Ark Rivals

A sci-fi action strategy NFT game for mobile devices. The title is based on user-created content, so all game content is significant, and it is your responsibility to develop and protect it.

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  • The game was created earlier outside of the cryptoworld
  • Eye-catching graphics & stylish gameplay


  • To make it worth investing, you need to play very actively because of the tax
  • Limited number of lands, which increase each month by an unknown amount
  • An advantage can be gained by buying gems
Rating 6.5
4 - Project Potential
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Official Trailer

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Basic Information

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Road Map

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In each phase, the maximum level of the player base increases.

Phase Q1 - 2022

  • Beta on iOS and Android.
  • $ARKN token farming.
  • Rating system.

Phase Q2 - 2022

  • Official release on iOS and Android.
  • Factions war introduction.
  • Land NFT launch.
  • Spacecraft NFT introduction.
  • Beta marketplace launch.
  • Daily rewards system introduction.
  • Commanders’ NFT introduction.
  • Arkadium NFT introduction.
  • Events and revenge system launch.

Phase Q3 - 2022

  • Introducing the game pass and Create-2-Earn program: Spaceships and Commanders.
  • New NFTs.

Phase Q4 - 2022

  • Defense structures marketplace open.
  • New NFTs of spaceships, commanders and Arkadium.

Phase Q1 - 2023

  • Decoration system launch.
  • More new NFTs.

Phase Q2 - 2023

  • Star Arcade open.
  • Additional NFTs introduction.
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About the Game

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With the help of a spaceship and an army, you will have the opportunity to attack and conquer other players’ bases. Thanks to the extracted resources (gold, gems, fuel, and many others), you will create a durable base, able to defend itself against other players. At the same time, you can join faction wars to help further develop your empire. You can earn by buying land and mining the game token – the $ARKN cryptocurrency. In addition, players can trade NFT items and hold the game token for profit sharing, voting and/or management of the entire project.

The game’s principles are evident from the following image:

In the beginning, you can buy gems for real money. Using them, you can buy spaceships, commanders, Arkadium (special stones, see below) and various resources. Thanks to these resources, you will be able to improve your Ark. In addition to the purchase, you can also obtain resources by extracting them from the conquered territories. In these territories, you will be able to build up a defense that will protect your empire from being recaptured by a counterattack of another player (so-called “revenge”). Resources will allow you to upgrade heroes, spaceships, your army, and perform research at your base which will give you advantages in future PvP battles.

The Ark

The Ark is the heart of your base. Your task is to ensure that it is carefully protected and improved. By improving the Ark, you gain access to new technologies, buildings, units, and other content.


Players have the objective of building mines in the game, to obtain resources for building improvements at their base. In addition to the Ark itself, they can also improve defensive towers and other buildings. Each player can create countless combinations of unique defenses against enemy attacks, ensuring ultimate victory.

Gold mine

Gold is mined with the help of a dedicated building. It allows players to mint gold bars. You need gold to build and improve buildings. Building upgrades are the best way to increase production speed and to generally progress in the game.

Fuel refinery

This is a special device for fuel extraction. Fuel is used for technical research and strengthening your spaceships, commanders, and soldiers. Improving the building increases the fuel extraction rate.

Defense buildings

These are used to defend your base and prevent attackers from conquering it. The game features several types:

  • Mini-towers – keep enemies across borders.
  • Missile towers – have guided missiles that attack only air targets.
  • Photon cannon – emits a deadly beam that is effective against spacecraft.
  • Flamethrowers – throw flames and burn everything on the ground; does not attack air targets.
  • Light throwers – throws lightning that temporarily stuns their target.
  • Shield generator – creates a shield to protect other buildings until it is destroyed.
  • Mines – these only work on ground targets; they are activated when a unit moves on them.
  • Wall – passive protection of buildings against attacks.

NFT items:


Each spaceship has its own parameters, including the number of weapon slots and diverse abilities. The individual parameters are then derived from the spaceship’s rarity. Each spaceship has five passive abilities, all of which can be upgraded 5 times.


Like spaceships, commanders have parameters based on their rarity. Each commander masters one special ability. The commander’s level determines their spaceship piloting skills and attack power. His or her passive skills then improve their abilities. Each special ability has 5 passive skills, each of which can be improved 5 times. By unlocking passive skills, commanders can be strengthened a lot.


A special stone that improves the commander’s abilities with its strength. It has up to 3 primary bonus features and 3 additional minor features.

$ARKN mining device

The $ARKN mining device is used to mine the $ARKN token. Although a player can own many mining devices, he can only place a certain number of them on his base, depending on the Ark level.

Users can purchase it on the web and then activate it in the game. The device has 4 statistics, namely level, HP, capacity, and production speed per hour.

Each mining device has its own level. Devices can be upgraded using tokens and resources. As soon as the device is destroyed by the enemy, mining will be stopped. The device will need to be repaired to continue mining.


By purchasing NFT land, it is possible to join a faction. All factions (i.e., planets, see below) have a limited amount of land. Players who cannot buy land can only stay on Earth, which is one of the factions. To keep the land, the player will have to pay a tax. Each parcel adds bonus power (to attack, defense, etc.). In a war between factions, a certain amount of new land will be rewarded to the winning faction.

Players can “mint” land for tokens and sell it as a NFT. However, the conditions for this are not known yet.

Other game elements:


Each unit has its strengths and weaknesses, its role, and preferred attack. There are various ground units (e.g., tanks, marines, demolisher, or missile carrier) and air units (medical drone, colossus, oppressor, or bomber).


Gems are one of the major game currencies. Gem packs can be purchased at the game store for real money. These are used to speed up upgrade of the following processes: summoning Arkadia, summoning a spaceship, and summoning a commander.

PvP mode

PvP mode allows players to destroy enemy bases, plunder enemy resources and advance to the top of the leaderboard.

Commanders will control their spaceships and lead an army in conquering and attacking other player bases. They will be rewarded with game resources.

Factions and wars

There are a total of 6 planets in the game, each representing one faction. The factions are Earth, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune. To join a faction and enter a faction war, the players have to own at least 1 NFT land on that planet. Each faction war will last 30 days.

Players can only fight with players from other planets. They will receive unspecified winning rewards from the public reward pool and rewards for placing in the rankings. Depending on their placement in the war, entire factions will receive a certain number of tokens. To earn rewards, you need to own the $ARKN mining device. Players without a faction will only be allowed to benefit from public rewards.

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Player Requirements

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The main token is $ARKN.

The maximum supply is 1,000,000,000.

The token is based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which meets the BEP-20 standard.

Token holders will receive rewards and influence the future of Ark Rivals by voting on proposed ecosystem improvements.

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analyst opinion

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“The game was created for mobile devices several years ago. The developers had plenty of time to fix various bugs. However, the game itself will soon start being repetitive without faction wars, mainly due to repetitive fights. The land price could rise due to the limited supply, however, given the increase in numbers due to faction wars, on the contrary, it can be expected to decline every 30 days. Land tax continuously incentivizes players to keep playing. Overall, this is a pretty good game.”

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Zdenda Štěpka

Zdenda Štěpka

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