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Published: 21 July 2022

Participate in battles, earn rewards and develop your fighters in order to challenge the best of the best! The world of BattleVerse is really diverse! Everyone will find something they like here.

Official Trailer

Basic information

BattleVerse is a Play-2-Earn multichain game from BV GAME, built on the Polygon network. All transactions take place on BSC, ETH, RIPPLE and SOLANA blockchains. The game will be available on PC and in 2023 also on mobile devices. The main developers’ goal is to provide endless game possibilities, expand the Play-2-Earn model and enable community-driven metaverse management.

Road Map

Q4 2021: Beta version launch.

Q1 2022: PvP battles launch.

Q1 2022: Launch pool introduction.

Q1 2022: In-game marketplace launch.

Q1 2022: PvE mode launch.

Q2 2022: Game ecosystem expansion.

Q2 2022: Recommendation system launch.

Q2 2022: Bounty mode launch.

Q2 2022: BattleVerse Global Arena launch.

Q3 2022: Mobile application for Android and iOS.

Q4 2022: Land sale launch.

Q4 2022: Quests and missions in PvE mode.

Q1 2023: Desktop version for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Q2 2023: VR/AR functions for Android and iOS.

Q4 2023: Own arena creation possibility.

About the game

Your task in this game is to defeat your enemy. Buy your game character and crush your opponents with them. There are two races to choose from at the moment, but we can look forward to other races and generations in the future.


  • Battle shrooms (battle mushrooms)
    – available on the marketplace for BNB, ETH, MATIC, FTM, AVAX
    –  price as of 1 June 2022 is ETH 0.0336 (USD 62)

The game character consists of four parts that are important in combat: platform, weapon, aid and fighter. You will be able to defend, attack or use a special ability in combat. The winner is determined by who has a stronger character and also who used better tactics. Based on their rarity, each fighter can only take part in a limited number of battles per day.

Four game modes are available:

  • PvP (player vs. player)
  • PvE (player vs. environment / PC)
  • Battle funding
  • Tournaments

Player requirements

One battle takes approximately 3-5 minutes. You will need to purchase a game character to play. The fighters are available on the official BattleVerse website at the minting time or on the OpenSea public market. At the moment, only one Battle shroom can be bought on the official website, as the first generation of Baby combat bots has already been sold out. They can only be purchased at OpenSea. Although the game runs on Polygon, all payments are made via ETH or BSC blockchains. That’s why a MetaMask wallet will suffice. The game should not be too demanding. None of the newer mobile device should have a hard time, and in the case of a PC, a basic graphics card will suffice.


BattleVerse has its own $BVC  token. Its total supply is 100,000,000, ATH is USD 0.01367 and ATL is USD 0.0005057 (as of 1 June 2022). Transactions are carried out via the BSC blockchain. BVC can be bought at PancakeSwap at this time. There is also a QZQ game currency in BattleVerse, which you can’t buy anywhere at the moment, but it should be possible to earn by:

  • Selling, buying or renting land.
  • Staking (so far only BVC).
  • Production of items to improve fighters.
  • Objects and buildings construction.
  • Winning duels.


The token can be staked until the pool capacity is filled. The screenshot above is taken from the Staking BattleVerse staking website as of 1 June 2022 and the pool is filled to 56.52 % of its capacity.

Token distribution: 

  • 35 % ecosystem
  • 21 % token sale
  • 18 % team
  • 13 % reserve
  • 7 % marketing
  • 5 % liquidity   
  • 1 % advisors


Analyst opinion

“The project seems very interesting to me, but not much is known about it yet. So far, it has a relatively small fan base, but it is growing very fast. I like the graphics, the use of multichain and the ability to play on mobile devices and PC. The developers originally promised a Free-2-Play option, but now you have to buy a game character to play. This is a big disadvantage for me, as I prefer games that I can try for free before investing in them. Another drawback is that the creators call the game a metaverse, even though it does not seem to have metaverse elements. However, I understand that this word is very popular now, so it may help move the game higher in search engines.”

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