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Published: 16 October 2022

AURORY is a Free-To-Play and Play-To-Earn tactical game built on the Solana blockchain. Players can explore a rich and diverse universe. They will travel across the two worlds of Antik and Tokané, completing quests, discovering lost relics, defeating enemies and competing against other players using creatures called “Nefties”.

Official Trailer

Basic information

AURORY is mainly a game studio and only a crypto company after that. The game delivers a premium experience thanks to Webu 3.0, asset ownership, low fees and fast transactions on the Solana blockchain. This allows AURORY players to capitalize on the time, effort and value they put into the game by trading items on the open market. They can take these items with them to other game ecosystems. Players will be accompanied by “Nefties” on their adventurous journey. These are creatures that can be hatched, evolved, used to battle, traded, and which have been designed as NFT.

Road Map

There is no Road Map on the website or in the Whitepaper.

About the game

AURORY is a world split into two parallel planes. On one end, you have Antik, where wealth and power are concentrated in the hands of a few Barons. Their servants have become twisted and violent creatures, desperate for freedom. But a new world has been created by a mysterious Benefactor, where the beautiful, colourful creatures called Nefties live. In the new world of “Tokané”, wealth is distributed and no one is powerful enough to dominate the others. However, servants from the world of “Antik” have discovered the existence of Tokané and in their desire for freedom, they flee from their masters, the Barons, through the portal to Tokané. There they corrupt Nefties and greedily stake their claims.

AURORY contains an epic story with a parallel to the crypto-universe, told through aesthetically varied art with high production values. Fun and challenging game systems integrated into the blockchain support competitive social play.

We can enjoy 2 game modes:
1. Single player mode – Player-vs-Environment (PvE).
2. Multiplayer mode – Player-vs-Player (PvP).

In the main PvE storyline, players will learn about cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, NFTs and more through an engaging story about the adventures of the heroes Sam (a representative of the Antik world) and Helios (a representative of the Nefties from the Tokané world). In PvP, you’ll learn how to make the most of your assets and rise to the top of the leaderboard to compete against other players.

The world is divided into several regions that contain a number of territorial units (villages, castles, etc.).

Player Objectives
The objective of the players will be to search for Nefties in these regions, convince them to join you and expand your wealth.


Players can acquire Nefties in both PvE and PvP modes. They can be bought with $AURY tokens, hatched from an egg, or won in a duel and then used to fight against the powerful Barons. Nefties have a number of attributes such as health, mobility, initiative, physical attack and defense.

These stories take place in the world of Tokané and its various biomes. Players will encounter many characters and complete various quests.

To participate in the PvP game mode, players must meet 2 conditions:
1. Form a team of three Nefties (borrow, raise them or buy them on the marketplace).
2. Stake a certain amount of $AURY.


The predominant monetary asset is the $AURY token,

which is linked to four other AURORY assets – Nefties and their eggs, NFT lands, in-game items, and Aurorians and Tacticians. Aurorians are NFTs that represent the player’s profile and appearance, and provide a number of benefits. They can be purchased on the marketplace for $AURY.

There are two sub-currencies in the game:
1. OKA for players who financially invest in the game.

2. TOKE in the Free-To-Play game mode.

AURORY is a decentralized autonomous organization that is in the hands of the players and where decisions are made by voting. $AURY tokens:
1. Represent a financial stake in the game.
2. Provide access to PvP modes through staking.
3. Are used to access dungeons.

Tokens can be traded on centralized and decentralized exchanges and on AURORY’s own in-game exchanges.


The Play-To-Earn economy will allow for continuous game improvement, support developmental growth and offer players the opportunity to use purchased $AURY tokens to improve their Nefties. It will also offer access to better items and the ability to purchase highly valuable NFTs.

AURORY offers a comprehensive economic system and in-game rewards:

  1. In PvE mode, there will be income for completed quests that will allow the player to grow.
  2. In PvP mode, rewards include:
    a) $AURY tokens

       b) Exclusive items that are not available in PvE,

       c) Weekly rewards for highly skilled players who invest their time.

Player can generate $AURY tokens via:

  1. Rewards from staking $AURY tokens.
  2. PvP/PvE rewards.
  3. Dungeon rewards.
  4. NFT staking, the possibility to earn legendary cards and expansions and by trading these NFT items on the marketplace.
  5. Lending your items to other players for a fee.



Yann Penno

– Executive and Art Director, 13 years of experience working for many independent studios.

Jonathan Campeau

– Head of Production and Executive Producer, 19 years of experience working for Ubisoft, EA, Gameloft, Minority.

Levani T.

– Cheaf Blockchain Officer, ex Deep learning and Computer Vision Engineer.

Paul Vadillo

– Head of Operations and Partnerships, 4 years of experience.

Stephan Carmignani

– Creative Director, 22 years of experience, worked for Infogrames/Atari, Ubisoft, Eidos, EA, Warner bros games, Minority, Rovio.

Analyst opinion

“AURORY is a very well thought out game with an interesting story. The player gets into a thrilling adventure in pursuit of the NFT creatures of Nefties, which will bring them success in game as well as in financial terms. I would like to point out that the game can be played without requiring an investment. However, I assume that you will be engrossed in the game and will be happy to get involved in the NFT trading and game management, and will hence soon move on to Play-To-Earn.”



Published: 16 October 2022

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