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Arker: The Legend of Ohm

Published: 25 September 2022

Arker: The Legend of Ohm is an online RPG fighting game where you fight your opponent alongside your pet.

Official Trailer

Basic information

Arker: The Legend of Ohm is an online fighting game that is available for Windows, iOS, Android, and web browsers. It is currently in Beta and a trial version can be played even without connecting a wallet.

Road Map

Q1 – 2022

              -Website redesign v2.

             – Game redesign.

              -Pet skills.

              -Smart contracts for mobile devices.

              -Spectator mode.


              -New characters.

              -Stones for purchasing characters.

Q2 – 2022



              -Game skins.

              -Improved bots.


              -Translation into multiple languages.

Q3 – 2022




              -Integration for Nintendo Switch.

              -Rare stones.

Q4/Q1 – 2022/2023

              -Arker metaverse 3D + VR.


             -MMORPG event.

             -Journey to discover the world of Arker.

             -Event – guild wars.

About the game

In Arker: The Legend of Ohm, you start by choosing from four characters: Berserker, Alchemist, Izarian, and Soulhunter. Each of these characters has slightly different starting stats and abilities. In the future, the game should offer more weapons and armour that will increase the character’s stats. There are several game modes to choose from in the game.

Battle – classic PvP:

To play against other players, you need to purchase a ticket for the in-game currency called Fragments of Arker (FoA). The battle winner will be rewarded with XP points and FoA tokeny. The loser gets XP points only.


In this mode, the player competes against the computer, which will generate a random level enemy to represent it. If the player does not have a sufficient level, defeating this enemy will be more difficult. By defeating enemies, the player earns XP points, and for a certain number of enemies killed daily, he or she receives a reward in the form of FoA tokens.

Guild war:

This mode is only available to players who are in a guild. These battles pit 10 players against each other and the guild with the most points wins. The reward is a large amount of FoA tokens.


Each player can purchase a pet for their character that will provide passive benefits in battle. Pets have special abilities.

Abilities and combat fundamentals:

Each player has ability cards that represent different attacks. These cards can be bought and sold on the game’s marketplace for FoA tokens. There are eight abilities to choose before the match. After starting a fight, the game will randomly give you four to use.

The player who has the higher accuracy starts the game. He has 60 seconds to choose the ability and energy he or she wants to use on the attack. Energy is limited and slowly replenishes after each attack. Then it’s the opponent’s turn, who sees what card the rival chose, but doesn’t see how much energy was placed into the attack. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully decide which attack to use and how much energy to expend.

The match ends after four attacks, and the winner is the player who inflicts the most damage on their opponent.

Player requirements

The game is not hardware intensive. Players have to play every day and complete daily quests, otherwise they lose the corresponding rewards. Simply playing the PvE mode and completing daily quests is enough. The reward is FoA tokens, however, completing all the daily quests rewards the player with better items. To receive these, the player needs to link the game to a wallet and buy tokens.


ARKER Token: This token is used to manage the company, and purchasing it allows the owner can participate in the game’s development, marketing campaigns or art designs. In this way, the developers want to encourage people to hold it. The ARKER token will also be used to purchase in-game pets and for their subsequent breeding.

Fragments Of Arker (FoA): This is the in-game currency. It can be obtained by completing daily quests and playing PvE and PvP modes.

FoA tokens are used to purchase in-game items such as weapons, abilities, PvP tickets, etc.

The game should also feature staking. However, this is not described in detail and it is not clear what the player will get by staking.


Each player will have a village with equipment at their disposal. He or she can visually customize the village’s appearance. Within the village, there will be an option to rent land, which will play a big role in the future Arker 3D metaverse.

Here, players will mine the ARKER token and will receive a financial reward for confirming transactions on the Binance blockchain.

There is also the possibility to earn by selling FoA tokens, obtained in the game, but only once per 15 days.


Analyst opinion

“The game can be played even without linking to a wallet – but then the gameplay is limited to training, PvE mode and completing some daily tasks. Unfortunately, this is currently the only positive side I have found in the game. Battles in the PvE zone are lengthy and quite dull, with no visual effects. You just click on an attack, choose how much energy to put in, and then wait for the opponent (in this case, the computer) to choose their attack. If you’re unlucky, you can easily wait 60 seconds before your opponent attacks. The game lacks aspects that would compel me to play it every day. Maybe I’ll reconsider my opinion in the future, but right now the game simply seems uninteresting. The developers have great ambitions, but whether they will see it through to a successful conclusion and fulfil all their promises is still uncertain.”

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