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Blockchain Cuties Universe

Published: 5 August 2022

A world of animals that set on adventures, fight, and get great rewards not just on one but on several blockchains.

Official Trailer

Basic information

A collectible game with elements of role playing and fighting games. You will collect many different Cuties which include, among others, dogs, cats, lizards, and rabbits. You can equip your Cuties for battle and send them on adventures, where they can find great rewards. The project works on several networks, so far on Ethereum, TRON, NEO and EOS, but is also expanding to other blockchains.

You can try the game in Free-2-Play mode, but you won’t make any progress. It’s primarily a Play-2-Earn game.

About the game

The whole game revolves around Cuties. Each animal consists of 64 unique values. Attributes are then derived from these values, thus forming the Cutie, and showing their strengths and weaknesses in various aspects. These also affect other Cutie statistics.

3 Cutie types are found in the game:

  • Normal Cuties – Considered common, can be born by mating or breeding.
  • Tribute Cuties – Rare Cuties, inspired by pop culture characters from various places, books, movies and more. Finding them is not an easy task and the majority of them is not included in the game yet. There are currently 74 of them in the game. Each has an additional gold attribute, increasing statistics.
  • Unique Cuties – These are considered the strongest creatures in the game, gaining a +2 bonus to strength. They are only available in a limited edition and cannot be obtained by reproduction. They are most often available either on the marketplace or obtained by success in the game. Some Unique Cuties get other bonuses.

All Cuties have the following attributes: attack, defense, luck, dodge, loot chance and experience bonus.

Reproductionis a truly complex matter. Cuties, as already mentioned, have 64 unique values, or genomes. To reproduce, you have to first decipher the genomes and address a few other aspects that the game has prepared.

You also need to pay attention to which blockchain you buy Cuties on. There are several networks that are incompatible with each other. If you buy a NFT on the Ethereum network, it will stay there.

Player requirements

To earn in the game, you need to buy several Cuties in the game marketplace or on OpenSea. The floor price on OpenSea starts at ETH 0.0003 (data as of 06/2022).

The game is not demanding at all and is played in the browser, both on PC and mobile devices. The title even supports Safari and Microsoft Edge.


The way to earn is the items we get by playing the game. Cuties can find great rewards on their adventures, which can be sold on the game marketplace.

There is also the possibility to increase the level of the player’s Cuties and thus increase their value.

The best way to earn money is to learn the whole reproduction system. But you need to understand how all 64 genomes work in each pet and address other aspects as well. It is certainly not something that one would learn in a few hours to make some earnings on the project and then move on.


The game token is called Blockchain Cuties Universe Governance ($BCUG). It is listed, for example, on the Gate.io and Uniswap exchanges. According to CoinMarketCap, its ATH is over USD 17 per unit.

            The project fails to follow the tokenomics plan from March 2021.

            Total supply: 10,000,000.

              Current price here.


  • Staking was to be possible, and part of the tokens was reserved for it. However, it was never launched, at least according to the information on the project website.
  • Farming is available in the game, but yield statements are not known. It should be possible to farm NFTs as well, but details have not been released.


The project features interesting partners. Notably examples include a partnership with Samsung, OpenSea and Trust Wallet.


All major team members can be found on LinkedIn.

Analyst opinion

“I am not impressed by the project. The project’s partnership with Samsung surprised me and I honestly don’t understand how that happened. The project does not bring anything new. Its origin dates to 2021, when the token was launched. The game is obviously trying to build on and surpass the Axie Infinity game. That has failed and continues to fail. I would also point out that the project video is 3 years old.

The project has a small member community, with approximately 12,000 members on the Discord channel; only a few messages are posted on that channel per day. The amount of activity there is comparatively very low. One team member communicated with me but could not answer where to find the Road Map. I couldn’t find it at all. I evaluate the team positively in terms of its experience and personal data traceability.

One has to keep track of the individual blockchains used, because Cuties cannot be transferred between them. More blockchains are expected to be added in the future. However, I have doubts that this will happen.

The project tokenomics failed to follow the plan. Finding a project token that still hasn’t bottomed out was far from trivial. If there ever is a competition for which project can best hide information about itself, Blockchain Cuties Universe would be a first-place candidate.

The project experienced several successes and Forbes wrote about it, probably because it was one of the first. The biggest draw of the game is probably reproducing the Cuties, provided you manage to decipher how to do it. You will have to invest a lot of time to earn by reproducing. Since there is no longer any interest in the project, the vision of profit is unclear.

The project is risky mainly because it will probably not rise again. Therefore, there is no reason to invest anything in it. But this is not a scam. The project just lost all credibility during its development.

It is also difficult to understand the fact that the project operates on several blockchains, when it does not have a bridge through them, and Cuties cannot be transferred between individual networks. I can recommend neither the project nor the game.”

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