Block Monsters

Prepare to travel back to the late 90s with this Pokémon-style Play-To-Earn game. Start collecting your Blockmons and train them for battles, or simply stake or trade them in the marketplace.

Block Monsters Introduction
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  • Initial investment required
  • Whitepaper is insufficient
  • Anonymous team
Rating 2
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Official Trailer

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Basic Information

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Road Map

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Q1 - Q2 2023

  • Updated V2 Extended Cities
  • Stuffed Blockmon Shop
  • Tier 1 Exchange Listing
  • All 150 Blockmons Published
  • PvP Mode

Q3 - Q4 2023

  • Tier 1 P2E Game
  • More Exchange Listings
  • Multiplayer Map Mode
  • Full Game Developed
  • Further Marketing & Partnerships
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About the Game

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Blockmonsters is a community-based blockchain game with plans to become a metaverse, with Blockmons NFTs, Trainer Avatars & Lands.

BlockMons are Pokémon-like NFT creatures, which players can train and evolve through battles.

The ultimate goal of the game is to become the champion Block Monster by owning at least 150 NFT creatures.

BlockMons come in different types such as rock and dragon, which determine their strength. Some BlockMons are a mixture of 2 types, rather than one single type.

BlockMons have different attack moves, speed and accuracy values, as well as having different parameters such as age and nicknames.

Players also have trainer NFTs, which they use as their game avatars. When the player’s BlockMon is in the battle, other players will be able to display these avatars, which belong to the owner of the fighting BlockMon.

The trainers also have special traits that define their rarity, such as golden Blockwatch or Cryptic Skin. These traits will grant extra XP or a free BlockMon NFT to the players. Details of this will be announced later in the game’s development.

Cryptic Skin trainer NFTs also enable the players to earn free LINKME Blockmon NFTs.

The NFTs aren’t tradable, but their accessories can be bought in the trainer shop or collected via booster pack drops, which will be periodically released by the game.

Trainers have traits called Block Monsters Masks, which grant players additional in-game utility with an experience boost.

Players will fight against enemies, trainers and gym leaders.

The player`s opponent is determined randomly in the game, before each battle.

In the first release of the game, players fight against AI-generated BlockMons, but the second release will offer a multiplayer experience in which players can fight against other community members.

BlockMon NFTs can be evolved by collecting XP points as you play the game, meaning that BlockMons will increase in value as you progress, as well as collecting new traits that make them stronger in battles. There are two other ways to evolve, aside from natural progression, though. Firstly, players can collect items, and secondly, they can stake their $MNSTRS Tokens. Further terms & conditions related to these methods of evolution will be announced at a later stage of the game.

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Player Requirements

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Players will need a minimum of one BlockMon NFT to start playing the game.

Players must purchase $MNSTRS on PancakeSwap, which can be used to purchase a BlockMon NFT. Alternatively, they can start by purchasing a BlockMon starting pack from the official Blockmonsters web page, which contains a randomly chosen BlockMon.

After the purchase of the NFT, players will be awarded a random amount of $MNSTRS tokens to begin their gameplay journey.

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$MNSTRS Token - Governance Token

Total Supply: 500.000.000

The staking mechanism is separated into two parts:

Token Staking:

  • Token Staking allows players to lock their tokens and earn APY

Blockmoon NFT Bootcamp:

  • Special BlockMon NFTs can be used to stake tokens, which will result in evolving the BlockMons, as well as earning rewards
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Players can:

  • Earn $MNSTRS by reaching different milestones in the game
  • Earn by playing and battling with their BlockMons
  • Earn by staking $MNSTRS as well as their BlockMon NFTs
  • Also sell their BlockMon NFTs in the marketplace

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analyst opinion

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“The whitepaper is insufficient, the monetization mechanics are not well explained, and the special features and skills of the BlockMon NFTs are not well defined.

There is no detail about how the $MNSTRS governance token can be used in the game.

The whitepaper states that the trainer NFTs cannot be sold in the marketplace, but on the project’s website, the information is the complete opposite.

“Booster pack drops allow users to get trainer NFTs, but there is no detailed explanation of how to get them, or what they actually are. I had to dig much deeper to find detailed information on these packs on Medium.

The game story or purpose is not well described, and again, I had to dig deep until I stumbled upon the information on Medium. Here, the purpose of the game was defined as follows: “The ultimate goal of the game is to become the champion Block Monster by owning at least 150 NFT creatures.” However, this information is neither on the whitepaper, or the project’s website.

Overall, I found that there isn’t even close to enough information on the project.

From the team members to the game mechanisms, the earning mechanism, the trading mechanism, and the process of leveling up, earning XP, and upgrading options; nothing is thoroughly defined.”

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