets, etc.). The initial supply is 1 billion. A burning mechanism will be created to maintain the token value.


In the game, there will be an option to earn the $ARCUS token for winning PvP modes and later for completing quests in the so-called Heroes’ Journeys. This token can then be used to buy NFT bows, equipment, pets and much more. NFT items can then be sold to get back the $ARCUS token for the value it will have at the time of sale.

Staking is part of the developers’ plans. Unfortunately, there is no information yet on how staking will work and what will the benefits be for players.



Analyst opinion

“Only Deathmatch mode is available for now, which requires a minimum of five players. This is quite a problem, as I personally never found another player and therefore couldn’t try the game out. Gameplay footage on YouTube shows that the game still has a long way to go before it’s ready to compete with other NFT games. While the game’s interface is simple and clear, the gameplay, physics, and the actual archery look terrible. When the other modes are available and at least the archery is fixed, the game might be more interesting. Unfortunately, I’m afraid that the game will only provide brief entertain and get boring after a while, because the only weapon in the game is the bow, which may be uninteresting for some players. Furthermore, a lot of information is still missing, the tokens are not yet available, and it is uncertain what value they will have. The project is still in development and only time will tell if the developers will manage to complete a game that will be fun and if the final product will meet the expectations.”

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